Egypt, Inflation, and the Advance of Islamic Imperialism

As I wrote in our last article, the situation in the Near East is, so far, completely unpredictable. When autocratic regimes break down from the inside and after a long period of the suppression of free speech, no-one can say for sure what political and religious movements have followers and organization. We can be fairly sure however that both Socialist/Communist and Islamic organizations have substantial followings and that truly democratic activists are also present but probably not nearly as well organized as them.

We can be certain that as Egypt and Tunisia are surrounded by Muslim countries and as fanatical Islamic Imperialist movements are active throughout the Muslim world, the outcome of the collapse of the present regimes is likely to be the emergence of near-totalitarian Islamic Governments. The Islamic Imperialist Movement (the same one that enjoys wide and very militant support throughout Europe) has at least six advantages over rivals. It has powerful allies on the doorstep, it is well-funded, it is well-armed, it is organized, it has followers who are prepared for the ultimate sacrifice and it is fueled by an ideology that has great appeal to multitudes at this point of time in World history. It would not be surprising therefore if militant Islam took control in Egypt and Tunisia, should the current regimes fall. The only fly in the Islamic ointment is that there are two rival sects vying to control the future Islamic Caliphate and they are ready to fight and bomb each other to the death. We do not know whether Sunnis or Shias will emerge triumphant though Iran’s Shias would seem to have the weaker hand in Egypt and Tunisia. However, both the Sunni and Shia Imperialist Movements now have totalitarian appetites.

Since the ordinary American people can only be spectators, on this website, we try to discern what the new and revolutionary Rulers of the Western World are working for, not only domestically, but internationally. Generally, the new Media Class that now rules in the US, the UK and other Western countries such as Canada, is preoccupied with forcing through its moral and social revolution and has only marginal interest in foreign affairs. Since Christianity, conservatism and Nationalism are the counter-revolutionary forces at home (Christianity being the most detested), our new Rulers view with knee-jerk sympathy any foreign forces that are Anti-Christian. It makes no difference that foreign policy based on purely domestic considerations is extremely short-sighted, perhaps suicidal in the long term, for we must remember that our new Ruling Class, being riddled with perverts, drug addicts, neurotics and fantasists, is largely incapable of looking far beyond the next anal-inspired orgasm and the next fix. The Leftist allies of our Ruling Class may not totally share the preoccupation with hedonism but they too have a poor grasp on reality. Unfortunately, since their alliance is determining our and our children’s future as well as their own, we would do well to be concerned.

A careful monitoring of the Mainstream Media (MSM) suggests that our Rulers are getting excited by the likely fall of the autocratic governments in Egypt and Tunisia for they are anticipating the emergence of either State Socialist Governments with similar agendas to those now being implemented in the EU or radical Islamic governments that will support the international hot war against Christianity. It is impossible not to note that the MSM in the US is hoping for the speedy fall of Egypt’s President Mubarak despite not having a clue as to the ‘popular’ force that will replace him. On this website, we do not believe that Mubarak will necessarily be driven from power. The MSM is always excited by and sympathetic to radical street movements, especially if it can identify elements that are ‘the young’, ‘students’, ‘the intelligentsia’, ‘artists’ – in short all those who are not gainfully employed, have little working life experience, do not make things that can be used or eaten and do not support a family. The feckless, rootless and nihilistic young people who now populate inner big cities and live off welfare or crime, are extremely popular with MSM reporters and with the kind of Leftists who work in welfare and Voluntary agencies. These are the people, rather like the revolutionaries of 18th Century Paris, who are first to protest against Government and against conservative forces and the first to turn to looting and violence. In Cairo, the MSM has not yet told us much about the views of farmers, shopkeepers, and all those who work in rural and small-town settings and suffer at the hands of looters and depend on the stability of law and order. MSM reporters prefer not to contaminate themselves dealing with such people. It would not surprise me if these groups are opposed to the street mobs who we are hearing so many good things about. It may be that Mubarak has many supporters but that they have no easy access to the Cairo streets where the MSM journalists lurk. We shall see in the next few days if Mubarak and the Egyptian petit bourgeois disappoint the Media people and President Obama.

Some commentators are looking for the underlying cause of the Cairo and Tunis insurrections and food shortages have been blamed. These may have been the trigger but we have to ask if food shortages have suddenly cropped up, for generally there have been no more crop failures around the world than is usually the case. For what it is worth, we on this website think it is inflation, caused by Western Governments suddenly printing large amounts of money. Inflation causes food shortages by disrupting markets and triggering hoarding. Oil, food and other raw materials are relatively safe havens for those who anticipate roaring inflation any time soon. Companies stockpile raw materials, expecting money inflation to proceed as Western Governments, notably the Obama Government, pump money into Banks and social programs masked as work. The US stock-market’s meteoric rise is being attributed in the MSM to increasing business confidence but could it be that stocks along with gold and silver are considered a safer bet than cash in the Bank?

Two things are certain and they are that Obama has once again revealed his ignorance of foreign affairs and that he has a general sympathy for Islamic Imperialism, for he has been quick to drop an American ally. Mubarak may not have been a democrat but he has been an American ally and a bulwark against radical Islam and Obama has signaled to all American allies in the Middle East that he is no regard for past favors. If Mubarak survives he will no longer be an American ally.

The Obama Administration is getting away with lawlessness once again, thanks to a colluding MSM. It is now some days since ObamaCare was declared unconstitutional by a Federal judge, yet Obama and his comrades have boldly announced that they will ignore the Ruling and press ahead with implementation. On this website we are not surprised by the Media’s silence, indeed we expected it for the Media today is brazen in its manipulation of the news. If an authentic Obama Kenya birth certificate was produced tomorrow and was all over the Internet, the MSM would not mention it for it is determined to keep this man in the White House for as long as he advances the new moral agenda.

Deep snow is blanketing the US from the Midwest to the East coast and from the Canadian border down to Texas and Florida where temperatures are at record lows, yet the MSM continues to push the global warming agenda. Not that Media people really believe such obvious nonsense but they really do believe in perfecting Government control of the people as a means of imposing their revolutionary moral agenda.

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