Evan Bayh Withdrawal From Senate Race Is A Shocker

Democrat activists across the US must have been shocked today to learn that Bayh, a two-term Senator for Indiana, will not seek re-election in November. What will add to their shock is that Bayh has offered no convincing explanation for this sudden decision. The news will surely add to the demoralization of the Party, following on from the retirements of Byron Dorgan in North Dakota, Patrick Kennedy in Rhode Island and Chris Dodd in Connecticut – and these retirements came on the heels of the Democrat loss of Massachusetts in the recent special election.

Dorgan’s retirement can be explained by the fact that North Dakota is anything but Democrat territory and he would have faced an uphill battle in November defending an unpopular Obama government. Kennedy and Dodd, although representing States that are traditionally Democrat (New England), each have had personal scandals that would have been a severe handicap with the tide running against their Party. Bayh’s retirement, on the other hand, is puzzling and potentially very significant unless he has a personal scandal about to erupt. This seems doubtful. He is widely considered to be popular in Indiana and is reputed to have a $13m dollar war chest. True, Indiana is not a Democrat stronghold, but Bayh has easily overcome this handicap in the past and has always enjoyed the collusion of the Mainstream Media in posing as more ‘moderate’ than his increasingly Leftist Party.

On this website we maintain that the Democrat Party has been relentlessly taken over by the revolutionary Left, which in turn has been financed and propelled by the growth and recent domination of the Media Class. Consequently the Left’s revolutionary agenda, now being advanced by the Obama government, includes at its core, the social and moral agenda of the Media Class. Old-time Democrats who would not march wholeheartedly with their Party’s revolutionary lurch to the Left, have long been purged. A few, like Bayh, have until now been allowed to retain some vestiges of moderation, in order to be electable in Right–leaning States, but since the Media Class tool Obama and his revolutionary comrades in Congress have seemingly won a decisive grip on government with overwhelming majorities, no deviation is to be tolerated when it comes to voting. Bayh, Nelson and Landreau, have found themselves impaled on the horns of the proverbial dilemma. The Obama Health Bill, intended to do much more than merely provide medical insurance to the Nation’s poorest (indeed a revolutionary Trojan Horse for huge Government expansion), required the ‘moderates’ to get into the Leftist line with their votes. That doing so might jeopardize their re-election, indeed might even offend their moderate beliefs, is of no concern to the revolutionaries who are now in charge of the Party. Of course it is possible that these ‘moderates’ have been guaranteed comfortable sinecures after defeat in November, but some might not want to fight an election campaign doomed to defeat. However, as stated in the second paragraph, Bayh seemed to have a good chance of retaining his seat in the Senate.

The first question to ask about Bayh’s announcement, is “Why now?”. Friday of this week is the filing deadline for the May Primary, so his Indiana Party has precious little time to organize a contest to find his replacement. If we speculate that Bayh warned Obama and Senate Leader Harry Reid, weeks ahead of his public announcement, we might deduce that they want to avoid a Primary contest. In the absence of a Primary, the Party’s leaders have until June to select a candidate. No doubt, the Party leaders would sooner pick the candidate than have the grass-roots throw up several contestants who then get into an expensive slanging match. Four days leaves little opportunity for the rank-and-file to produce candidates for a Primary. Bayh though may not have informed anyone prior to his announcement, in which case it may be that he feels no commitment to the Party leadership. His public statement is extremely ambiguous. ‘My decision should not be interpreted for more than it is, a very difficult, deeply personal one”. What is that meant to mean? “I value my independence. I am not motivated by strident partisanship or ideology”. One might see this as a veiled attack on the Obama/Reid/Pelosi leadership which is very ideological and strident. Maybe Bayh and his few ‘moderate’ comrades in the Senate have simply had enough of the bullying and lying Obama style of Government, for to any principled politician the President is surely an embarrassment. I am inclined to think that this, rather than the risk of a November defeat, is what has motivated Bayh. Something has gone on behind the scenes between Bayh and perhaps Rahm Emanuel or Reid and there is a straw that has broken this camel’s back.

One other explanation, already being touted on conservative blogs, is that Bayh can see a train wreck ahead for this Administration and he is anxious to get onto the platform while there is time. If this is the case, we can expect to see more sudden retirements (maybe even a defection or two) by Democrat Congressmen who have relatively safe seats but who do not share the radical ideology of the dominant and Media-backed majority. Dick Morris, the one-time Clinton strategist and now a Fox conservative commentator, has for some weeks been forecasting that the Democrats will lose the Senate and the House in November. Only a few weeks ago this seemed unlikely but the Bayh retirement, lacking the usual (my family needs my time) explanatory niceties and given at such short notice, suggests that the Democrat Party is in much deeper trouble than the Mainstream Media (MSM) lets on.

It is still not considered acceptable for any, except the marginalized Right, to describe Obama as a phony who lacks any depth or knowledge, for most fear denunciation as racists. On this website we can claim to have matched Rush Limbaugh for the speed with which we declared Obama to be a man with few talents other than opportunism and ill-founded confidence. Unlike Rush, we have explained how Obama prospered and now survives his endless failures and scandalous lies. The Media covers for him and his comrades and will do so for as long as he pursues their agenda. It is in this context that we should view his pursuit of same-sex marriage, homosexual propaganda in schools, his proposed abandonment of ‘Don’t Ask! Don’t Tell!’ policies for the military and his attacks on the Christian foundations of the country. In particular, the Media Class is desperate for Obama to make several appointments to the Supreme Court, for it is there that unpopular social policies can be imposed in the long term.

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