Feminists and Greens are Leftists in Disguise

Last week in California, the Jerry Brown campaign was caught with its pants down. A microphone picked up a conversation between Brown and his staffers in which Republican candidate for Governor, Meg Whitman, was referred to more than once as a ‘whore’. Since the voice has been identified as a female voice, it is quite probably that of Brown’s wife, who is on the campaign trail with him. To call a female political opponent a ‘whore’ is not much less insulting than using the ‘N’ word about a person of color – in other words it is about as politically incorrect as it gets. Even for those of us who could care less about PC rules, it is gutter talk and grossly insulting since Whitman, whose private life and sexual morals seem to be impeccable (if not, the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have revealed every detail long before now), deserves better treatment. I suppose a parallel would be if someone in the Whitman camp had called Jerry Brown a ‘bum-boy’.

No doubt the MSM would have buried the Brown gaffe if it possibly could have done so, but Whitman has the money to fight back against Media bias, and so the ‘whore’ word reached the wider public. Brown was forced to offer an apology, though not a very gracious one. He has failed to throw the still un-named gaffe-maker off his campaign team. Since doing so would have been good damage limitation, we have to assume that it was his wife and admitting that fact would have caused greater damage. The publicity which the Whitman camp was able to garner eventually forced the National Organization for Women (NOW) to issue a statement calling for a resignation or sacking from the Brown camp, but that was before the suspicion surfaced that the speaker was Brown’s wife. The NOW quickly withdrew its call for a sacking and instead demanded that ‘from here on in’ in the campaign, the word was unacceptable. It welcomed the incident as a ‘teachable moment’.

What could be more blatantly unprincipled than this? Here we have a ‘teachable moment’ from the NOW and it is that the organization exists not to set objective standards for the treatment of women but to advance a Leftist agenda. Needless to say, the Media can find no fault with the NOW retreat from principle. There has also been no uprising from the ranks of the Feminists, but then who would have expected that? The NOW is another Leftist Front organization and we can assume that its members fully understand this, being willing to jump through intellectual and moral hoops for the ends justify the means. Since the days of Joseph Stalin and the Comintern, Front organizations have existed for only two purposes. One is to attract would-be intellectuals and suck them into the Leftist fold and the other is to have a shell organization on hand ready to provide a friendly Media with propaganda statements.

This US election campaign has provided endless examples of the refusal of NOW to support women in the political arena – that is unless they are Leftists. For the first time in US history, the political turmoil has thrown up many dynamic and talented women and a naïve person might have expected NOW to be delighted and supportive of them. Not so! The problem for NOW is that all these women have been conservatives and some have – worse still! – been Christians. Leftist Feminists, like homosexual activists, are highly influential in the Media Class. It was their poisonous power that purged genuine humor from radio and TV during the 1970’s formation of the new Class and quickly established the politically correct speech code. Just as the NAACP (now another Front Organization) dreads the emergence of talented African Americans on the Right, so the Media Class Feminists dread women of talent emerging on the Right. The Left and its allies in the Media Class need to keep Black people corralled as a victim group for that is how to monopolize the Black vote. Similarly, they need to have women defined as a victim group and activist women are therefore only permitted to be activist for the Left. Thus we have seen in this period of Media Class rule (the Obama era) that Media hostility is most intense against women of the Right. The Media smear tactics against Meg Whitman, especially over the employment of a part-time housekeeper, have been unrelenting and without foundation. The Media Class clearly is determined to get Jerry Brown into the Governorship, not because it likes the old has-been, but because Whitman has to be kept out at all costs. The NOW is, like all Front Organizations, on hand and ready to play its part when called upon. There is the added fear that Whitman, if allowed to win by fair means, will pull Carly Fiorina into the Senate on her coat-tails. The Media Class is desperate to retain control of the Senate, for there resides the power of Advise and Consent over Judiciary appointments. Barbra Boxer is a ruthless Leftist who can be relied upon to push every unpopular Leftist agenda item.

Beyond California, the Media Class has given top priority to the destruction of conservative women. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell have been marked out by the Media Class for the most relentless brazen, dishonest and personal attacks. And NOW is silent!

In the title of this article, I included the self-styled ‘Green Movement’ along with the Feminists, for that too is a sham Leftist organization. In the US and UK, the Environmentalists pursue an agenda that is only interested in protecting the environment when that does not conflict with the Leftist agenda. Its interest in halting and reversing population growth impinges only on White people – not a peep about mass illegal immigration. As the UK sinks below the weight of the Third World’s invaders, the Green Movement looks the other way and marches with the ‘anti-racists’. Whole counties of farmland are being gobbled up by the concrete and bricks of new towns for immigrants without protest whilst Green organizations are busy agitating for the speckled yellow warbler whose flight path might be threatened by the building of a speedway track on an industrial landfill site.

Surely the most blatant selection of issues belongs to the ‘Animal Rights’ groups in the UK. We all know that the Media Class and its Leftists have erected a protective wall around the Muslim invaders. The UK has become the home of Halal meat and if you want to know what this means I recommend that you visit without delay the BNP website. Here you will see in graphic detail the suffering now inflicted on farm animals at the UK’s slaughter-houses. In one great conspiracy of Government, Media, Food Outlets, Political Parties and – yes – ‘Animal Rights’ organizations, the UK has silently abandoned all the rules of humanitarian slaughter in order to pander to the Muslim population. Derek Adams’ video on the BNP website may be a bit amateurish but it is alone in telling the truth. Watch it before a Court decides that it is a new hate crime and causing offence to those who must not be offended.

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