Election Results! Looking Back! Looking Forward!

The victory of Barack Obama and the victories of the Democrat Party in both Houses mark the accession to power of the Media Class and a major turning point in the culture war. It seems probable that the USA will now take a new direction, moving rapidly away from its Christian-dominated past and into a secular and anti-Christian future. From now on Christians and their Churches will face increasing elimination from the public arena, and great pressure to abandon the tenets of their faiths and embrace a ‘modern’ set of ‘policies’ if they wish to avoid Government persecution. This may sound alarmist, given that several States passed measures that were both conservative and Church-backed, but I believe that these small successes will speed up the passing of laws by Congress in order to put such issues as same-sex marriage and abortion beyond dispute.

Obama and the Democrats owe their victories to a united Media onslaught that has never been equaled in previous elections. This should not surprise visitors to our website for we have predicted that it would be so. We have warned that the Media Class, which has been gaining in power and wealth with each passing year and developing its Class-consciousness and confidence, was not prepared to wait any longer for the revolution that it has hungered for. Obama and his Party have been funded like no previous candidate and Party in history. Do not believe that they have been receiving the widows’ mites! In a time when the economy has been crashing and ordinary citizens have been struggling to buy gasoline, experiencing their assets shrink by the day, haunted by the spectre of unemployment and watching their pension plans collapse, I cannot swallow the nonsense that Obama’s hundreds of millions of dollars that have sponsored his army-on-the-ground, his world trips and his overwhelming TV advertising blitz (all after a grueling and expensive primary campaign) have been paid for by the little people. He spent more than $650m on the final campaign and outspent Mrs. Clinton before that. I know that the Unions have coughed up, but they always do. He has been awash with money because he has been bankrolled by the wealthy. Many of these are the Hollywood multi-millionaires and billionaires like David Geffen, Barry Diller and Stephen Spielberg and others are the playboy and playgirl offspring of hugely rich magnates of the past. But many more are the Big Business people of today who either hope for entry into the social world of the celebrity Media Class or fear being on the wrong side of a Ruling Class that has the power to destroy whole industries. If you think I exaggerate just consider the power now exercised by Government and politicians through environmental legislation, discrimination legislation, Union activity, bail-outs and simple unrelenting bad publicity.

So Obama owes his success to unrivalled finance and Media propaganda. It enabled him to edge the Clintons out of the way and it enabled him to comfortably beat McCain and Palin. He never got the landslide that many predicted and some hoped for, because he has none of the genuine gifts that mark a statesman and his personal history and many of his unguarded statements on the stomp revealed a very flawed politician. A neutral Media and an outstanding opponent would have conferred defeat upon him. This is not to say that he lacks talents or should be underestimated. What we have seen so far suggests that he is a coldly calculating, self-absorbed opportunist who might even try biting the hands that have fed him. Time will tell. Whether he is a genuine Leftist or not, he may well realize that Leftist policies and Leftist ground-troops are unrivalled when it comes to political and economic intimidation and thuggery.

One can imagine the celebrations that went on long into the night in Hollywood, in Big City homosexual bars, in the editorial rooms of every newspaper, magazine and TV station, in every Arts gathering and every Academic institution, but the biggest party was surely in one of the many homes of George Soros. For the first time George’s huge investments in political activism paid off and the permissive society he craves is now about to replace the suffocating moral world that he has despised for so long.

John McCain ran an honorable campaign but an uninspiring one that lacked a coherent philosophy and given his years of negotiations in the Senate, surely no-one expected that he would now conjure up a dynamic vision for the future. He was always carrying the handicap of the Bush second term – one in which Bush and Cheyney have hibernated, though fossilized might be a better word. It is unlikely that any exciting Republican talent would have wanted to fight this particular election and so those who applied for the job were all flawed. Yet when McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate he immediately had Obama on the defensive. This alone demonstrates how poor Obama’s resume had seemed to the wider public. It took a vicious gloves-off Media campaign (unparalleled in its dishonesty) against Palin and a sudden economic collapse for the Media to restore Obama’s lead in the polls. The conservative Palin’s star appeal to the Republican rank-and-file and to working class white people revealed the real truth about this election, for she is not a star in fact but a decent, energetic and spontaneous novice. That she was able, for a time, to eclipse the rest, has probably sealed her fate and I expect the personal destruction of her to continue both from the Media and from those in the Republican Party who wish to join in the culture war against Christian-influenced conservatism. The ‘log cabin’ Republicans, the country club types and the Big Business elements that remain in the Party will see her as a dangerous obstacle to remaking a ‘modern’ Party. The forces at work here are all to do with social policy for this is a cultural war first and foremost and economic and defense issues are no longer at the heart of politics. They should be, of course, but a new Class taking power defines the issues and for this Media Class, moral and social issues are all-important.

The rejection of same-sex marriage in three States and the rejection of homosexual foster parenting in another has been a bitter reminder to the Media Class that the Churches and conservatives may be down but are not yet out. It is also a reminder that the American people, despite years of drenching pro-sodomy propaganda in schools and in the Media, have not been sufficiently brainwashed or intimidated. Expect that to be put right by the new President and Congress. Those Christians and Libertarians who think that they can opt out of the culture war are in for a shock. Once a Leftist Supreme Court has been installed I expect to see all schools forced to teach homosexuality as a ‘good thing’ and Home Schooling eliminated. This is the European model and we know that Obama is impressed with the evolving European totalitarianism. Abortion will cease to be an issue for discussion and conservative Talk Radio will soon be a distant memory. The Constitution will become a ‘living, breathing’ document that will enable the Media Class-driven cultural revolution to be imposed without dissent. What could stop this being our future?

One problem is that the Party system in the USA does not produce a Party leader for the Party out of power, the nearest thing being the leaders in the Senate and House. No Republican in either House will rally the conservative movement and I doubt that a genuine inspirational Governor like Jindal or Palin will be willing to step out and challenge the Congressional leaders by organizing the grass roots across the country into an extra-Congressional movement. I suppose that the emerging economic depression could radicalize the Nation and overwhelm the Media’s Democrats in the White House and Congress but bad economic times are more likely to speed up the process of Socialism. A foreign enemy might precipitate an international crisis that Obama cannot manage. An economic depression across the world and especially in Europe, might lead to a revival of Nationalism that would destroy the European Media Class as we know it. This would have unpredictable repercussions in the USA.

We on the conservative side should prepare for an onslaught of attacks from the people now in power and in the Media. We can expect to be constantly misrepresented or ignored until we have been silenced and our children will be indoctrinated whether we like it or not, for our opponents believe that they represent historical progress and that ends justify means. Finally, I would warn Republicans that when a new Class comes to power and imposes a cultural revolution, no Party is unaffected. In this election there was an uneasy truce between conservatives of the hinterland’s rank-and-file and those who wish to adapt to ‘the new situation’. This truce will not last into electoral defeat and there will be voices, with influence, who will say that the Party must march with the times, purge the embarrassing Christians and Nationalists and concentrate on morally neutral issues like fiscal responsibility. Some of these might appear to be on the political Right, like Ron Paul and the Libertarians. They are dangerous for the truth is that traditional morality, limited Government and fiscal responsibility are inseparable. Tonight I heard that Sarah Palin is under attack and a Talk Show host I respect claimed that those attacking her (to the delight of the Media) are seeking to shift the blame for McCain’s defeat. He is wrong. The attacks on her are the first shots in the cultural war that will now emerge into the open within the Republican Party. Palin is seen as a focal rallying point for Christians and other conservatives and there will be those on the Right who will sense Media approval and promotion for hastening her destruction. There are opportunists in every movement! There will also be those in Republican ranks who have never liked the Party’s Christian base and Palin is too Christian. Only on this website can you find the proper explanation for the political events and cultural changes that are unfolding.

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