Eric Holder to Stay

As I write, the Obama-promoting Mainstream Media is focusing on his cabinet appointments for Treasury and Environment but beneath the radar of the MSM is the most significant news – that Eric Holder is to remain at Justice.   This news should be in the forefront of all Conservative minds, for more than anything else it signals that Obama intends to use his second term (maybe not his last) to destroy the counter-revolutionary opposition and abandon America’s impartial justice system. 

    Holder at Justice will further these goals in several ways. First, Holder, like Obama, has already demonstrated that he is motivated by hostility to color-blind justice. Obama has twice (and only twice) intervened on a personal level in local criminal cases, where he has, without waiting for the facts and wholly inappropriately for a President of all the people and as an office-holder pledged to uphold the Law of the Constitution, taken the side of Black against White. I refer of course to the cases of (White) Police Sgt. Crowley of Cambridge, Mass. back in July, 2009 (see our archive of 26 July 2009) versus Black Prof. Henry ‘Skip’ Gates and to the ongoing Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin prosecution. When Obama intervened, very, very publicly to identify with Martin as the “son he never had”, he had mistakenly bought into the Mainstream Media (MSM) error that Zimmerman was White. 

    We should not miss the significance of Obama’s eager and hasty interventions. Neither case was notable. Both were far from Washington and the issues of the day, yet they were quickly jumped on by a supposedly busy President. We must assume that Obama is drawn to race issues on a personal level, and indeed the past utterances of his wife have revealed a deep Black resentment. We will never know what conversations about race have taken place in the Obama home over the years but I believe that we have a President who, aside from his Leftist ideology, has an emotional resentment arising from his skin color. As we have said many times on this website, we do not believe that Obama cares much about the lives of African-Americans and his policies (and Holder’s Justice Dept.) will keep Blacks on the Democrat reservation of welfare dependency, but this indifference need not interfere with his own anti-White resentment, which is entirely personal. 

    Holder is Obama’s choice for Justice and the two comrades obviously find themselves on the same emotional page as well as the same ideological page. Holder will continue to use his Department and its powers to favor Black over White (and maybe before too long Black over the too-successful Oriental Americans). It is outrageous that justice should be other than color-blind, yet this Administration’s increasing commitment to ensuring equality of outcomes (a purely revolutionary concept of absolute redistribution) in place of equality of opportunity, is now acknowledged daily in the MSM without criticism. 

    A racially biased Justice Dept. will greatly advance the Balkanization of America, demoralizing the law-abiding and encouraging the criminal street mobs. Holder will go after States that attempt to administer the laws of the country as defined by the Constitution and use the full power of his Department and unlimited resources to punish them and in doing so he will have the full support of the President. The Justice Dept. is a mighty weapon in the hands of Revolutionaries and it is crystal clear that Obama and Holder accept no Constitutional restraints. They have already demonstrated that the Constitution is merely a document available for cherry-picking, and with a Supreme Court dominated by Justices who also care nothing for the Constitution, what is to prevent the gallop into an America that is racially divided in Law, its good and productive people demoralized, exploited, victimized and silenced, and the way paved for a One-Party revolutionary new Nation? 

    This leads me to the gun debate. The NRA can talk all it wants about hunting and American traditions of gun ownership, but the current debate is really about the issues I have covered above. The people now flocking to buy guns are not motivated by game-shooting. They sense two things. One is that White prosperous Americans need to be adequately armed to protect themselves, their families and their property from mostly young Black predators who are well-armed and who have been greatly emboldened by Obama/Holder policies. The law-abiding know that they are going to have to protect themselves for the Government will not be on their side. The other is that many Conservatives sense that the Nation is being changed in a revolutionary way and that their enemy will soon be the Government, with all its power of suppression and oppression. Sneering Leftists, who cannot wait for unlimited power and know full well where the Nation is heading, have already pointed out that a rifle in the home, no matter how powerful, will be futile against a Government-controlled military. They are right about this but Leftists would prefer an unarmed and wholly vulnerable opposition. They know that if enough conservatives are armed, albeit inadequately, resistance will be more likely, especially in the hinterland and South, and no-one can predict how the military will behave in a civil conflict. 

    I do not doubt that many citizens demanding more gun control based on the recent mass killings are sincere. There is a reasonable argument that the killings carried out by mentally ill and psychopathic individuals are enhanced by the military-style weapons now available and by the proliferation of guns in general. The contradicting facts about mass killings and their frequency, the facts about their decline in recent times, the facts about the lack of care for and institutionalization of the mentally ill and America’s low burglary rates will not however be put before the people by the MSM, because the Left and its Media Class allies seek not the end of mass killings of innocents but the end of gun ownership by law-abiding Americans. The NRA is correct to see any limitation on gun ownership as a step onto a well-greased staircase and that there is a sinister underlying agenda at work. (There is a parallel here with same-sex marriage which is merely a step to a revolutionary Government-imposed morality). 

    The NRA and all conservatives would do well to state openly why law-abiding people need to be well armed. Let us bring the revolutionary, Class warfare nature of today’s politics into the open. 

    I had intended to mention in the articles looking back to 2012, the Supreme Court and the role of John Roberts. Each time I forgot. I consider his incomprehensible switch in the Obamacare case to have been a pivotal one in the re-election of Obama. Had the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare to be unconstitutional, Obama’s election campaign would have been thrown into disarray and tainted by misjudgment that even the MSM would have found difficult to explain away. Roberts not only switched sides but took time to re-write the legislation for Obama. This was an incredible betrayal of his sworn duty. Thanks to the MSM it has passed into history with barely a ripple. 

    On this website we speculated about his reasons for throwing away a lifetime of reputation for integrity and throwing a life-line to the most dangerous President in US history. The overall explanation is that an ascendant Ruling Class has so many powers of ‘persuasion’. This one has more than most, including the attractions of becoming or remaining an insider, invitations to Washington dinners, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, not being publicly snubbed by a President at formal functions, and friends and family not being overlooked for all sorts of plum jobs. This Presidency, unhinged from traditional standards of behavior and the Constitution and with the Media ready to do any dirty work, has many more sinister weapons at its disposal. Revelations from a private life or that of a close relative or friend plastered across newspaper headlines for months on end, manufactured smears in the MSM, and exhausting audits by the IRS are just a few. Few will want to be investigated by Holder’s Justice Dept. We can expect many more conservative defections in the next four years and the Supreme Court, thanks to Roberts, is no longer a last stop for Constitutionalists. Expect a Supreme Court sell-out on marriage! 

    The other sell-out that greatly helped Obama at election time was Chris Christie’s smooching with Obama after the hurricane. Christie was never a conservative, but his ability to take on the Teachers’ Unions and the Media Class was impressive. Perhaps he is just an opportunist calculating what will further his own career. Perhaps he too has a vulnerability that will ensure he betrays his former Republican colleagues at crucial times. He can be sure that every time he puts the knife into a Republican, the MSM will be willing to get him re-elected as New Jersey Governor. 

    Holder at Justice, new Supreme Court vacancies in the future, more and more unconstitutional Government by Executive Order, the advancement of the morally corrupting (anti-Christian) homosexual agenda, the unlimited printing of money, the march to Totalitarianism and much more to come from this lawless Obama regime and still there are conservative ‘purists’ who boast that they stayed home at election time because Romney and his colleagues were not truly conservative. Only a lunatic could claim that there is no difference between a Romney Presidency and this one. 

    Do I need to comment on the Al Gore deal with Qatar which has just netted him another $100m? Al is the Godfather of the Man-Made Global Warming myth and it has made him a near billionaire in just a few years. Now he sells to the rich Oil State and not a squeak from the MSM about either financial hypocrisy or what this says about Al’s fear of MMGW. Those who rely on the MSM for knowledge of Global Warming are likely to believe that all scientists acknowledge its gathering threat to our world. I suggest that our website visitors read a letter in today’s WSJ, written by Charles Battig. He is a member of the Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment of Charlottesville. His last paragraph begins “There is no ‘calamity of global warming’. The UK Met Office reports no global warming for the past 16 years”. So you see, there are other scientific opinions out there! 

    Weather Report – Here in California the cold weather continues with nightly frosts and low daytime temperatures. The weather map for the USA shows North America covered with cold air, yet all we hear about is Australia’s heat-wave. Jerusalem has just experienced 8 inches of snow – the heaviest in decades. Perhaps Oz really is getting record heat but I seem to remember Australia’s weather always hitting records for heat and drought back when I was a kid in the 1950’s and 1960’s. 

    Music Choice – There is a new book out about the partnership of tune-writer Jimmy Van Heusen (born Edward Babcock – a good old English name – he borrowed Van Heusen from the famous shirts) and lyricist Sammy Cahn (born Samuel Cohen and Jewish). These two, both born in 1913 – Heusen in Syracuse and Cahn in New York’s East Side – were brought together professionally by Frank Sinatra to write songs for his movies. Cahn came from a culture and small area that was rich in composers, musicians and entertainers and really came at the end of a wonderful period of popular music that was about to be discarded by the rising new Media Class. Both Van Heusen and Cahn played piano professionally. When they were writing for Sinatra they were at the tail end of the great Eastern European Jewish contribution to America’s popular culture that began with Irving Berlin who was composing masterpieces when they were born. Presumably today’s American Jews, detached from the European links of their predecessors, will never produce another Gershwin, Hammerstein, Romberg, Richard Rogers, Jerome Kern or Lorenz Hart. (It is said that Cole Porter was half Jewish) 

    In 1955 a Broadway Show entitled “The Tender Trap” spawned a movie for Sinatra, and Van Heusen and Cahn got to work on one of their many masterpieces that included “Love is the Tender Trap”. They also wrote the romantic and grand “Three Coins in the Fountain” for another movie. Sinatra’s “Tender Trap” has a great orchestra, a wonderful, clear arrangement and of course Frank Sinatra’s matchless voice. I like the words which capture the sentiments of 2000 years and Cahn definitely was not writing about unnatural and unhygienic same-sex marriage. Listen and enjoy!

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