Drugs And Sodomy

The medical report on the death of Australian/Hollywood actor Heath Ledger concluded that he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.  Much of the Media quickly added the spin that most people have enough of the same drugs in their medicine cupboards to be at risk of a similar fate. As someone on a conservative website aptly commented, we all have enough knives in our kitchen drawers to be at risk of a stabbing death if we employ this reasoning.

For Hollywood and the Media Class, this man’s death is a great tragedy. He was, after all, one of them, and also almost ‘one of them’ in the other sense. He is a hero to the Media Class because he appeared in the Hollywood propaganda film Brokeback Mountain. He was one of the two male leads whose fictitious evolving ‘love affair’ was meant to sanitize and normalize sodomy amongst the wider public. We can expect to see an increasing number of such films as the push to popularize homosexuality gains momentum. As we regularly point out on this website, the Media Class, which now is the most powerful Class in society, is busy remaking society in its own image. Homosexuality, historically recognized as a perversion, is a powerful force within the Media Class, and Homosexual activists now see the opportunity to win the public over from its ‘prejudices’ through such entertainment.

I can’t imagine any normal male being willing to act out a homosexual role either on the stage or on a film set. The very act of kissing another man on the mouth, romping in the nude with another male etc, is enough to make normal men puke. So what are we to make of Ledger? It is true that there was no actual sodomy in the film (as far as I know, though like many millions of people I gave this homoprop film a miss!) but I have no doubt there was plenty of it after filming each day. Ledger, who had recently become a biological father, though not a real stick-with-it husband/father, chose to play this role in a film clearly meant to push the Media Class agenda. His sudden and unexpected death (for he was a young man and apparently both healthy and successful) brought to light his involvement in narcotics. It was none other than that old Hollywood lecher Jack Nicolson who let the cat out of the bag when he told a reporter that he had warned Ledger about his drug taking. It then transpired that there was home-made film of Ledger at a drug party in an L.A. hotel notorious for its Hollywood drug orgies. The film was about to be shown on a gossip-style TV show when the powerful Hollywood gang threatened to shun appearing in all future shows if this film was shown. The TV Show involved pulled the plug on it as a result of this blackmail/censorship. The rationale was that the film would be distressing to Ledger’s family in their grief. Hollywood’s Stars usually wallow in publicity, much of it offensive to most people, but on this occasion the Stars were coy. Still, the story was out and we learned for sure that Ledger was very much into drugs. His accidental overdose of accumulated medications must be seen in this context. We have to conclude that Ledger’s life was lacking something and that drugs were his principle interest. Perhaps he had to dose up on drugs before he could do Brokeback Mountain. What is certain is that his life and death were typical Hollywood.

Not so coincidentally, at the same time as the Media invited us to mourn the death of this icon, another male Media icon was defending himself from a rape charge. This time it was the UK’s Radio 4 Presenter, Nigel Wrench. He had been charged with administering a drug to a young man and then sodomizing him when unconscious. Wrench had met the young man at a party and claims they were both immediately attracted to each other. After the party the young man went back to Wrench’s apartment, where he alleges that the rape took place. Wrench, who I believe is infected with the AIDS virus, concedes that sex took place but that it was consensual. The Judge directed that some charges be dismissed and the jury found Wrench ‘not guilty’ of rape. No doubt Wrench will be welcomed back to the BBC’s homo-infested ranks. It would be interesting to know if other well-known BBC people were at the party. Only recently, another UK TV celebrity was being investigated over the drowning death of a young man at another homo party.

Ledger and Wrench are typical of our new ruling Class. I am not for one moment suggesting that they are leaders of the Class, simply typical in their respective drug-taking, perversions and hedonism. This is the Class that is dictating an agenda that will destroy the traditional Christian family, impose homo-friendly education on very young children and through the Democrat Party (in the US) and all three main parties (in the UK) incrementally pass laws that will re-create society in the Ledger/Wrench image.

The BNP has just put up an excellent article about the conservative journalists in the Daily Mail and other right-leaning UK newspapers who mock PC. I think the author of the article must either be Joe Priestly or John Bean, for the two are easily the best writers on the BNP website. The article points out how these ‘conservative’ journalists do a good job of poking fun at political correctness and get away with it. Indeed they are highly paid to be Media Class mavericks. The only stipulation is that they regularly have to include a few sneers at the BNP, whilst taking ideas from the BNP playbook. The BNP writer also points out that such anti-PC sentiments only surface in the print Media and never on TV. The article implies that the PC correctness that dominates political life in the UK is crumbling and that it is employed only on matters of race and immigration.

I enjoyed the article, but it is a pity that the writer does not read this website for education.

Firstly, political correctness is not crumbling, either in the UK or the US. Media mavericks may rail against it and find an audience and an income from doing so, but PC continues to relentlessly make its way into law where it is used to intimidate free speech. A few fortunate journalists may be able to criticize aspects of immigration and race laws but ordinary citizens have long since stopped mentioning such topics in workplaces, pubs, supermarkets and conversations anywhere in public. They fear loss of employment at best and arrest at worst. The BNP writer is also wrong to think that PC only applies to such a limited range of topics. It is noticeable that the maverick journalists are very careful to avoid free speech outside this shrinking list of topics. Who dares call sodomy for the dirty practice that it is other than in the anonymity of a few websites? Rush Limbaugh, rich and powerful though he is, lost his job as a TV sports commentator for a few rash comments on the racial treatment of a footballer. Incidentally, I can explain why the UK mavericks only get space in print Media. It is because the Media Class knows that only a small number of committed right-wing people bother to read the articles. TV reaches the masses and it would never do for PC to be undermined with them.

Political correctness arrived with the assumption of power by the Media Class. It began back in the 1970’s when the Class ceased to pander to other forces and began making the rules for themselves. PC could probably be charted in the change of humor shown on TV. When the funny, popular family shows like Bilko, Mr. Ed, and similar clean entertainments were replaced by ‘socially relevant’ and ‘edgy’ , sexy, foul-mouthed stuff, it was not in deference to public demand. When Jack Benny and Bob Hope were deemed out of date, it was not deemed so by the public, but by the Leftists who dominated the new Master Class. Feminism and homosexuality and dysfunctional family life had to be introduced to the public through entertainment. In the UK, the disappearance from the TV screen of wildly popular funny acts like Benny Hill had nothing to do with a change in public taste and everything to do with the Media Class agenda. It is reliably reported that Benny Hill was stunned by his sacking when at the height of his popularity. The public never knew why he and similar comedians suddenly disappeared from their screens.

PC is not a new phenomenon. It was developed in the USSR in the 1930’s by the Stalin regime and it was used to throttle opposition and drive out the last vestiges of free speech and thus impose an ideological orthodoxy. It is the weapon of the Left and it is extremely effective. It is now being used to stifle debate on climate change for this topic is intended to be a means of closely monitoring every citizen’s activities.

Yesterday’s US primary elections showed Obama making more headway and the Clintons will be worried by his popularity. Some have said to me that it looks as though my prediction that the Clintons will occupy the White House next January is going to be wrong. I think not! At some point the Clintons and their Media masters will change the rules of the game and Hillary will be declared the winner. I concede that I am surprised by the anti-Clinton sentiment now surfacing in the Democrat ranks and amongst Blacks. I am also surprised that there have been some defections by Media people from the Clinton camp. It says much for the innate decency of many Democrat men that they are supporting an honest Black man, even if his policies are insane. But do not underestimate the Clintons and their ruthlessness in the pursuit of fame, power and riches. In New Mexico it looks as though dirty tricks were employed to manipulate a Clinton victory and there will be more of the same elsewhere. I do not suggest that the Clintons give orders to Democrat operatives to cheat and do illegal things. They do not have to, for their supporters know what they have to do and will do it willingly. There is an old saying about flies being attracted to manure, and the ruthless and unprincipled ‘do anything to win’ types have long been attracted to the Clintons. The Democrat Parties in the big States on the coasts and some of the smaller States too, are quite corrupt and have a long pedigree of vote manipulation and outright fraud. The Clintons have a grip on such States and a Clinton Presidency will be very rewarding for many who stay loyal. The corrupt will view Obama as a loose cannon who might not be at all corruptible.

I still see McCain as the Republican victor, for the preacher from Arkansas is unelectable in a two-Party contest and most Republican activists know this. Romney showed some class in steping down from the race and he seemed to grow as a politician during the campaign. His Mormonism counted against him from the beginning but his conduct in the campaign may well have done much to dispel the prejudice, at least amongst Republicans. I would not be surprised to see Romney back in the Presidential stakes in 2012. In the meantime, McCain’s only hope of uniting his Party is to pick a very conservative, younger VP. This might just enable conservatives with an eye to the future to swallow their loathing of him enough to vote. Personally, I will have no problem voting for him. Unlike the deranged Ms. Coulter, I do not see him as being more liberal than Hillary or Obama.

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