Faithless Electors Absent So Far

Shadowy anti-American billionaires have been spending more of their ill-gotten gains to corrupt the College of Electors, in a last-ditch legal bid to prevent Donald Trump commencing the Counter-Revolution from the White House. Every Republican elector has received tens of thousands of organized pleas and threats.

As of 9:23 AM on this Monday morning, the following Republican States have issued their results. Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. So far, not one faithless elector has emerged. God Bless all those who have stood firm!

We have heard much from the lying Mainstream Media about the campaign to stop Trump today but nothing about counter measures by the Republicans and the Trump organization. We understand that both have been very active -not trying to pressure Democrat delegates – but reassuring Republicans. Here we are seeing at last a Republican President-elect with backbone, energy and fight. What a contrast Trump is to the low-energy, compromising George W Bush, who fled to his Texas ranch and hid for months when the going got tough during the war in Iraq.

It is possible that some faithless Republican electors will surface before the day is out, and even possible that there will be enough to make it close, but the signs are good at this stage. We can be sure that the little Internationalist cabal of ‘never-Trump’ scribblers and ‘moderates’ have been busy giving aid and comfort to the enemy, but it seems that the rank-and-file Republicans all across these fruited plains are not deserters and renegades.

Every time Republicans for Trump stand firm in the face of pressure they become more battle-hardened and tested for the bloody fight ahead. If Trump survives to the White House and beyond, the fight will have just begun, not ended. The powerful forces of the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, wallowing in their wealth, motivated by lives addicted to perversion, and having been so near to the machinery of totalitarianism, will use their MSM and urban mobs to halt the Counter-Revolution hour by hour and day by day.

Provided Trump survives (health and safety) and fulfills his campaign pledges, we on the Broad Right should welcome the enemies’ resistance, for it gives us the opportunity to flush them out of hiding, attack and dismantle their strongholds, send them packing to foreign countries or real jobs, and rebuild a strong and united America for the future.


Watch as more electors vote and state results come in at As of 10:05 AM, 12 states have come in for Trump, all with no faithless electors.

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