Ebola to Destroy Private Health Care?

In a previous article I wrote that allowing into the USA citizens of West Africa was an Obama policy and not some kind of Government oversight or incompetence. Since the contagiousness and deadliness of Ebola are well-known and since three West African States are dramatically succumbing to this plague, the question of preventing travel from them must have quickly surfaced in the Oval Office. Clearly Obama and his comrades rejected this commonsense response. In the subsequent days, despite the infection of Nurse Pham, Obama’s spokesman at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tom Frieden has restated that an embargo on West African travelers is out of the question.

Frieden is finding himself in the unenviable position of being the public face of an Obama policy that has no obvious rationale. He originally dealt with public unease by maintaining that the disease was very difficult to catch. This was despite the evidence coming out of West Africa where it is rampant just because it is easily transmitted. When the infection of Nurse Pham undermined this piece of nonsense, Frieden blamed the hospital, and by implication poor Ms. Pham, for ignoring protocols. Since Frieden could not identify a broken protocol, this further piece of nonsense only bought him a day’s relief. It quickly collapsed when it emerged that no-one seemingly knows exactly what are the protocols. Frieden was forced to walk back his blame of Ms. Pham and admit that no-one knows for sure how many ways that the disease can be transmitted. West African experience only demonstrates the most obvious sources of contamination and earlier Frieden claims that Ebola is not airborne are not proven science.

It is unlikely that Frieden has slept soundly for the last few nights and he is beginning to look like a very desperate man. His real problem, though he might be unaware of it, is that the regime he is serving has a Revolutionary agenda that cannot be revealed to the American people. It cannot be revealed because, being revolutionary, it would be unpopular with most Americans. Indeed, the Obama regime cannot even reveal who it serves, for the American people are meant to believe that contemporary politics are ‘politics as usual’ which is to say an electoral contest between two old Parties with a shared commitment to the American people, the Constitution, and a Christian-based culture. This false representation of contemporary politics (the reality is that a revolution by stealth is being perpetrated) can be maintained by a Mainstream Media that is really a propaganda arm of a new Ruling Class, and a Judiciary that has been suborned by that Ruling Class.

Nothing Obama does on behalf of his masters is transparent and we do not know what is discussed during his many visits to the Hollywood billionaires. Those who closely watch from concern learn his agenda only as it progresses. Even then it is difficult to discern until well after its imposition. On this website we have long proclaimed the general agenda and whose interests it serves, but incident by incident, no one except Obama insiders (and paymasters in Hollywood) know for sure what is going on. Conservatives outside the MSM speculate as best they can. Rush Limbaugh today ventured the opinion that the reason for there being no embargo was because an embargo would conflict with Obama’s open borders immigration policy. In effect Rush is saying that the swamping of America with Third World masses, a political aim that is against the interests of most Americans, is more important to Obama and his paymasters and Leftist allies than the risks of an Ebola plague. He may be right! Others-foolishly- attribute Frieden’s dilemma to Obama’s incompetence, laziness or detachment.

On this website, we offer another possibility besides stealthy immigration intentions or Obama’s antipathy to those of America’s White’s who stubbornly cling to their guns and religion. A major American outbreak of the Ebola plague, or even the threat of it, will surely put the final nail in the coffin of private health care. Already there are calls for America’s hospitals to prepare for Ebola. Such preparation will entail huge expense to be levied on those who pay for private health insurance. Private health insurance was never envisaged to fund fighting a plague, just as property insurance cannot cover earthquakes, civil war and hurricanes. Ebola presents an opportunity for the government to sweep aside private health insurance and take total control over a vast sector of the economy. Furthermore, a plague will enable the government to assume sweeping civil powers and set aside, once and for all, the Constitution. The economic collapse of the 1930’s, the subsequent growth of central government power and opportunities for redistribution under the New Deal are surely ever-present in the minds of the Leftists around Obama. As they once said “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Frieden may soon be replaced as an Obama scapegoat if public disquiet looks set to affect the looming elections, but already the nurses’ unions are busy blaming Nurse Pham’s infection on the hospitals’ niggardliness and unpreparedness. They will be happy to demand hospital spending that cannot be funded from private insurers whilst distracting public attention from failure to impose an embargo. Meanwhile Leftist politicians are blaming Republicans for underfunding of the CDC. This is the same CDC that has spent on projects to find out why lesbians are fat! Those who get their news from the Internet and Talk Radio may think that the public will not fall for all this but they underestimate the power of the MSM to misinform the people and further an agenda.

Am I the only commentator appalled at the Internet outcry over the putting down of the dog in Spain? I ask this because I have just heard that Nurse Pham has a dog and it is infected with Ebola. Clearly it should be put to sleep as quickly as possible but we can be sure that the authorities will balk at this decision fearing a massive outcry. I can understand that Nurse Pham will be upset to lose a pet but why should anyone else care, especially when Ebola in involved? It is a measure of the shallow emotions of so many people in this age of Facebook that a sick and dangerous dog’s death arouses fury yet the murder of millions of healthy and innocent babies (our own species) is ignored.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

Mostly wet, windy and cold in the UK. Here in middle California the unusual spell of October heat (2 weeks of 90F) has ended and temperatures have plunged to the mid-70’s. Perhaps the change will bring rain which is sorely needed. I read that climate experts (i.e. those who promote the global warming agenda) are puzzling over the spreading Antarctic ice sheet.

Music Choice

Donald Byrd

The late Donald Byrd is one of my favorite trumpeters. His arrival on the adult jazz scene coincided with the rise of juvenile Pop so he never got the recognition that the earlier trumpeter Miles Davis (an inferior player) received. I recommend Byrd’s recording of “Books Bossa” from the album “Slow Drag” 1967. This sly, understated melody over a boss/samba beat is a fine fusion of modern jazz and Brazilian rhythm. Like much worthwhile music it requires several listens. There are nice solos by Byrd and alto saxophonist Sonny Red. The melody was composed by the excellent pianist Cedar Walton and bassist Walter Booker. I assume that Booker was the ‘Books’ in the title. Completing the Quintet was the outstanding drummer Billy Higgins. Sadly rich complex rhythms are too much for today’s musical morons.

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