Execution of Leal Garcia

I wrote my previous article before the execution of the above killer. At that time it was not clear if Texas Governor Perry would bow to Presidential and ‘international’ pressure and give Garcia a reprieve. It is to Perry’s great credit that he did not bow and Garcia died painlessly within 10 minutes of a fatal injection. It is also to Garcia’s credit that he faced his death with some dignity and, most importantly, admitted his guilt and asked his victim’s family for forgiveness. I am sure that all those who called for his reprieve were greatly disappointed by his last-minute admission of guilt. They would have much preferred to continue the brazen pretence that he was probably innocent and only found guilty because he was denied access to the Mexican government at the time of his arrest and trial. Not that his prominent defenders really believed he was innocent. Not for one moment, but to Leftists and our Ruling Media Class truth and honesty deserve to be jettisoned in pursuit of a greater good. In the Garcia case the greater good was and is to stop capital punishment and thus frustrate the common sense and will of the ordinary people. Garcia’s prominent defenders – and I include both the UN parasites who peddle the ‘Human Rights’ nonsense and President Barack Obama – cared nothing for this poor Mexican loser or his poor 16 year old victim.

As I wrote in the previous article on this website, the fundamental purpose behind all the injustices that are now paraded as modern justice, is to plant a message deep in the psyche of the masses of ordinary decent people that since the revolutionary new Media Class has taken power, old values of justice, common sense, truth, honesty, decency, family values, fairness, personal responsibility, property rights and the right to self-defense are no longer valid. In this brave new revolutionary world old moral values are intrinsically counter-revolutionary and must be destroyed. Those who cling to such values (like “guns and religion”, as our current President once inadvertently let slip) have to learn that they are no longer acceptable and that resistance to the new values is futile. If Garcia had been reprieved it would have been yet another victory for our Rulers, alongside the grotesque same-sex marriage New York victory. It would have been a defeat for old-fashioned common sense and for those who harbor it, for all knew that Garcia was guilty and deserved death. So too, all who took any interest in the case knew that the issue of his citizenship was irrelevant and was merely a device for frustrating old-fashioned and all-too-popular justice.

Let me explain why the issue of Garcia’s citizenship was irrelevant and why those who peddled it are cynically dishonest. Garcia was brought (illegally) to the US by his parents when he just over one year old. As far as I can ascertain he lived in the USA continuously until he raped and very brutally and cruelly murdered his victim. He was then in his twenties and presumably had been through the American school system and had lived to all intents and purposes as an American citizen. The Leftists who suddenly made an issue of his Mexican citizenship are constantly telling us that kids brought up in the US illegally should be given citizenship precisely because they are so American. If Garcia had, at the time of his arrest and trial, been a recent ill-educated illegal immigrant, with little English-language skills and no knowledge of American laws, it might have been appropriate to argue that he should have got help from the Mexican Government. As it is, his recent prominent defenders knew that the citizenship issue had no bearing on the fairness of his trial. They were simply trying to help him evade justice on a technicality. These people are wholly dishonest as is the President who used the equally implausible argument that Garcia’s execution would put US citizens at risk should they commit murder abroad. First of all, any US citizen who commits a rape and brutal murder abroad deserves execution, and it is not for the US government to interfere. Secondly, if US citizens abroad get the equivalent of Miranda Rights at the time of arrest, a free team of attorneys, a lengthy public trial and some twenty years of appeals after conviction before the death sentence is administered – in short, the same treatment as Garcia – they will be damned lucky. Obama, like all Leftists, has no sympathy for real justice and the Holder Justice Department is surely the most lawless in US history. Obama was of course eager to get into the Garcia issue not only to line up with his soul-mates in that ‘International Community’ that we hear so much about but which is really a clique of elites, and the UN, but also to pander to the activist Latino organizations here in the USA. Obama backed Garcia’s request for a stay of execution citing “serious repercussions for United States foreign relations should the execution proceed”. What high-flown nonsense! It is Obama’s one skill that he can speak such nonsense with confidence and seriousness. If Perry decides to run for the Presidency I hope he hangs Garcia around Obama’s neck like an albatross.

The British National Party is having an election for the post of Chairman, the post currently occupied by Nick Griffin and which is, in effect, the post of Party leader. The two candidates are Griffin and the Party’s other MEP Andrew Bron. I know nothing about Bron, who has received very little Party publicity in the past despite his having been chosen by the Party to partner Griffin in the European Parliament. I assumed that he was a close colleague of Griffin. He looks like an academic of the older type, silver haired, comfortably handsome and respectable and he is more photogenic than Griffin who unfortunately has only one eye and looks a little like a Billy Bunter public school boy. I write this not to poke fun at Griffin for looks should not really count in politics and he has a handicap to overcome, having lost his eye in an accident many years ago. Also, he is clearly a courageous man and of indomitable spirit. I think his patriotism must be beyond dispute, which is much more than can be said of any politician in any of the other UK political parties. I did wonder if Bron was not really a genuine competitor for the post of Party leader but simply a piece of window dressing for the purposes of making the Party look more democratic.

From reading the BNP website, it now appears to be that the election is for real. This would have been a good thing had the two candidates publicly (on the website) put forward their competing views on both the dreadful state of UK society and the BNP’s policies. I would have expected a good and friendly debate between the two, offering perhaps different opinions on Party organization and giving both Party members and the public some insight into the Party’s internal policy differences. I hoped that Bron might have argued that the Party’s preoccupation with petitions and empty gesture initiatives was mistaken.

Similarly that he might have argued that the ‘peak oil’ and the ‘illegal war’ issues were non-starters. Perhaps he might have revealed that he is a promoter of the nationalization of industries and would welcome the return of Arthur Scargill and the NUM. We might have learned that Griffin is the one trying to bury the old neo-Nazi racism and Bron speaks for the “Whites are superior” faction and each might have said what they would do with all the legal minorities should the BNP become a Government. Are they Christian or pagan? Who is free-speech and free-market? All these things are surely questions in the minds of many patriots who would support the BNP as the only alternative to the treacherous parties now in hoc to the UK’s Media Class.

Unfortunately, the election seems to have deteriorated into personal attacks on integrity and revealed factions that are at each others’ throats. Now, the website claims that sinister ‘third Parties’ are interfering in the election process. It is all very disappointing and one would wish that Griffin would rise above factionalism and use the website to address the British people as a statesman.

Music Choice – Earl ‘Bud’ Powell, a New Yorker, was one of the founders of the bebop school of jazz that came out of the 1940’s in that city. He must be placed alongside the other founders – Gillespie, Monk, Lewis, Jackson, Navarro, Stitt, Tadd Dameron and of course the master, Charlie Parker. Only one jazz pianist before him, Art Tatum, had the same technical mastery of the piano. Powell’s technique was awesome from the beginning and he could improvise at fantastic speed but it is his ideas rather than his technique which puts him head and shoulders above other jazz pianists. He also injected a palpable tension into his piano phrases that no-one else has ever equaled. It is no exaggeration to say that Powell was and remains the nearest to Parker’s crown. Unfortunately, Powell suffered from schizophrenia and spent lengthy periods in New York hospitals before moving to Paris. On his good days (medically speaking) Powell was able to demonstrate his genius both as a player and as a composer. I recommend Verve’s “Bud Powell Jazz Giant” recorded by Norman Granz in 1949 and 1950. His career and his life were all too short.

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