England’s Riots – Latest News

Thanks to the Internet it is impossible for the Media Class and its Mainstream Media to suppress and distort all the news about the looting and destruction that are taking place in once law-abiding England. Mr. Radical has been on hand today in Croydon and so we have on-the-spot news. This is the Croydon that the leading voice of the Media Class, the BBC, described yesterday as “plagued by unrest”. The BBC has also been describing looters around the country as “protesters” and avoiding at all costs identifying the cultural and racial characteristics of the initiators of the “unrest”.

Mr. Radical reports that almost every store in Croydon’s town center has been looted and damaged, including the John Lewis department store – it seems the rioters have similar tastes to their Members of Parliament, who, amid the mayhem, no doubt continue looting the public in their own way through their expense accounts. Mr. Radical also has information that last night over 200 Superstores were looted around the ‘green and pleasant land’ that was once England. Tonight the word is that Business Parks around the nation are to be specially guarded.

In some quarters the Mainstream Media (MSM) and its scribblers and know-alls are busy trying to link the destruction in the UK with the Greek riots and food-shortage riots in the Third World. This kind of nonsense, which is passed off as a deeper knowledge of events, serves several purposes. It falsely sets the squalid events in the UK into a world-wide scenario of protests and desperate actions by the ‘workers’ and the ‘poor’. This enables Leftist academics to portray world capitalism as ‘on the rocks’. It also aims to insert into the rioters’ greedy motives a higher revolutionary and more sympathetic strand. They, the rioters, will thus be emboldened and encouraged in the belief that they are taking part in a world-wide historical protest and thus their actions will be ennobled and politicized. It also is intended to remove the essentially precise racial characteristic of the mobs that are ‘plaguing’ so many cities. The only link that is not being made by the MSM is the obvious one with the ‘flash mobs’ that are now ‘plaguing’ some North Eastern cities of the USA. We are talking about Black mobs preying on Whitey.

It is likely that the MSM will succeed in painting in the public’s mind an impression that England’s troubles are essentially non-racial and are the result of poverty, deprivation and in so far as any racial element is involved, ‘discrimination’. It is also likely that the native White youth and criminal elements will not long stand idly by and watch all the luxury goods being accumulated by one racial minority. They will want a slice of the action and then, ‘bam!’ the MSM will be able to trumpet the news that the riots’ criminality is color-blind and the whole problem is down to economic deprivation and the crisis of Free Market Capitalism. Trotskyites, and there are a surprising number of them in the BBC and the Leftist Media, will claim that ‘youth’ is uniting against Capitalism and it is all caused by the breakdown of the free market system.

Let us say here and now that the English looting and burning have only a tenuous connection with events in Greece. The connection is that each Nation has a large pool of people who have become accustomed to life without real work and an income wholly dependent on Government and/or crime. Underpinning this parasitic lifestyle is an education system that has been preoccupied with teaching entitlements and Rights. Listening to the young Black people of Tottenham and other big English cities, interrupted in their greedy looting by Conniving TV reporters, one is struck by the lack of shame, the celebratory mood, the justification that they are rightly getting their own back on the ‘rich’ and the belief that the society they inhabit no longer has the will to hold them to account. For these parasitic thieves, the rich they resent so much are not the Pop Stars, the Soccer Stars, the Strummers of Guitars and the TV and Fashion personalities, but people who make furniture, people who own furniture shops, people who have built small businesses, people who have got themselves educated, saved and prospered and the Supermarket chains that bring cheap food to their streets.

The sad thing is that the native hard-working English people (and Indians, Chinese and other hard-working minorities) are defenseless in the face of these predatory mobs, for they have been led to believe that guns are dangerous and that the UK is ‘lucky’ that guns are only in the hands of criminals and the police. Consequently, non-Black people have been stripped and robbed in the streets and in restaurants and have had to flee their homes and their business premises and watch them being looted and burned to the ground. After this orgy of greed is over, the same hard-working people will have to pay the insurance costs and higher taxes so that the predators (recast as victims) can be further indulged. The police forces that were supposed to protect private property have wholly failed to do so. Pictures of Croydon’s main street and many parts of London resemble the aftermath of the German air raids of the Second World War. In the conservative states of the USA, such scenes would never be seen because the people have arms to defend themselves and their property and have the will to do so. Only in the Leftist States of the North East, where Leftists have made gun ownership almost impossible (and flouted the Constitution in the process) can young Blacks prey on the hard-working people around them. Obama and his comrades would of course like to extend the privilege of a gun-free citizenry but surely the English experience is a wake-up call to all Americans that gun ownership and the right to shoot to kill those who would loot, rob and burn, is absolutely necessary. No-one should ever believe that being dependent on Government in extreme circumstances is enough. An unarmed citizenry is a truly helpless citizenry.

The other lesson of the English experience is that opening the Nation’s doors to Third World mass immigration is a disaster waiting to happen. Immigration should always be carefully controlled, rationed and selective so that only those who bring skills, a willingness to work hard and will clearly be able to integrate, should be admitted – and then only in numbers that can easily be digested by the host society.

One final comment on the UK! If Griffin’s BNP cannot recruit people by the tens of thousands in the next few weeks and win a ton of council seats in by-elections, there is no hope for his Party or the British people.

As the USA teeters on the brink of financial collapse, the Oh So Cool President Obama has managed to squeeze in a 10 day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. This is one of the most exclusive White areas on the East Coast and a far cry from Chicago’s South Side, Detroit, Oakland and Harlem. Here he will rub shoulders with the Old Liberal Elites like the Kennedy’s. I suppose he needs a break from all the exhausting rounds of golf with celebs, basketball with Stars and Rock and Rap concerts with warblers and strummers. Meanwhile down in Hollywood where his other Media Class masters live in great wealth and moral decadence, two producers are putting together a film about the killing of Bin Laden. This film, we are gleefully told by Hollywood hacks, will reveal not just the bravery of the soldiers who carried out the attack but the leadership skills of the President and his amazing ability to make decisions. The film will be timed to release in cinemas around the States in October 2012 – just in time for the election. As we constantly maintain on this website, Obama is the creature of the Media Class and the Media Class rules in the US and in the UK.

Music Choice – Eddie Fisher was one of 7 children. His parents were poor Jewish immigrants from Russia. Fisher sang with several good Jazz Big Bands, including Buddy Morrow’s and Charlie Ventura’s and also the US Army Band. Good looking and with a pleasing personality Fisher had a great number of Hit songs in the 1950’s and early 1960’s and married Debbie Reynolds, a popular actress. He became almost infamous when he divorced Reynolds and married the old boiler Elizabeth Taylor. This somewhat eclipsed his singing fame which was a pity for he was a good singer, picked good material and represented the last of the good adult singers before kids’ music replaced adult stuff. The song “Downhearted” which he recorded in 1952 is very representative of the romantic songs that were typical of that era – a good tune, decent lyrics, a nice orchestra and arrangement and sentiments suited to grown-ups and teenagers who aspired to become grown-up.

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