More Ebola- Ebola Czar- Obama Appoints a Spin Master and Spend Master

‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is surely the only honest statement of intent ever to issue from our lying Revolutionary White House in six long years. Today, the Prince of Liars leaked that he has appointed Ron Klain as the Ebola Czar. Conservatives and other counter-revolutionaries will exhaust themselves pointing out to each other and to their committed followers and listeners that Klain, a lawyer, has absolutely no relevant experience for any role in connection with medical matters. They will be correct, but as they have no voice in the Mainstream Media (MSM), their outrage will not penetrate the consciousness of the vast majority of dog-lovers, TV gawkers, Pop music devotees and Sports enthusiasts. To all these people the MSM will ensure that the voters believe that Obama is ‘doing something’ in the fight against Ebola.

Indeed he is ‘doing something’, for Klain will be a Spin-Master and a Spend-Master. This Harvard-trained lawyer has been Chief of Staff to both Biden and Gore, which means he is a true Leftist Washington insider. Since advising and representing those two slugs required an endless supply of Spin, Klain is clearly a Spin-Master. He also oversaw the stimulus spending that channeled taxpayer billions into ‘shovel-ready’ jobs (I am joking of course for here is a man who, like Obama, Gore and Biden, had never seen a shovel). He will certainly be a master of channeling more tax-payer money into the pockets of the allies of our new Ruling Media Class.

I have to say that I have not yet lost any sleep over Ebola. It seems to me that some 4,000 deaths in 3 backward West African States is not cause for panic in the Western world. On this website we caution against believing anything promoted by the MSM and so the pictures we are seeing on TV screens and on the front pages of newspapers should be treated with skepticism. Maybe they are designed to convince First World taxpayers that great sacrifices need to be made and White guilt stoked yet again. For those who are aware the pictures of a polar bear on an ice flow were not evidence of global warming, I would suggest the pictures of wrapped bodies being wheeled to mortuaries by wrapped medical workers should not be seen as evidence of an unstoppable plague.

I am not suggesting that Ebola is not a terrible and contagious disease. But 4,000 deaths in three tropical countries where ignorance and superstition are widespread, health care is relatively primitive, urban slums have proliferated and government is totally corrupt, does not seem surprising. No doubt the figure is rising each day but mortality rates in these 3 countries are probably high whenever any contagious disease breaks out. If the death rate is really evidence of a disease that can be compared to the Black Death I doubt Obama would have dared to send US troops. Those White people who have returned from West Africa to the US and raised alarm are people who are always concerned about Africa-missionaries and doctors without borders. I am not comparing them to Leftists with a political agenda but they are people who for various reasons do not see need at home yet are driven to hopeless and backward places and cannot see a bottomless pit even when they are falling into it. I admire their brave foolishness but suspect they see here a chance -with MSM publicity- to grab more resources for their obsession. I have met American missionaries back from the Third World and always wonder why they haven’t just gone to Oakland or Detroit.

We should also pause to consider the strange matter of the relatives of Thomas Duncan. None have contracted Ebola! This suggests that the disease is not very contagious in a First World country, especially as the 2 infected Dallas nurses apparently have not infected those close to them. I might be wrong but I wonder if we are being manipulated by do-gooders and panic-mongers. The annual flu-panics come to mind!

If the disease is indeed as deadly as we are led to believe by MSM pictures from Liberia then the CDC is a joke and its Obama-appointed leader Dr. Tom Frieden is an escaped lunatic. Has ever a public official uttered so much conflicting drivel? I will not write more about this pathetic man for Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage have already said it all. For those who get access to the real news, Frieden’s unembarrassed utterances must be proof we are living in an Alice-in-Wonderland world. Yet we counter-revolutionaries should remember that those who get their news and opinions from the MSM- the majority of Americans- may be blissfully unaware how nonsense has become the norm. Powdered, eye-shadowed boys wearing skirts to school and electing to be girls, girls attending proms as self-identifying ‘pansexuals’, Federal judges enforcing the grotesque same-sex marriage (SSM) on States, lesbian mayors demanding to see the sermons of pastors and Christian cake-makers being sent to re-education camps are the new norm. Rush Limbaugh today complained about every issue, including Ebola, being politicized by the Democrat Party. Actually, every issue is politicized by the MSM and the Democrat Party dutifully follows along. The explanation is we are living in Revolutionary times under the covert rule of a Revolutionary Ruling Class.

Even those who get their news from the propagandistic MSM must surely wonder why we need an Ebola Czar, and presumably a new government department, when we already have a leader of the CDC. The answer is Obama is not letting a crisis –or even a manufactured crisis- go to waste. Here is an opportunity to (1) Grow government. (2) Expand government power. (3) Place another comrade in the Washington hierarchy.

Longtime visitors to this website will know no-one is allowed to post our articles on Free Republic. This is because we sometimes say positive things about the UK’s BNP. The owner of FR does not approve of Nationalist Parties. It is his right but he might like to ponder how he has aligned himself with the contemptible David ‘Hug-a-Hoodie’ Cameron.

One of Cameron’s weasels is Ian Birrell, a former speech writer for him who has been given a half-page of the WSJ of October 17 to write an article intended to damn the UKIP and put Cameron and his traitors in a good light for Americans. One could read his article and remain unaware that British conservatives are deserting Cameron’s Party because they are strongly opposed to immigration (but dare not say so publicly) and uneasy about SSM ( and dare not say so publicly). We remind American conservatives, Christians and Nationalists that Cameron is another Obama, which is to say a Media Class lackey. Despite what he says to get elected, Cameron has no intention of taking the UK out of the EU or the UN or any other internationalist body. He is the man who has promoted SSM in the UK and thereby gained favor with the BBC and the rest of Britain’s Media Class. He has no intention of stopping mass immigration from the Third World. He energetically presides over a country where free speech is being suppressed (prosecution for reading a Churchill book aloud in public), the police forces have been transformed into a NKVD, and the Judiciary is a tool used to silence the Right. Cameron is an open supporter of ‘Unite Against Fascism’, a mobile Red Mob whose slogan is “Smash the BNP” and who are funded to break up BNP’s public meetings and hound its members out of employment. Do I need to say more about Cameron?

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

global warming

Our man in the UK’s waterside village of Starcross reports very wet, stormy weather which is the norm for October. Despite the rain and Global Warming, the Exe Estuary has still not inundated his little village. Here in middle California we have average temperatures and a promise of a little rain. Hawaii has been getting snow but we are still experiencing a drought.

Music Choice

Grant Green 2

Grant Green (1935-1979) is surely one of the best jazz guitarists of all time- and that is saying something! During the 1960’s he recorded frequently for Blue Note Records. His relaxed style is deceptively original and like Charlie Parker his improvisations are linear (melody creating) rather than chord –based. His recording of “Mambo Inn” from the CD “The Latin Bit” (1962) is not just a happy-sounding and uplifting example of his style but a fine piece of Latin music. Nice backing from John Acea (p), Wendell Marshall (b), Willie Bobo (d), and Carlos Valdes (conga).

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