FIFA, Pro-Sport, Corruption and the Media Class

The revelations that those at the top of FIFA’S hierarchy have been enriching themselves and living high on the hog in Switzerland and other choice locations around the world, should be no surprise to our regular website visitors. Look back through our articles over the years and you will see that we long ago identified pro-Sport as one of the arms of the Media Class!

We pointed out that all those sports which offer big rewards to participants, have been bought and paid for by a Media Class whose own wealth and power is rooted in TV Entertainment. Golf, Tennis, Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Basket Ball, Rugby, Cricket, Motor Racing, Ice Skating, even Boxing – we could go on down the list to more obscure sports – can only finance professional participants from direct television coverage or advertizing that is itself inseparable from television. A sport that is ignored by television is a sport that will remain financially poor and amateur.

There is nothing wrong with amateur sport. Indeed sports – even cash-rich soccer – when played by amateurs, are true sports because they rely on the grassroots enthusiasm of those who take part and on the gate receipts of those whose attachment has not been manipulated by the Media Class.

Prior to the rise of the Media Class and its television power, almost all professional sports were financed by gate receipts. The relatively small amount of money garnered from advertizing was attracted by the presence of crowds who paid admission.

The power of television has turned upside down all those sports which have been ‘blessed’ by its attention. At first the TV companies were the supplicants and the sports growing rich from TV attention and the accompanying advertizing revenue appeared to have the upper hand. But as the TV and advertizing money flowing in increased, financing new stadiums, bigger payrolls and for many participants dazzling salaries, so it created celebrities in place of sportsmen. The sports themselves were subtly transformed into ‘Entertainment’, little different from other forms of ‘Show Business’.

Sport is a good example of the ability of the Media Class to capture, transform, dominate and corrupt in its own image, anything that serves its purpose. How could pro-golf or pro-tennis reward the top players with millions of dollars from gate receipts? Such ‘sports’ are wholly dependent on TV and the advertizing that is generated solely by TV promotion. Their highly-paid stars prize money comes from TV and their other income comes from advertizing. Let Serena Williams, Queen of tennis, woman and racial minority status notwithstanding, utter one word against SSM or sodomy, and her career in tennis and advertizing would be over faster than the speed of her forehand.

The Advertizing and Fashion industries are now constituents of the Media Class and at their pinnacles are indistinguishable from Hollywood and TV as sources of Media Class wealth and power. When aspiring Leftist politicians like Obama travel out fund-raising to Beverly Hills and San Francisco to pay homage to their rich Media Class paymasters, those who buy tickets at $30,000 a time include not only the Movie Industry’s billionaires, but the Queens of Advertizing and Fashion. If you doubt our assertions, check out the facts!

Incidentally, when Obama and his political comrades attend such events, it is as servants. The fund-raisers may be presented as Celebrity Bashes where the fortunate get to glitter and shake hands with a President, but they indicate where the real power within the Media Class lies. Obama makes his pilgrimages to them. They do not go to him! The sponsors and donors are there to remind their chosen politicians that they must stay ‘evolved’ on SSM, resolute in the urgent suppression of judgmental Christianity and unshakeably committed to the sexual Revolution.

What has all this to do with pro-Sport? Pro-sport is now an Entertainment, its financial structure is entirely dependent on TV coverage and Advertizing and those who work in it are part of the Media Class. The rewards are great –celebrity and Hollywood pay checks- but all those involved are expected to march to the Media Class drumbeat.

Some have failed to understand this, foolishly believing that their fame and stature within a Sport have conferred independence. Not so! Woe-betide a Trainer, Coach, Owner or Player who utters a sentiment considered sexually or racially politically incorrect or who reveals a Christian commitment! Groveling apologies are demanded, made, yet   never enough to gain forgiveness. A career that seemed buttressed by outstanding achievement counts for nothing and the offender disappears from the Sport as though to the Gulag.

Hollywood, the TV World and everywhere the Media Class operates to reap riches and exert stealthy power, there is immorality and financial corruption, for where there is moral corruption allied to wealth there is financial corruption. Ruling Classes do not live frugally, nor are they inhibited by those laws which are made for the little people. This is why on this website we are not surprised that FIFA’s members who operate within the world of Media ‘Sports Marketing’ have been getting very rich. Do not be surprised if these same Soccer officials who are accused of bribery and kickbacks have also been involved with those politicians and celebrities who exploit rent boys and kinky whores.

The only mystery is why Obama’s politically-motivated Justice Department has moved against a Soccer cess-pit which largely bubbles beyond America’s shores. Is it a deliberate political distraction or a revenge move against an American ex-President who has political ambitions? We invite our website visitors to comment.

A website visitor has drawn our attention to Pat Buchanan’s official website dated June 1st and his article titled “Cultural Cleansing of Christian Males”. Mr. Buchanan, who is always worth reading, even when he is a little wide of the mark, is pondering the latest examples of the cultural purge (our words!) that has seen the removal of statues from Universities and public places. He notes the removal of a statue of Fr. De Smet from the Catholic St. Louis University and bemoans the spinelessness of the University President who surrendered to agitators. If only, cries Pat, someone had had the backbone to respond ‘if Christian history offends you, push off and find another college’.

It is pointless to write about such events except to put them into their context. Every day in America, hundreds of such surrenders take place.  Christian, conservative and Nationalist (we prefer the term “Counter-revolutionary forces”) positions are over-run by the Revolutionary enemy. Sadly, there are few minor victories and no advances.

The explanation is that we are being ruled through the MSM by a Revolutionary new Class which is hiding behind the Democrat Party‘s old mask. The Ruling Class owns and manipulates all the Democrats, more than a few Republicans and the Federal Courts. Its agenda demands, among other things, the erasure of real Christianity and all conservative values. Nothing less than a complete and totally dishonest re-writing of history combined with the contemporary persecution of Counter-revolutionaries will suffice for this Ruling Class.

By the way Mr. Buchanan, it is not only Christian males that are being cleansed (our word is ‘purged’), but all Christians, all Conservatives and all Nationalists. The man who stands up, identifies and denounces the Revolutionaries, exposes their agenda and their MSM weapon and then says ‘enough is enough’, is the man (or woman) who should be the Republican nominee in 2016.

Finally, when are we going to hear the results of the enquiry into the rail crash and the homosexual engineer who was at the controls of the speeding train?

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