Emma Thompson – Exeter University (UK) Too White!

According to Exeter’s local newspaper The Express and Echo, the actress Emma Thompson is due to address Exeter University students on the subject of their overwhelming and seemingly disgraceful whiteness. Since Thompson is a prominent member of the Media/Entertainment Class that now rules the political roost in both the UK and the USA, I suppose we should all, like the Exeter students, pay attention and feel guilty.

Thompson herself is white, and as far as I know both her current husband and her previous are both White too. Born into a well-connected White family of London stage people, Thompson was privileged enough to gain entry to the overwhelmingly-White Cambridge University. Whilst there studying English Literature, she was fortunate to become part of a group of well-connected White stage types who easily found their way into TV comedy. After Cambridge, Thompson, fortunately blessed with family and College acting connections, had little difficulty getting into films. She married a successful actor, later divorced him and married another. She owns a second home in a Scotland, presumably so that she and her latest husband can ‘get away from it all’. I don’t know exactly where this second home is but I do know that apart from Glasgow, Scotland is a very White place. If her second home is in the Highlands, it will be an area of hideous Whiteness.

Thompson’s connection to too-White Exeter is that she discovered in London a 16 year old refugee from Ruanda, Africa and decided to become a surrogate mother to him. One story claims that this youth Tindyabwa Agaba was living on the streets and in danger of deportation back to Ruanda. Subsequently, with Thompson’s help, and I suppose her influence as a prominent member of the Media Class, Agabe avoided deportation and gained admission to Exeter University. I am a little skeptical about some aspects of this story, because refugees from Africa, even when illegal, are showered with accommodation and welfare by the British Government (or should I say, the taxpayer).

It seems that Agabe, since graduating and returning to Thompson’s care, has complained that whilst at Exeter University he felt racially isolated and somewhat discriminated against. He is probably telling the truth about being racially isolated, for Exeter University is well-known as an average middle-class College and the city of Exeter is a small town in the countryside of Devon that has yet to benefit from mass immigration from the Third World. Thompson must have known this before selecting Exeter. I am left wondering on what academic grounds Agabe gained admission to the University. Perhaps Thompson’s name and fame were sufficient! Now Thompson is going to spend a few days in Exeter, and her lecture at the University will take the students and the Administration to task for not importing enough Third World people into their ranks. I expect Thompson advocates lowering the admissions criteria for non-Whites and will be happy if some hard-working Whites are thereby deprived of a University education. We might note in passing that she did not forego her place at Cambridge so that some Third World refugee could benefit.

Exeter University, like all other UK colleges, has long been a cozy berth for champagne Socialists who claim to care very much about the Third World and who support all the usual multi-racial and multi-cultural causes. The city of Exeter, despite its Whiteness, has a Labour Party MP and none other than the openly homosexual Ben Bradshaw. Bradshaw, I am told, is often seen strolling around with his ‘wife/husband’, when not toiling away as a Cabinet member of Gordon Brown’s Government. Exeter, represented by an openly homosexual MP, is clearly not a backward (no pun intended) place and indeed is so progressive that when the local BNP group tried to give out leaflets in the City Center, the police and local Government bureaucrats threatened arrest. I would assume that all the University’s students have been thoroughly brainwashed by their schools and the BBC about race and multi-culture long before setting foot inside the College and that that Leftist brainwashing will have continued ever since. They may, therefore be a little surprised to discover that they don’t pass Leftist muster on the grounds of skin color. Thompson, like all Media Class entertainers will unselfconsciously and confidently dress them down when she confronts them. Media Class entertainers seem particularly good at lecturing the masses on such topics as racism, climate change, over-indulgence, not paying enough taxes and being small-minded. Thompson, who is said to be an ‘outspoken anti-religious atheist’ and has said “I regard religion with fear and suspicion”, is clearly not short of strongly-held opinions and no doubt holds all the Leftist opinions of her Class. Presumably she also regards Whiteness with fear and suspicion. I am sure that when she gets to the University lectern and is faced with an auditorium of White faces (and enthusiastic scribbling local journalists), she will be scathing of her audience and will not be at all embarrassed by her own privileged White background.

I browsed through the mail columns of the Echo’s website and although some citizens expressed irritation at Thompson’s intrusion, there were many others who felt that their city was too White and living in a bubble. Many thought that getting rid of Exeter’s Whiteness would be a good thing and would enable Exeter to enter the new century and the new world. Obviously, Exeter’s public school system has been as effective as the rest of the UK’s schools, in convincing kids that they should support racial suicide. There is not much hope for the UK!

So Thompson thinks the University is too White, and by implication, Exeter is too! My reply would be, ‘So What!’ It is none of her business. If Exeter’s citizens wish to live amongst White people, why not? What is the virtue of a melting pot? I ask this because I live in a melting pot that is friction-free and I am not aware that it is superior to a homogenous society. Neither is it inferior! My neighbors and friends are a mix of Black, Asian, Oriental and White. We are not a mix by design but because we all have sought work and a crime-free environment. The racial mix is coincidental. My friends are chosen for personal traits and not to meet some mix that Thompson would consider superior. As it happens most of them aspire to mainstream American cultural standards. My friends and neighbors of many skin colors are no different from me in their aspirations and their standards of behavior and I am happy to live amongst them but there is nothing intrinsically superior about our neighborhood based on skin color. The truths that might not fit Thompson’s world-view are firstly that many of them are practicing Christians and secondly that if the Obama Government begins forcing alien people of color on our city, most of my neighbors and friends will move out.

Emma Thompson is, of course, an arrogant hypocrite. She is also either a liar or a fool, for she claims to be terrified of Christians but not remotely fearful of the typical multi-racial, multi-cultural nightmare that has been imposed on the UK’s White natives in every big city. The most important thing about this Thompson story however, is the power that Media Class people now possess and the confidence with which they spout and seek to impose their agenda on the ordinary people. When they speak, everyone listens and many are awed. Their comrades in the news Media hasten to amplify their dangerous nonsense. The masses are told that when these privileged rulers, who rarely change a diaper or clean their own houses and never live in Black or Muslim ghettoes, adopt an African baby or two, they have eclipsed the work of Mother Theresa.

The Media pre-occupation with Roman Polanski continues and will do so until he is released from his Swiss prison and granted a Nobel Prize for his work with young girls. Recently, the news Media has been ferreting out and publishing the names of the officials in Switzerland and the USA who are responsible for his entrapment. They do so, not to praise them for doing a good job, but to frighten them, stymie their careers and intimidate other officials for the future. Now, the known victim of his sodomizing has said that she wants him released and this is reported everywhere in order to ramp up the pressure for his release. This investigative Media is the same Media that will not explore Obama’s citizenship or Al Gore’s business connections with global warming equipment companies. Nor will it investigate or report any of the expressed views of Obama’s latest regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein. Here are a couple of quotes just for the record! “Marriage should not be recognized by the Government”. “Organs should be removed from terminally ill people without their permission”. Is it possible that just one of Obama’s appointments has not cheated on taxes or held extreme revolutionary views on marriage, sexual relationships, homosexuality, nationalized health care, World Government and the redistribution of wealth?

Obama has packed his administration with economic and social revolutionaries and the Media ensures that the public is kept ignorant. Indeed the Media Class is ecstatic for in doing so he is honoring the pact he made with the Hollywood billionaires and perverts who set his primary campaign rolling with large donations. Those conservatives who gagged over McCain and refrained from voting have much to answer for. Rational people held their noses and voted for him for it was clear that he was not a revolutionary or a liar. The latest ‘dilemna’ that the Mainstream Media (MSM) claims is roiling conservatives and Republicans is in the New York 23rd District Congressional contest where Dede Scozzafava is the official Republican candidate (chosen behind closed doors by a small cabal of NY powerbrokers to fight Democrat Bill Owens). How Scozzafava came to be in the Republican Party, let alone a candidate for office, is a mystery. Pro-abortion, pro same-sex marriage, an activist for welfare spending, a darling of Planned Parenthood, an ally of a welfare rights outfit, and these are only a few of the Leftist issues she is identified with. The cabal passed over a conservative with a good track record. This man, Doug Hoffman, has decided to contest the election as a Third Party candidate. The Country Club Republicans have closed ranks behind Scozzafava but conservatives around the Nation have rallied to Hoffman’s cause. Initially a rank outsider, Hoffman appears to have easily overtaken Scozzafava and despite a split in the Right vote he might beat Owens too. There is no comparison between this situation and the McCain candidacy. McCain won the Republican primaries, was a war hero, and had a conservative record on most issues. He also had chosen Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. Scozzafava was not selected in a primary contest, this is not a contest for the White House and if a Democrat takes the seat because of a split vote on the Right, little will have been sacrificed. It will be a time for celebration if Hoffman wins!

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