On Saturday, 15th September, Joseph Farrah was interviewed by conservative radio Talk Show host Barbara Simpson on KSFO. Farrah is the man behind the Internet political news site World Net Daily. His topic was the US election and he was imploring conservative voters to abstain from voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin in November. Farrah, who is ostensibly a conservative, argued that McCain is a liberal and not much different from Obama and Biden and that as a Vice President Palin would be powerless. His other argument for bringing about an Obama victory in November is that four years of Obama in the White House will cleanse (my word, not his) the Republican Party and trigger a landslide for the Republican Party in 2012.

This dangerously muddled and emotional thinking is often reflected in blogs on websites like Human Events, especially when Pat Buchanan pens a piece. Not that Buchanan is subscribing to the Farrah recipe for conservative redemption, but many of his readers are. Two types of writer are likely to subscribe to the Farrah view-those who are conservative ‘purists’ and those who are closet Leftists and seek to bring about an Obama victory. I’ll give Farrah the benefit of the doubt and put him in the ‘purist’ category.

Democracies that have evolved the two-Party system require voters to join a broad church by making compromises. Only in democracies that have a voting system of proportional representation can voters find a Party or a candidate that they do not have to make compromises to support. Democracies that use PR and have many Parties have a terrible history of unstable government and corruption. For when the voter need not make a compromise, the compromising takes place in Parliament or Congress behind closed doors and based on the most squalid motives of those elected. I challenge any reader to give me an example of a PR style Government that works other than in the few very small and homogeneous states that survive in the world.

McCain is not a wholly conservative man though he might consider himself to be so. There are many variants of ‘conservatism’ and we each have our own definition. I consider myself to be a conservative, but I might not pass some people’s test. I don’t subscribe to open borders and I do not believe that absolute free trade is good for a nation state. I do think that some basic medical provision has to be available to all citizens irrespective of financial contributions. I do believe that wilderness areas should be protected and owned by the State and that wildlife should also be protected. For the same reasons that I dislike abortion I also do not approve of hunting animals for sport. I support gun ownership because I believe that citizens should have the right to protect their lives and homes from human predators. I believe that there should always be a state-run mail service, even if it has to be subsidized, though I also believe that private mail and parcel services should be in competition. I do not believe that in a modern heavily populated society it is possible to have a free-for-all for one man’s freedom might be another’s suffering. I could go on with this list but I am sure I have written enough to be crossed off some conservative’s approval ratings.

It seems to me unarguable that McCain is conservative-leaning and apart from the extreme Leftist and unprincipled Obama, McCain is the only other candidate for President, for we have a two-party system. It is going to be Obama or McCain in the White House in January unless one or both die beforehand. We can have an extreme Leftist (and creature of the Media Class) as President or we can have the conservative-leaning John McCain with Palin in the wings. It seems incomprehensible to me that any conservative would prefer the former to the latter. Oh! I forgot! An Obama victory will cleanse the Republican Party for the next election and conservatism will then sweep to power-or so Farrah reckons. Well, who says? Perhaps Farrah can see into the future, but I cannot. People like Farrah argue that political events in the past show such a mechanism regularly at work. We can however just as easily argue that an Obama victory will lead to a splintering of the Republican Party and decades of Leftist domination. Worse, we can argue that an Obama victory will result in horrendous terrorist attacks here in the US, the demise of democracy in Iraq and a bloodbath for our allies and a future world order in which no-one ever again trusts the US. The political future is in the eye of the beholder!

On this website we actually have a different take on contemporary politics in the Western World, for we argue that the culture war that is breaking through to the surface in this US election is the evidence that a new Class has taken center stage and is seeking to impose a social revolution through an overwhelming Democrat Party victory. An Obama victory, accompanied by a sweeping Democrat victory in Congress, will break with the past. New laws will be introduced to silence conservative, Christian and Nationalist viewpoints and we can look at the present to see such evidence. No need to study the past or guess the future for several Western democracies have already outlawed free speech that offends the constituencies that make up or support the Media Class. Just try criticizing sodomy in Canada or leafleting against immigration in the UK!

Thankfully there is evidence in the current opinion polls that American voters are waking up to the dangers of an Obama victory and to the agenda of the Media Class. In a recent opinion poll more than 80% of US citizens interviewed recognized that the Media was campaigning for Obama. If they all read this website they would also know why! They will not be enlightened by a MSM that seeks to deny there is a culture war and that this election is politics as usual. (See the article by Lee Siegel in the WSJ of Saturday September 13th for obfuscation).

The Media Class has been thrown into frenzied activity by the McCain revival and seeks to destroy Palin as quickly as possible. This would not be so if the McCain ticket was liberal in disguise. We are not about to go overboard for Palin on this website but her presence on the ticket has energized the conservative base, and contrary to what the Media would have us believe, it has also attracted ‘independents’. Perhaps many ‘independents’ are actually social conservatives, but the MSM will not want anyone to know that. There is still a long way to go to November and we on this website do not underestimate the power of the Media Class, or the influence through wealth of Soros and the Hollywood gang. Hopefully few voters on the Right will listen to the siren voices of Joseph Farrah and his followers for we will need every vote we can get to stall the Media Class social revolution.


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