Election Inquest

Orchestrated by the Mainstream Media, those Republicans who would be happy to reduce the Party to a permanent rump as long as the social conservatives were jettisoned, have been quick to interpret the election results. ‘The Party needs to change its positions on same-sex marriage, abortion and immigration’ they say, ‘in order to march in step with the changes in demographics and young voters’.

On this website we remain committed to confronting realities and searching for the truth, comfortable or uncomfortable though it may be. Given that everyone’s views are largely shaped by what they read (and see and hear), and given that the Mainstream Media (MSM) dominates what we read, see and hear, we are wise to exercise more than a little skepticism from the word ‘go’. As we advise repeatedly, it is best to believe your lying eyes rather than what the MSM is promoting. And so we must go back to the basics.

Obama lost some 10 million votes. Given that there is ample reason to believe that his total vote was greatly inflated by rampant fraudulent voting in African American communities, it is possible that his loss was anything up to a million more than that. At the risk of being labeled ‘racist’, but in the interests of truth, let us acknowledge some uncomfortable realities that are pretty much beyond dispute.

Many African/American communities are the most homogenous in America, which is to say that Black areas are just that – all Black, especially in inner cities. Few Whites (and no Republicans) penetrate them for it is too dangerous. Black antagonism towards Whites is seemingly greater now than anytime since the 1970’s, a consequence of Obama’s rhetoric and policies and the blatant partisanship of Eric Holders Injustice Department. Most non-Black Americans live largely indifferent to this growing hostility and the MSM has been busy concealing the evidence of its rise for at least the last four years (‘Flash Mobs’ are just one example amongst many of emboldened young Blacks targeting Whites and other minorities). Those African Americans who are educated and integrated into civilized society – and I know many – are probably mostly unaware too, though they are sufficiently aware of the dangers in the Democrat-created ghettos of crime and dependency to avoid venturing in to them. Since 95% of Blacks voted yet again for Obama, we can safely say that the Black vote is more or less based on race, as along as the candidate is a Black Democrat. Since the ghetto’s voting procedures are organized and wholly supervised by Blacks who are not only motivated by race but also by allegiance to the Democrat Party (which believes that ends justify means) we can reasonably conclude that many ballot boxes were stuffed with fraudulent votes. Black candidates who are Republican suffer even more from this organized fraud because the Obama and the Democrats are determined to maintain a racial divide between the Parties. Allen West’s experience in Florida is a prime example of the virulence directed at race-minority Republicans. The current events in his Florida precinct have laid bare the fraud that can be perpetrated by the alliance of Blacks and Democrats.

Fortunately, the officials in these areas, whilst eager to commit fraud, are also grossly incompetent and so leave a trail of evidence. Nevertheless, we predict that the excellent Colonel West will fail in his attempt to win an honest result, for he has the newly re-elected Government machinery against him, the MSM intent on trivializing and misrepresenting his case to the public and an American population increasingly resigned to the Venezuelan road to Socialism.

Other facts we need to keep to the forefront of our minds are that prior to the election results on Thursday night and Friday morning, there was ample evidence (for those who used the Internet and not the MSM) that Obama’s appeal to Independent (and many 2008 Democrat) voters had ended. This fact was born out by the election results: a huge 10+ million loss of votes that even fraud could not conceal. It was equally clear from all Opinion Polls that most Independents were going for Romney. It was also clear that Republicans and Conservatives were motivated to vote as never before in modern times. No sane person would have predicted that Romney would get 2.5 million less votes than the muddled, stumbling McCain received in 2008. I think it is true to say that most observers, including many Democrats, were stunned by the subsequent results.

Despite the best efforts of the MSM and the Unions, all the evidence indicated that Obama’s failures could no longer remain hidden from the voters. How can the election result be explained? Well, beyond the ghetto fraud already mentioned, manipulation of the electronic machinery now used in elections, is an answer that springs to mind.

We have heard much from some ‘experts’ on the Right about Romney’s failure to galvanize Conservatives and Evangelical Christians. There are some on the Conservative websites who purport to be Libertarians or ‘true’ conservatives and who are crowing that they, their pure conservatism intact, caused Romney’s defeat by staying home on November 6th. I don’t buy this as an explanation and here is why!

First I don’t believe that there are that many fools and secondly we can be sure that these fools did not turn out for McCain either. So who were the 2.5 million who were seemingly willing to vote for McCain but not vote for Romney – if indeed they ever existed? It would be interesting to know whether in the Republican bastions like Texas, Alabama and Louisiana, the Romney vote dropped from McCain’s 2008 totals or whether the drops only occurred in swing States and other States where some kind of fraud was possible.

So, on this website we do not accept that Romney lost because he failed to appeal to enough Right-leaning voters. Neither do we think that he failed because he had less appeal to minorities than McCain in 2008. Rather we think Romney and the Republicans were cheated out of a comfortable victory. Since the old adage “To the victor the spoils” is always true, Obama and the Democrats (and behind them the Ruling Media Class) can rest easy that their ballot-box sins will never now be found out. “Let us move on” will be the Media call. The Ruling Media Class and their Democrat machine operatives obviously have no interest in any exploration of the honesty of the election process.

Conservatives certainly do, though do not have the funds and the power of Government to carry it out – particularly in the face of extreme MSM opposition. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has in its upper ranks, a Fifth Column, which also has no interest in an honest autopsy but is delighted to take the result as it stands and demand an abandonment of Social Conservatism. The Log Cabin Republicans, and who knows how many closeted elected Republicans, are certainly desperate to stampede the Party away from moral principles. Many who have spent time in Washington are probably embarrassed when on the social round to justify their alliance with the ‘bitter clingers’ and ‘Bible Punchers’ of the Hinterland and Old South. Some of these may well be severely compromised by their past sexual transgressions and living with the knowledge that Leftists and the MSM can bring them ruin at any moment. The Petraeus scandal will not be comforting for these people, for it reminds them that our Ruling Media Class has enormous power to destroy opponents, and with the election won, can now concentrate on isolating the moral conservatives in the Republican Party.

Make no mistake readers, behind all the talk of Republicans having to win more of the Latino vote by ‘compromise’, it is Homosexual advancement and Abortion that are the issues underlying the calls for ‘progressive’ policies. The Ruling Media Class cares nothing for Latinos except to have them do cheap menial tasks and provide rootless young people for sexual exploitation.

Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin (Talk Radio) have already exposed the pitfalls for America’s working people of legitimizing illegal immigration. There is no ‘humane’ plan that can do other than open the door to tens of millions more from Central America. It is true that many Latinos (extremely hardworking people!) are socially conservative – at least those who were born in Mexico – but they will be Democrat voting fodder for decades to come, if not for ever. And what about all those waiting patiently to come from around the world by legal means? Are they to remain at the back of the line?

The Republican Party must resolutely resist those who demand that America opens its doors to uncontrolled immigration, drop opposition to Abortion and embrace same-sex marriage. The latter is, in any case, a Trojan Horse issue, for the Homosexual activists who infest and dominate the Media Class have no genuine interest in marriage but every interest in establishing a Government-controlled society where it is illegal to speak or write any criticism of their perverse practices and where children are indoctrinated and prepared for seduction. Many conservatives are baffled by the power of the Homosexual Movement, given that their numbers are small and their practices odious. In the UK, David Cameron the Leader of the Conservative Party, who we long ago denounced as a man intent on winning the support of the British Media Class with his homosexual agenda, is dragging his Party down that route. He has the support of the BBC, the center of the Ruling Media Class, and surely the most criminal, morally corrupt organization in the UK. Visit the BNP Website, for only there will Americans find the true facts about the BBC and the extent of its perverted tentacles in all the major political parties! Incidentally, the UN has an identical morally corrupt agenda that reinforces the Homosexual agenda in each Western Nation.

Meanwhile in France many tens of thousands are taking to the streets in defense of real marriage, though – surprise, surprise – the French MSM is looking the other way. So too is the American MSM which yet has much room for international trivia. Here in the USA, the NOM lost the battle for real marriage in several State elections. This is no surprise since their campaigns were hugely outspent by the Homosexuals and they were up against a lying Media. Nevertheless, the margins were small and Brian Brown and his fellow campaigners are heroes – Davids battling Goliaths. The trend is against them and not just because they are counter-revolutionaries fighting a rich and powerful Ruling Class. Our Education system is brainwashing all America’s children and young people with the false and dishonest doctrines of ‘inclusion’ and ‘toleration’. Brown appeals to voters on the basis of Biblical text but perhaps he would do better to emphasize hygiene and common sense.

We all lost last Tuesday but spare a thought for one who might be the biggest loser of all. Latino George Zimmerman is awaiting trial and always had only a slim chance of justice, given that Obama himself had weighed in against him. Surely now he will be sacrificed to satisfy the Black Mob and the MSM that first cast him as a White vigilante.

Weather – Here in California the normal rains and cool temperatures have arrived on time. There is not a sign of anything unusual about the weather. In the UK too, the colder dry weather is typical for November. As yet rising sea levels that are supposedly inundating Third World countries have not impacted Starcross on the Exe Estuary in Olde England. Make of this what you will!

Music – I was never a Mel Torme fan but his California Concert with the great George Shearing contained excellent music and Shearing created a great backdrop for Torme. Listen to the album “A Vintage Year” recorded live in 1988, and especially the track “When Sunny Gets Blue”. This tune was written by Marvin Fischer and is a classic. Listen too to the Shearing piano solo of “Bittersweet”, a tune written by the long-dead jazz bassist Sam Jones! Did any bassist ever compose a catchier tune?

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