Fire-bombed Office, Vandalized Cars, Hate-filled Slogans Daubed

This heading would have been appropriate in German Media in 1932/33, as Hitler’s National Socialist Brown Shirts sought to own the streets and intimidate the opposition prior to a Nation-changing election. But the reality is that this is the USA in 2016. The crucial similarity is that the violence in each case is Socialist violence.

It could be said in Hitler’s defense that he and his followers had learned their thuggish methods from constantly being on the end of the violence of Germany’s powerful Communist Party which had routinely practiced street violence. The Communist Party and the German Workers Party were competing for the same goal, the violent take-over of the German State, in order to transform it.

The late 1920’s and early 1930’s in Germany were years of anger. Decent hard-working Germans found their savings wiped out by greedy bankers and politicians who recklessly printed money. Much of the Media was in the hands of those who were profiteering at the Nation’s expense. Mass unemployment followed the currency collapse caused by years of a profligate public spending binge, and ordinary German workers and retirees felt powerless. Conservatives and Nationalists were sidelined as Revolutionaries commandeered the election.

No two periods in history are ever the same for there are always so many variables. But America is in the grip of a Revolution, albeit a stealthy one in which the new Ruling Class has concealed itself behind the Democrat Party and its collaborative ‘opposition’. The propaganda of its all-powerful Mainstream Media is rendering the working people silent and powerless, and corrupt government machinery is employing arbitrary law to control the election outcome.

The violence being employed against Donald Trump and his followers is increasing by the day, and we can assume that if it does not succeed in guaranteeing a Clinton victory, a more effective violence will soon be employed.

In any case it is clear that if the Ruling Class wins the election, it will do whatever is un-Constitutionally necessary to consolidate its power. This election is not ‘politics as usual’ but the climax of a Revolutionary struggle.

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