Far Left Violence Erupts at Berkeley

In yesterday’s article, we paid tribute to the brave Nationalists and Broad Right Trump supporters who gathered on Saturday and marched in various towns across the Nation.  Sadly, they were small groups, none numbering more than a hundred or two brave souls according to Mainstream Media and Internet Website reports. All who took part knew that they would certainly be greeted with foul abuse and threats of violence, and possibly actual violence.

Participants also knew that prior to assembling, and after departing, they and their vehicles might be attacked. Probably few had much confidence that the forces of law and order would effectively protect them and their property. They also knew that the Mainstream Media (MSM) both local and national would do its best to ignore them and at its worst would grossly misrepresent them.

The reality is that during Obama’s eight years of a stealthy, Revolutionary transformation of America, the Far-Left has been officially encouraged and enabled to take physical control of the streets. The Holder/Lynch DOJ, in collusion with the MSM, has played its part, and so too has Academia and George Soros.

For the record, in many Nation States in Europe, the process of Far-Left street ownership has been advanced way beyond that of the USA. In the UK, the British National Party has not only been violently persecuted on the streets but has been unable to publicize its meetings for many years. The main political parties, the police and the Courts have all colluded in this denial of free speech and the right of assembly for Nationalists. The same is true in Germany, Greece and the Scandinavian countries.

America’s semi-legitimate Far Left control of the streets by violence makes Saturday’s small group of Berkeley (California) Broad Right marchers an even more courageous bunch of volunteers. Berkeley, along with Portland and Seattle, are the West Coast’s fortresses of Revolutionary violence nurtured by tax-payer-funded Academia.

Thanks to the work of KSFO Talk Radio hosts Brian Sussman and Katie Green, plentiful evidence of Saturday’s Far Left Berkeley violence against Trump marchers can be seen. It can also be seen that the Berkeley police force, under political control, is following in the footsteps of the UK’s police. Needless to say, if members of the Broad Right behaved violently anywhere, the MSM would create outraged major news stories for days.

We salute the brave Berkeley marchers and hope that soon the Trump Administration will impose real law and order everywhere in America and Far Left perpetrators of violence will be hunted down and punished. If Sessions and his DOJ fail to quickly crack down on Leftist violence, a civil war will be inevitable.

Climate Change Check

Here in middle California, Sunday was a day of sleet and hailstones (not forecasted by the climate ‘experts’) and Mount Diablo which rises up from the Sacramento Delta, was again snow-covered. So too were many inland hills. Up until now, middle California’s weather since last October has been characterized by night-time thick frosts and very cold days, punctuated by rain storms. None of this was predicted by the long range weather ‘experts’.

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