Dr. Ben Carson Falls at First Hurdle

Republican Conservatives, desperate to resist the Media-driven march of the social-issue RINO’s, are casting around for a standard bearer and candidate for a Presidential run in 2016.   In order to refute the never-ending (Media-driven) wholly false charges of racism, the Conservatives are understandably especially excited when a prospect of color emerges. The Leftists’ hidden text in charges of racism is ‘anti-African American’, for they care nothing for Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese and Indian Americans – all of whom can be classified as ‘colored’ but who have overcome all obstacles and found success in America. When the Conservative prospect, not only is Black but also is self-made from humble beginnings and an impeccable Christian to boot, Conservative pulses begin to quicken. 

    62 year old Dr. Ben Carson not only is all of the above but also a leading neurosurgeon and a man without a political history that might harbor some ancient expressions deemed by the Mainstream Media (MSM) to denote ‘extremism’. Consequently, his forthright criticisms of Obama policies and political correctness and his advocacy of major conservative principles, all expressed at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast when just 10 feet away from the Revolutionary President himself, had Conservatives panting. There was immediate feverish talk of Dr. Carson as the Republican man for 2016. Such talk even reached the editorial pages of the WSJ and landed him an interview on Fox News. 

    Let me say at once that I am sure that Dr. Carson is not only a good man, but an exceptionally good man and a role model for all young African Americans – indeed for all Americans who are disadvantaged at birth. The son of a single parent mother in Detroit and initially a poor scholar at school, he overcame his problems to reach Harvard and ultimately to become a Professor of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics at John Hopkins University. His academic career has not been an excuse to abandon real medicine and he still conducts some 350 surgeries a year, thus using his outstanding skills to help severely sick children and their desperate parents. 

    In ordinary times one might speculate that such a man, should he enter politics, would have great support all across the political spectrum and that opponents would risk opprobrium if they treated him with anything other than respect. One would also expect that his colleagues would give great weight to his views on all matters and his students would hang on his every word. 

    As we constantly explain on this website, these are not ordinary times, for we are living in a Revolutionary period, thanks to the rise to power of a new Ruling Class. Revolutionaries, whether they be excitable, envy-driven members of the mob, the organized activists of the new Regime’s bureaucracy or the privileged upper ranks, do not differentiate opponents. Stalin, Hitler and Chairman Mao and their followers did not hesitate to destroy those who stood in their way or threatened the new ideology with rationale argument. Talented individuals, who might have done much good for the people (‘the people’ the regimes claimed to fight for) were dispatched as quickly as all other opponents and potential opponents. 

    Dr. Carson’s past good works and his potential for future good works count for nothing as far as our Revolutionary new masters and supporters are concerned. In Revolutionary times, nothing counts except the triumph of the new Regime and its agenda. In fact, past good works and the gratitude and respect of ordinary people, are negatives, for such a man is a more dangerous opponent. 

    Dr. Carson, who dismisses the theory of evolution and espouses traditional Christianity (when not doing good for children), signaled his candidacy for personal destruction at the hands of the Media Class and its Leftist allies, when he not only expressed on TV his opposition to same-sex marriage, but implicitly likened sodomy to bestiality and other perversions. 

    Leftists, energetically aided and abetted by the MSM, swung into action. The usual Media-driven crisis was created. Leftists at John Hopkins Medical School quickly set up a petition demanding that he step down as Commencement Speaker. We are told in the MSM that the petition represents the wishes of faculty and students. This may be true, since University faculties have long been dominated by both Leftist activists and perverts (Conservatives have been systematically purged), and students of today have been brainwashed since kindergarten with Leftist and pro-homosexual views. But it is also possible that the petition does not represent all or even the majority of either. However it would be a reckless faculty member who resisted the petition makers, and a naive student who failed to sign. 

    And so Dr. Carson’s many admirable achievements, and even the color of his skin, have not prevented his becoming a non-person. Make no mistake, Dr. Carson is finished at John Hopkins and from now on he will be persona-non-grata at every professional and academic gathering. Beyond his Church he will have few friends, for who will risk professional suicide through guilt-by-association? His capability to do much good will count for nothing, for his defense of real marriage, terrible enough on its own, was made even more punishable by rightly equating it with other perversions. No good works matter to our Revolutionary new Ruling Class when set against the interests and sensitivities of its powerful homosexual constituency. We have seen that Christian adoption agencies, Christian Fostering agencies, Christian charitable agencies of all kinds and the Boy Scouts, and all their good works combined – often for the under privileged and needy – must be destroyed in the interests of enforcing the homosexual agenda. The MSM, controlling news and deciding what is ‘news’, will ensure that the persecution of Dr. Carson is complete. His pitiful retraction “I never had any intention of offending anyone” should remind us of the ‘confessions’ that Stalin’s victims expressed before execution. 

    Dr. Carson has failed to understand the real nature of today’s so-called culture war. If he had been a regular visitor to this website he would have either avoided expressing views supportive of real marriage (if he valued his employment and medical career) or, if he nursed a Conservative political career, he would not have apologized or retracted his views one iota. Retractions and apologies do nothing to appease the Left and our Media masters, but they do demoralize the Conservative rank-and-file. His apology signals to Conservatives that he lacks understanding of the enemy, and his not wishing “to offend anyone” even more indicates his unsuitability for leadership. We need leaders who relish ‘offending’. Conservatives make a fatal mistake when they warn (as does GOPUSA) that it is the Left that is targeting Dr. Carson for destruction. It is the Media Class, for without MSM approval and promotion the Left’s attacks would never reach beyond Academia. 

    Whilst on the Media’s top-agenda item of homosexual advancement I must recommend once again the excellent vdare website and the latest article by Michael McGregor “Out of the closet and over the fence” (posted on 28th March). Here is some real news that the MSM intends to conceal from Americans until it is too late. Not content with falsely linking the homosexual agenda to the Black civil rights movement, there is now a plot to also link it to the illegal immigration issue. This is a ‘must-read’ article! 

    In our last article we covered the appalling murder of little baby Antonio West in Brunswick, Georgia. Now the accused Demarque Elkins (17) has been joined by his 15 year old alleged accomplice. It appears that Antonio’s mother Sherry has a criminal history of her own, though this in itself has no bearing on the enormity of Antonio’s murder unless they were all involved in a drug enterprise. This seems unlikely. More likely is that this is primarily a race-hate crime. We on this website do not support a ‘race-hate’ category of crime for murder is murder, and few motives have any extra relevance. Whether a crime is race-based or random makes no difference and such categories have only been introduced to create and advance the agenda of privileged victims. Elkins’ mother and Auntie have now been charged with providing false alibis on his behalf and disposing of his weapon. Since they are Black and part of a MSM protected ‘minority’, little of this has been reported and I have yet to see any mention of race in this case. If the colors of victims and perpetrators had been reversed, this sorry story would never have been out of the headlines and Obama would have injected himself. 

    After the 2012 election, we supported the Internet allegations of massive voter fraud and how this had benefitted Obama and his comrades. Most Conservative commentators in the Media dismissed this as a factor and it is a sad fact that after elections are won (by the Left) and lost (by the Right) no-one bothers to pursue voter fraud. Indeed, since voter fraud is particularly practiced in Black inner-city areas, Republicans fear MSM charges of racism. On Free Republic 28th March, Red Steel posted an article from ‘New American’ of 15th March by Kurt Hyde concerning voter fraud in Hamilton County, Ohio. One of those charged with fraud has worked for the Board of Elections since 1998! In North Carolina 5 people are being investigated, in Milwaukee 10 are being investigated and 2 more in Des Moines, Iowa, including one illegal immigrant. We can be sure that these are the tip of a large Democrat iceberg and the MSM will ensure the American people remain totally unaware. 

    A trip to the supermarket yesterday reminded me that inflation is doing well. The war is going badly in Obama’s Afghanistan and new house sales dropped in February. Huge numbers of unemployed workers are registering as handicapped and falling off the register of unemployed and the Benghazi disaster remains unexplained. In Cyprus, the EU mandarins have instituted a financial haircut for thrifty savers and we can anticipate that if printing money ceases to put off the evil day of reckoning, Obama will be looking to haircut the savings of the thrifty here in the USA. We can be sure that Soros et al and the Hollywood gang will have advance notice and Obama’s mob supporters have nothing in the bank to lose. The stock market continues to climb in the belief that the Fed will keep the printing presses printing and in any case where else can the pension funds ‘invest’? In the meantime the MSM is trumpeting good news everywhere. 

    In the WSJ of March 29th, Ed Kosner a former MSM editor lamented the decline of the old Media of newspapers and topical magazines where reporters and editors turned news into ‘orderly stories’. He is highly critical of the Internet as a source of news. He is a little off the mark if he is claiming that ‘news’ was once objective and accurate. Today the Leftist grip on both news and entertainment is stronger than ever, but he is partly right. In the pre-Internet old days, before the Media Class emerged as a new Ruling Class, the Left was able to ‘push’ its agenda. Today, the Left and its senior partner the Media Class is able to ‘impose’ its agenda. We would say that all that has happened is that subtlety has given way to brazenness and arrogance. 

    Weather – Still very cold in the UK and northern Europe, as the BBC’s ‘prolonged cold snap’ continues. The UK has been drenched in rain for months but in late May, if the rains have eased, the BBC will be talking of drought. The truth is that grossly over populated (despite the catastrophic falling birthrate of the native people) Britain cannot meet the ever-growing demand for water. Here in mid California the bitterly cold nights have at last ended and the days are pleasantly warm. Since the population problem is the same as the UK’s, we will soon be facing water shortages. In neither case is MMGW the cause. 

    Music Choice – Continuing the focus on British musical entertainers of the pre-Media Class era, I recommend the Morgan James Duo and their recording of ‘Sweet Pussycat’. Peter Morgan and Colin James are said to have met up as members of the excellent Ted Heath Band around 1964. I think they were both Welsh but I am not sure. They were however very accomplished singers and deserved more success. Ted Heath also recorded many good tracks and I recommend his version of ‘Hot Toddy’ and the little-known Johnny Keating composition ‘Mirage’.

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