Elections…U.K. and U.S.

The local elections in England and Wales resulted in a victory of sorts for the Cameron-led Conservative Party. Much of the Conservative’s success can be put down to the cycle of politics. The Labour Party has been in power for a long time at Government level and as in all electoral democracies in the Western World, voter fatigue sets in and the disinterested masses, in so far as they vote at all, feel it is time to give the other side a chance. Added to this usual pattern, Gordon Brown, Blair’s successor as Labour Party leader is very unappealing and tax-hungry and the UK is experiencing all the same economic, social and immigration problems that are currently perplexing US citizens.
Nevertheless, there are some interesting things to say about the results and most of them will not be mentioned in the MSM.
First, the Liberal-Democrat Party (the most socially Leftist of all the three big parties) did very poorly despite being the anti-war Party. There is absolutely no evidence that when it comes to the ballot box, voters punished the Parties that supported George Bush and the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. This has been true in election after election. I conclude that the majority of people in the UK and elsewhere, whilst not being enthusiastic about the war and its cost in lives and resources, understand that there is no sane alternative to resisting Islamic Imperialism in its heartlands.
Secondly, the MSM is always fickle in its support of the Parties it sponsors through special treatment. Ever since Blair gave the UK’s support to the hated (by the Media Class) Bush, the British MSM has attacked the Labour Party. Labour Party scandals that would normally have been left below the radar, have been given headlines and longevity, except in those local places where the BNP has gained a foothold. As the BNP has constantly revealed on its website, the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties, have in their ranks, many convicted sexual perverts and many financial fraudsters. Mostly these perverts’ and fraudsters’ transgressions are treated in isolation by the Media and never extrapolated to show the pattern of infiltration of the three main parties by corruption. The BNP, is not, and would not be treated so lightly! Cameron’s hug-a-hoodie gestures and his embrace of sodomy-as-normal has endeared him to a Media Class that is rife with perverts of all persuasions and completely hypocritical about espousing economic equality whilst wallowing in privilege. As a consequence the Conservative Party has received fairly benign treatment from the Media.
In the London Assembly and Mayoral contest, it was pleasing to see the defeat of the awful ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone. This completely unappealing and opportunist Leftist, who for so long has won and retained power in the capital by pandering to minorities and perverts, has been ousted by a Conservative maverick. Whether Boris Johnson will turn out to be a clown or a heavyweight remains to be seen, but his past suggests that he will continue to be a clown. As he has already noted, it will be difficult to reverse London’s decline into a sleazy and Balkanized third-rate city.
US visitors to our website may be surprised to learn that the BNP did quite well in the London Assembly contest. The US media will not tell you that Richard Barnbrook, the leader of the BNP on Dagenham’s council got 70,000 first place votes and almost 130,000 second preference votes, and thus became the first BNP member of the London Assembly. In a city where anti-BNP election fraud was probably rife and officially sanctioned and where native British people are now a minority, this was a victory for the BNP against all odds. Barnbrook can expect to be treated as a pariah by the whole political establishment and London’s public service bureaucracy. He is already officially complaining about his treatment and the bare-faced rule-breaking that he is experiencing, but he will complain in vain and the Media will be gleefully silent. If he has the slightest flaw in his history, he can now expect to be crucified in the Media and if there are no flaws to be found, some will soon be invented.
On this website, we are very pleased that the BNP had this small but significant success in London. In the provinces the BNP has had an unspectacular success. It has had a small increase in elected councilors, but surely the leaders and members must be disappointed with the election’s outcome. I do not underestimate the obstacles that the BNP has to overcome in order to simply function. Its candidates are heroes, for they are persecuted with Leftist violence, dirty tricks, intimidation and job losses-all of it quietly sanctioned by the three main parties, the police and courts, the Trade Unions, the Civil Service and, of course an approving Media. On the BNP website the leadership is putting a brave face on the election outcome and making much of Barnbrook’s London success, but well-wishers like radical and right are extremely disappointed. I am a regular reader of the BNP website and I get saddened when I see their members expressing optimism about Media coverage. Many seem to believe that as the Party gets stronger, the Media will shed its ‘bias’. Most wrongly believe that the Media is controlled by the Labour Party and fail to see that Labour and all the other Parties are to a greater or lesser extent controlled by the Media Class. Of course, the same error is made by all conservatives in the US, where the Media Class also makes and breaks politicians. In both countries, the Media Class has an agenda of its own and rewards those parties that most effectively promote that agenda.
The BNP will likely make little significant electoral progress until it recognizes its real and very formidable enemy. Since the Media Class is dedicated to the destruction of free speech, honest news reporting and genuine political diversity, the BNP needs to concentrate on how it can get its message to the public in the face of this. It is a very tough challenge. Unlike the US, free speech in the UK is not guaranteed by a written Constitution and there is no conservative Talk Radio, nor even a maverick Fox News Channel. Not that Fox and the Talk Radio stations would give the BNP any fair deal for there are limits to the free speech these Media outlets are willing to tolerate. There are forces on the Right in the US who do not really want free speech and this website has been ostracized by some for its positive treatment of the BNP.
This latest UK election has once again shown the BNP’s inability to make its website an alternative and trustworthy news source. To do so, it would have to rise above short-term Party considerations and be more than a tightly controlled mouthpiece for the Party’s leadership. For example, the BNP website could have announced before the election that it would post up all election results involving the BNP as they came in. Good and disappointing results should have been posted up throughout the night. After the election, the leadership could have posted its interpretation of the results, but honest and important news should have come first. The Media-promoted personal accusations made against Richard Barnbrook on the eve of the election should have been posted before the Party’s refutations. Similarly, the recent damaging internal Party split should have been given honest coverage and members and sympathetic readers could have made their own assessment of who was right and who was wrong. On this website we understand that a small embattled party surrounded by vicious enemies does not want to wash dirty linen in public, but the MSM will wash that linen anyway and wash it in the dirtiest water.
I think it is likely that the BNP increased its vote in many places, often coming second to the winning party. In a few places the Party lost a seat it had previously won. This is extremely disappointing but I suppose is mostly the consequence of the extra-Party campaigning which is being waged against the Party by the self-styled anti-Fascist alliances. These are Communist-manned Fronts for the other parties and funded by the Unions and probably George Soros and other mega-rich international financiers. I am sure these campaigns infringe British electoral law, but no action will be taken by the Authorities and no Media outlets will be outraged. The BNP needs to create on the Internet a genuinely objective daily news service that will attract and be trusted by all who lament the UK’s current situation. Their website has not been improved by recent innovations and our Mr. Radical could do a far better job for the Party, perhaps along the lines of the US Free Republic website. The BNP’s greatest gain would come from advocating a written constitution for the UK that protected freedom of expression, the right of law-abiding citizens to have guns in their homes for self defence, a clear and narrow definition of citizenship, and complete national sovereignty. Currently, the BNP is progressing at a snail’s pace, despite widespread anger at unchecked immigration, lawlessness and Islamic colonization.
Here in the US, the Indiana Democrat election is almost here and the Media Class and it’s bought- and- paid- for Democrat Party is in turmoil over the prolonged fight between Clinton and Obama. The Media Class, having belatedly jettisoned the Clintons for the superficially glamorous Obama, finds itself stuck with a candidate who has a history that is only just unraveling. It transpires that Obama’s quick rise to power in corrupt and Leftist Chicago owes everything to having cultivated the extreme Left and Black militants. The connections between the Obamas and violent unrepentant revolutionaries like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn of the Weathermen, are potentially more damaging than his 20 year pew in the Rev Wright’s Church. The old saying “by their friends shall ye know them” is more than apt and we can now see the Obamas for what they are, a privileged blame- America pair who hoped to gain power by falsely presenting themselves as moderates. The Media Class, having backed Obama almost beyond the point of no-return is desperately trying to stifle information about his background, but the betrayed Clintons have no intention of allowing this to happen. The resulting Leftist and Media turmoil is wonderful to watch. My money is still on the Clintons, though only just! Meanwhile, the personal history of John McCain is in stark contrast, for it is one of courage and integrity during his military service. His wife, a very wealthy woman is also one of that rare breed- a genuine philanthropist. McCain is not a reliable conservative and he is an awkward and crusty person but he is an outstanding war hero. His odd walk, his stiffness and arm movements are the result of torture by the Vietnamese and his refusal to betray his country. I do not understand how any US nationalist and conservative can abuse him personally, though many do on the conservative websites and on Talk Radio. Of course they have the right to criticize his political stands but the man deserves personal respect. Has there ever been a presidential candidate with a more heroic and patriotic personal history? I doubt it and here he is faced by two Democrats mired in Leftist policies and without any personal attributes to compensate. The choice facing US voters in November could not be easier.

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