Easter! Shhhhh! Don’t Dare Say That Word!

Regular visitors will know that this is not a Christian Website, but it is a Conservative one and as such committed to defending Christianity and Nationalism from the Media Class revolutionaries who, together with their Leftist allies, now Rule the USA and the UK. For this article we will take our spotlight off the Media-incited mob persecution of George Zimmerman and focus on the Media-incited persecution of Christians.

When I was a schoolboy in the UK in the 1950’s, the time of the year now quickly approaching was known as ‘Easter’. ‘Good Friday’ – which kicked Easter off for the general public – was a public holiday when Christians in particular and the population in general remembered the terrible death by crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The following Sunday – known as ‘Easter Sunday’ – was celebrated by the same Christians as the day that Christ arose from the dead. The next day was known as ‘Easter Monday’ and was also a public holiday but as far as I remember had no particular Christian significance. I am setting out this information for I am aware that many younger people on both sides of the Atlantic may not know what I am writing about unless I start with these basics.

My family, being typical British working class people, did not go to Church except for weddings, Christenings and funerals and did not think much about Easter, except as a welcome few days off work. Since all shops closed on Good Friday and there were no professional sports events, if the weather permitted, we went into the countryside to pick primroses, walk and picnic. We were a family, meaning there were several kids (in lieu of dogs) mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles and those grandparents who had survived the First World War. Although my family was not religious, no-one in it was offended by the Christianity that surrounded this long weekend.

For us kids, our schools made sure we knew what Easter was about. In the week before the break, we would hear sermons about Easter at morning assembly and sing appropriate traditional Anglican Hymns. These Hymns, like all Christian Hymns of that time, had memorable tunes, lines that properly rhymed and were written in language that rose above the meaningless Pop lyrics of today. I think that their composers and lyricists believed that God and Christ deserved a higher standard of work than the Music Hall, Hit Parade or bar and assumed that Christians and the population in general were to be raised up and not ‘dumbed’ down. The tunes and words remain with me still, so powerful were those Hymns.

“There is a green hill far away, without (beyond) a city wall. Where our dear Lord was crucified and died to save us all”.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, when the Media Class was coalescing, embarking on the process of politicizing News and Culture, but was not yet controlling the political process, my children had much the same experience I had had as a child. I was by then an increasingly doubtful Socialist but I was never offended by Easter or by the public schools acknowledging it. I recognized that Christianity was part of our National heritage, provided my children with a moral basis, and was in no way harmful. I do not know how well Easter was observed in the US at that time but I cannot believe that it was wholly absent from the public square.

This approaching week my young son will not be attending any school, hobby or other activity because ‘Spring Break’ is to be observed. Except within the walls of the many Churches that are still attended by a large number of cowed American Christians, the word ‘Easter’ will be a word to be avoided. Indeed, it has seemingly become a word that is somehow offensive to some group of unidentified but extremely sensitive people. Now it may be that Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jews – all small minorities in the USA – are the people that the word offends but in my experience of them they are no more offended by it than they are about Christmas – which is ‘not at all’. I know from ferreting out news about the activities of the wealthy and Communist ACLU that some secular Jews are working to silence Christianity, but religious Jews and all of the Jews I know personally are not bothered by Easter’s presence in the public domain.

Sometime in the last couple of decades, without anyone noticing, Easter – both the word and the meaning of it – has been purged from every public school, from almost every private school, from every college, almost every chain store and virtually from the English language. The uninspiring, meaningless and intentionally pagan words ‘Spring Break’ have replaced it on everyone’s lips. Many young people will grow up without having any knowledge of it. ‘Christmas’ is clearly about to follow suit.

We have to marvel at how the whole teaching profession, which must have contained many devout Christians and many more non-practicing Christians who respected Easter, was persuaded or intimidated into acquiescence. We must marvel at the way chain stores and businesses in general fell into line. And where was the original decision taken to erase Christianity from the public square and Easter from the lexicon?

“We may not know, we cannot tell, what pain He had to bear. But we believe it was for us He hung and suffered there”.

On this website we maintain that the USA (and the UK and much of Western Europe) is experiencing a Revolution. It has been brought on by the rise to power of a new Ruling Class that is determined to erase traditional Christianity and to do so, at least for the present, by stealth. This Ruling Media Class, with its control of the Mainstream Media (MSM), Entertainment, and now Government and most Courts, is ideologically Leftist and enraged by the continued existence of our Judeo/Christian morality. We regularly explain the underlying forces at work to make a ‘Cultural Revolution’ but we are still staggered by the process that erased Easter. We generally do not subscribe to conspiracy theories but it is hard not to believe that in many privileged and secret places, small groups of billionaires and their newfound Leftist allies met and plotted. Think about it!

Just as we first predicted on this website, the MSM is now busy backtracking on the Zimmerman/Martin story. Soon it will have to rewrite our President’s words about sons – or bury them altogether for they revealed, once again, his uncontrollable racial bias and lack of judgment. It will be interesting to see if the Media Class and its political pawns in the Democrat Party can damp down the Black and Leftist civil unrest it has been fomenting.

The Media has successfully rewritten history concerning the disgraced and possibly criminal Jon Corzine of MF Global Holdings Ltd fame. Now that Corzine is on the brink of very serious criminal charges for acts that have defrauded many investors, his longtime place at the center of the Democrat Party’s leadership never gets a mention. We might recall that the billionaire Corzine was the Democrat Governor of New Jersey before he moved to MF Global Holdings where $200m dollars then quickly disappeared. Corzine was a close friend of both our President and Vice President and was frequently held up as the kind of financial expert whose members surrounded our brilliant Red President in the White House. Up until the financial scandal at MF Holdings broke, Corzine was being touted for a key role in the Obama cabinet and just the man to guide America’s finances. No Republican Administration would survive a Presidential confidante like Corzine, for the MSM would hang him around its neck like an albatross.

The Corzine scandal brings me back to our Revolutionary in the White House who now feels powerful enough to bully the Supreme Court into turning a blind eye to the unconstitutionality of his Obamacare legislation. I am sure that the outstanding expert on the US Constitution, Mark Levin, along with many other experts, will use Talk Radio and the Internet to justly and very effectively accuse him of arrogance, ignorance and illegitimacy. Here we will simply point out once again that this President, his Party and their Leftist allies are Revolutionaries. Oaths of Office to uphold the Constitution mean nothing to them for ‘the ends justify the means’. These Revolutionaries hate the Constitution and always have for it is an obstacle to their Revolutionary agenda. The Justices most recently appointed to the Supreme Court share that hatred so Obama has only to intimidate one or two. In any case, should five Justices stand firm for the Constitution, Obama, with the assistance of his masters in the Media Class, will frame the November election as himself leading the people against a reactionary clique.

I read on the BBC Website that the Devon city of Exeter was fortunate to ‘host’ its first ‘Gay Parade’ and ‘Gay’ week-end. Hundreds were reported to have ‘turned out’. Exeter’s Mayor led the parade, though it is not reported whether or not he bent down at any time whilst leading the gay marchers. The BBC, a huge taxpayer-funded and Media Class leader, is said to be permeated with homosexuals and Leftists and so, not surprisingly it, gave this event star billing. “The parade” we were told, “included policemen and firemen” and so we are to believe that the best and bravest are sodomites when not saving lives. I suspect that a small number of homosexual activists make the rounds of these events and that few policemen and firemen are willing to parade their sexuality (either hetero or homo) in public.

Meanwhile, Mr. Radical reports that a small village near Southampton, in the UK’s County of Hampshire, has been banned from holding its annual Easter Christian parade led symbolically by a donkey. The UK police are now highly politicized and enforcers of ‘Political Correctness’ and the local Police force has raised all sorts of objections to this parade. We can be sure that if the parade had been hosted by the village to celebrate sodomy, diversity or to save the planet, no objections would have been raised. Easter on the other hand is much too offensive and disruptive.

Weather – The month of March on the Pacific Coast ended as it began – unusually cold and wet, though with not enough rain to catch up last winter’s record rainfall. In the UK the people are being told that last summer and this past winter have been exceptionally dry, and therefore water rationing will be unavoidable. Last summer was actually a disaster for many outdoor sports due to rain and cold so perhaps the cause of water shortage is population growth due to immigration. Shhhh! Like Easter, immigration cannot be mentioned when discussing shortages.

Music Choice – A couple of articles back we featured singer Astrud Gilberto and her Brazilian Bossa Nova recordings of the 1960’s. Her version of Jobim’s composition ‘Girl from Ipanema’ was a best seller and it was a ‘cool’ interpretation. In 1963, in Hamburg, Germany, the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald did a ‘hotter’ and more lighthearted version re-titled ‘The Boy from Ipanema’, with Tommy Flanagan on piano, Keeter Betts on bass and Gus Johnson on drums. This is Ella having fun and demonstrating her mastery of jazz singing. It is much too grown-up for people under retirement age so you have been warned!

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