Fiscal Cliff is an Illusion

As Americans near the supposed ‘deadline’ for driving over the ‘cliff’, we can expect the Media to create an atmosphere of crisis. I am not sure where this phony concept of ‘Fiscal Cliff’ was first concocted, but it would not surprise me if the originator was a Media hack motivated by the usual Leftwing ideology that is now required of every member of the Media Class. The concept of a deadly cliff over which America may tumble is a clever construct but it only has traction if it is never subject to rational analysis.

The Mainstream Media will not allow an analysis to be made, for it collectively knows that the American people must be mentally rushed along at a furious pace and taken up to, perhaps over the illusory cliff, after which the many economic and financial ills that are quite unavoidable can be explained away and new crisis measures introduced. Those measures will complete the transformation of the American economy. If there ever was a ‘Fiscal Cliff’, Bush and Obama took America over it back in 2008.

Several Conservative commentators have rightly pointed out that the ‘cliff’ is a deliberate distraction and that the reality is that Obama – no matter what Boehner’s Republicans might yet concede – has no intention of making a single concession. He intends to greatly increase taxes for all of those Classes of Americans he detests and he certainly has no intention of reducing Government expenditure. Indeed he intends to increase Government expenditure in all those areas where Government spending promotes redistribution of wealth and the destruction of private enterprise.

As we have always maintained on this Website, Obama and the Democrat Party are the tools of a new Ruling Media Class, but this Ruling Class is numerically not large enough – and is too unpopular – to rule alone, and so an alliance has been made with the Left. The modern Left consists of Government employees and their Unions, ideologues in Academia (who are also Government employees) and certain vocal minorities who are more than willing to take to the streets. Obama, his wife and several of his closest comrades, have their origins and political views rooted in all of the Government employee, Academia and Racial minority camps. There are those, especially Marxists, who believe that politics is – deep below the surface – driven by blind economic forces. We subscribe to this belief and this is how we have long explained the rise of the Media Class since the 1960’s.

However, we are not Marxists and we do not exclude the constant role played by human ambitions and human emotions. Blind economic forces and human emotions are always interacting and much of the time the latter hold sway. Human emotions as a motivator can range from the highest (Family responsibility/Christianity/Patriotism) to the lowest (greed, envy, fear, resentment, arrogance and lust). We believe that while all political parties and movements contain individuals with some of the above, the contemporary Leftist Parties are led by people whose motives are the lowest. Those who espouse redistribution of wealth include the resentful and envious, but also the greedy, for there are those in the vanguard of redistribution who do not themselves intend to be leveled down. Indeed they are confident that their own wealth will remain intact, perhaps increased, because they rule and compose the revolutionary elite, marching in step with human progress. So we come to the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ and the politicians and Rulers who will seek to convince us in a few day’s time – should Boehner not capitulate to Obama – that we have been taken over it and must now suffer the consequences.

We believe that Obama and his close colleagues are driven by racial resentment, envy and greed. They wish to impoverish the White working and middle classes by taxation and economic stagnation and they will be happy to see the USA – whose past and current wealth they view as the White man’s booty from exploitation of Africa – reduced to 2nd world status. It is not just a leveling down within America they emotionally crave but an International leveling down too. At the same time, they do not intend to suffer hardship themselves – quite the opposite. Those who get their information from sources other than the lying Mainstream Media (MSM) are well aware that Barack and Michelle Obama have developed quite a taste for the high life and are getting richer by the day.

It is well to understand however, that Obama’s redistribution policies (from White to Black), whilst they emotionally please him, are not intended to economically lift up the Black masses. He must surely know that welfare does nothing to change the abysmal moral condition of the African American people of the inner cities, but it would not be in his interests or those of his Leftist comrades and his Media Class masters, to free America’s Black masses from economic ignorance and dependency on Government.

We can explain Obama’s uncompromising role in the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ fiasco largely as his personal mixture of envy, racial resentment, greed and arrogance but we cannot overlook the Leftist forces that also shaped him and promoted him early in his career. Nor can we ignore the Ruling Media Class that he must satisfy with the social/moral policies that are its priority. As long as he continues to advance the homosexual and libertine agendas that the wealthy Hollywood, TV and other Media elites are impatient for, he will be free to pursue his own satisfactions combined with the growth of Government that his White comrades view as their path to totalitarian Socialism. The MSM, controlled and owned by the Media Class will ensure that any move he makes, no matter how blatantly and shamelessly unprincipled, will be dressed in the finest cloth of concern for the Nation and its ordinary people.

Obama believes that having won the election with Media power, he can do pretty much as he pleases confident that the Republican opposition will be blamed by the MSM for all bad consequences. He is right to believe in the power of the MSM to apportion blame and control majority public opinion. The mistakes of the Republican leadership are two-fold. They continue to believe that the old politics (from the days before the Democrat Party was purged) still pertain and fail to recognize that today’s Democrat Party is a Revolutionary Party devoid of attachments to the Nation. They also fail to admit that it is not Obama and the Democrats they act in fear of but the inflammatory and wholly dishonest headlines in the next day’s News and the next day’s, and the next day’s. They walk in constant fear of the MSM and yet do not understand that the Media Class exists and now rules through the Democrat Party. This lack of understanding has led them to a political defeat that may be irreversible both for them and the Nation.

We put out our message on the Internet for it is the only place where the truth can be told, but we have never – unlike Rush Limbaugh – believed that the Internet and Talk Radio is a match for the MSM and the revolutionary Media Class that owns it. It seems likely that in the next few days the USA will be adjudged to have gone over the ‘Fiscal Cliff’, though we would not rule out a Boehner capitulation. In either case the real outcome will be a massive tax increase for working and retired Americans, a continuation of inflation and an expansion of government spending and wealth redistribution, for these are Obama’s intentions and he has never compromised in his political career. His Media Class masters approve for they expect their own wealth to remain intact. Does anyone believe that the Spielberg Hollywood gang, Soros, Bloomberg, Buffet and Gates will have their wealth redistributed?

On this website we write about Obama and his comrades without respect. Normally we hesitate to write about political opponents in a disparaging way and we have never written disrespectfully about RINOS. However, as Obama and his comrades seek to rob us of our hard-earned savings and give it to others – many of them quite undeserving – we feel justified in writing about him as if he were a thief.

Weather – Here in California we are experiencing a modest break from drenching (and welcome) rain and temperatures are once again plummeting. In the UK, the rain continues, bringing with it warmer weather. This is normal winter weather. All across Russia, temperatures remain ferociously low. When Russia experienced some hot weather last summer, the MSM made sure we knew, yet now the MSM is silent about this historically cold weather. We all know why!

Music Choice – Francis Lai is a French accordionist and song writer with a string of hits to his credit. He gained fame as the writer of the music for the movie “A Man and a Woman”. The theme song of the same title has been recorded by many singers but no version is better than Robert Goulet’s. Way back on this website we recommended Goulet’s recording of the outstanding movie song “Invitation”. This came from an LP released by Columbia as “Robert Goulet, Hollywood Mon Amour”, and is a collection of romantic Movie tunes, all of which are outstanding. The arrangements were by Robert Mersey who also conducted the orchestra. “A Man and a Woman”, which is on the same album, is not quite as good a tune as Kaper’s “Invitation” but it is a fine tune and Goulet whose pitch, diction and feel for love songs puts him in the Sinatra class, sings it perfectly. It is, of course, an adult tune and will not appeal to those who, like Rush Limbaugh, have never progressed beyond Paul McCartney, Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) and Rock.

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