Fiddling while the fuse burned

No type of crime requires as much aggressive pro-active policing as terrorism. Especially when that terrorism is the main technique used by a world-wide network of fanatics who have declared war on us all. That war was declared several years ago and the first attacks are now years in the past. 

    It is unforgiveable therefore that Sir Ian Blair has not made it his top priority since his appointment to office in February. Instead he has spent his time engaging in actions to re-assure the homosexual community of police sympathy, combing his service for politically incorrect officers and purging them from its ranks, meeting with Muslim groups for chats, and all the while hounding British nationalists. All of these actions have won the applause of the Media Class but done nothing to prevent terrorism. The Metropolitan Police Service now has a Diversity Strategy, an Equal Opportunities Mission Statement, a Race Equality Scheme, a People Strategy, a Corporate Strategy, not to mention a Mission, Vision and Values Statement, and nothing less than a ‘Pledge to the People of London’. But does it have an anti-terrorism strategy? 

    It is clear that for the Media Class and its allies, comforting minorities has had, and still has, a greater priority than purging terrorists. One grand example of this is the total unwillingness to permit profiling. Better that innocents should die than that policemen and security guards should focus their attentions on the people most likely to be, or to be harbouring, terrorists. If the Muslim population doesn’t like being targeted, they could turn over the killers in their midst. 

    One assumes that police time and experience is in short supply and time has not been on our side, so why be so concerned with ‘re-assuring’ the diverse and the minority ‘communities’. Does anyone believe there are terrorists in their midst who would be pacified or that criminals will be reformed if they are made to feel more ‘accepted’? Has hounding the small number of BNP activists lead to more information on terrorist cells? Obviously not, so Sir Ian has been fiddling whilst London was about to burn. 

    The big problem about the ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies is that all kinds of ‘issues’ are more important to them than those that threaten the real world of ordinary people. 

    On one thing only, Sir Ian is dealing with the real world and that is the shoot-to-kill policy. If any policeman is brave enough to pursue and tackle a suspected terrorist, he is going to shoot to kill. Otherwise he will run in the opposite direction and let the rest of us take the blast. Sir Ian, an Oxford University Literature graduate, may never have sorted out a bar brawl in his fast-track police career, but he understands that his men will not go into action if they are required to give prime suspects the benefit of the doubt.

Mr Radical suggests

Here is one simple strategy the MPS (Metropolitain Police Service) might like to try: the parents and families of the wanted men should broadcast an appeal on televsion and radio, asking the would be suicide bombers to give themselves up, before more innocent lives are taken. 

    If we are engaged in a race against time to find the terrorists before they set off another round of bombs, then why hasn’t this been done already? 

    Such strategies have been used in other cases, so why hesitate to use it now? Perhaps the message would not sit very comfortably with the current ‘re-assuring’ policies of the media and the police? But is it not their duty first and foremost to protect the general public? Perhaps the families are reluctant to face the cameras? If they truely do not want their sons fulfilling such terrible wishes, then I feel they must put all other feelings aside, including concerns for themselves, in this exceptional situation.

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