Dorothy Rabinowitz Sells Out To Hollywood

I have any number of Liberal friends who quite unashamedly and unselfconsciously advise me to watch this or that Hollywood Movie in order to learn about an historical event or understand some aspect of human nature. In doing so, I am sure that they believe that facts achieve greater authenticity when interpreted or embellished by ‘Art’ and that they are exhibiting a cultural superiority by being able to reference a Movie. ‘Artsie’ people have long believed that fiction best explains human behavior and human emotions, and a case can be made that some great novels give us rare insights into them. It is however a giant leap from this truism to claiming that any actual event, especially the important ones of history, can best be learned and understood from a Hollywood Movie or a docudrama made for TV.

That my Liberal friends get their political and economic news from the Mainstream Media depresses me greatly, but in that they are no different from the majority of Americans. The still-widespread trust of the MSM explains how Americans have now elected the worst President in their history. It can be argued that most people reasonably expect the MSM’s ‘news’ to be accurate, for society has long assumed that the role of the Press is to provide facts. Conservatives, who generally take greater care than most to discover the difference between truth and propaganda, have ceased to trust the MSM, but only our Website’s regular visitors understand that America’s MSM is the propaganda arm of a revolutionary social and political Ruling Class. Any connection between what the MSM spews forth, and ‘news’, is entirely coincidental.

It is greatly in the interests of our Ruling Media Class to promote and sustain all the myths about the honest role of the News Media in our Democracy. Although these last four years have seen the MSM increasingly become more brazen in partisanship and rank dishonesty, the naked and unceasing propaganda that passes for public education, ensures that few young people now emerge with any real knowledge of even their own Nation’s history and none of the tools necessary for critical thinking. It is more than depressing therefore – disastrous would be the most appropriate word – that anyone who is entitled to vote believes that Hollywood’s forays into historical events are anything but the grossest (and I use the word ‘gross’ deliberately when mentioning anything connected with Hollywood) lying propaganda.

This brings me to the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper that many conservatives still believe to have some credibility regarding reporting the news and other matters. On our Website we have always maintained that the WSJ’s reporters are as partisan and Leftist as any in the USA. Indeed many that we denounced in the past as lying propagandists have since moved on into jobs with openly Leftist ‘Think Tanks’ and the Democrat Party machinery. Some of these reporters have then moved back again to the WSJ, the typical ‘musical chairs’ employment pattern of a Ruling Class. Radical and Right have repeatedly pointed out that only in the Journal’s Op-Ed pages has there been any regard for facts and objectivity. John Fund, who has regularly researched and written about Democrat Party voting fraud, stands out as an honest reporter, and until now we would have included Dorothy Rabinowitz as another member of the Editorial Board possessing integrity. Her lone defense of the three family members (the Amiraults of Massachussetts) who were persecuted and destroyed back in the time when Child Abuse hysteria enabled some ambitious and ruthless State Attorneys to advance political careers, was courageous. Sadly, she has now discarded her integrity, just as Justice John Roberts discarded his some months ago when he sold out on Obamacare. We are left to admire the power of a Ruling Class that can recruit just about anyone when it needs to.

In Friday’s WSJ (11.23.2012) on the Television page, Ms. Rabinowitz has chosen to ‘review’ the docudrama “Enemies Within: Joe McCarthy” and give it her seal of approval. She claims in an article entitled “A Name That Lives In Infamy” that this piece of Hollywood-style propaganda is “drenched in detail” and will remind us all of the “tarnishing of lives and reputations by groundless charges”. Hollywood, indeed the whole of the Left, has never ceased its attacks on Senator Joe McCarthy, even though he died in May 1957. McCarthy’s two great ‘crimes’ were that he brought to public notice the infiltration of the machinery of Government by Leftists who owed allegiance to the Communist Soviet Union and he revealed the complicity of many in the Ruling Establishment. In the end the forces against McCarthy destroyed him for they were powerful and entrenched. By rewriting and distorting history, the Left has been able to turn McCarthy into a symbol of political intolerance and rabid Rightwing extremism. Soviet Union records since the fall of Communism – predictably ignored by Academia and the MSM – have revealed in detail that Communist infiltration of the US Government ran from the bottom to top.

It is often claimed by McCarthy detractors that many Communists in Government he identified were simply little people in run-of-the-mill jobs. Many years ago, I worked in a large office building. My employer occupied only one floor. I often worked late and consequently became friendly with the building’s caretaker. I was astonished by his knowledge of what was going on at all levels in every office. By emptying the waste bins, listening to conversations as he worked, clearing desks, and reading notice boards, this humble man knew more about the companies and their employees, including scandals, than anyone else. I learned from this experience that humble employees have eyes and ears. Stalin’s secret police knew this, as did his spymasters, and in the 1950’s, when totalitarian Communism almost succeeded in extinguishing the Free World, Communists in any Government organization were a threat. As we learned from ex-Communist spies like Whitaker Chambers, every Communist Party member was an enemy agent.

We now know from Soviet records that Robert Oppenheimer, Alger Hiss and his family, Lauchlan Currie, Harry White and many, many others at the top of the New Deal Departments were working for the Soviet Union. To this day, Academia and Hollywood deny this and we will never see a docudrama that portrays these privileged traitors for what they were.

If any, including Dorothy Rabinowitz, want to learn the truth about Joe McCarthy, they can read “Blacklisted By History” by M Stanton Evans. His book is ‘drenched’, not only in detail, but in recorded facts that are laid out in page after page. McCarthy was a flawed hero and Ann Coulter is right to claim that he was a great American patriot. Rabinowitz might ask why her WSJ (and every other major newspaper and magazine) never reviewed Evan’s important and very academic work. In passing I will mention that while McCarthy was ferreting out Communists in Government, The House UnAmerican Activities Committee was attempting to ferret out many of the vast number of Communist and Communist sympathizers in Hollywood. Most are still there and are busy making revisionist docudramas like “Enemies Within” that direct our attention away from the real enemies and smear patriots.

Weather – The heavy rains of the 1950’s and early 1960’s have returned to the UK’s West Country, flooding many places that have flooded in the not-so-distant past. Despite the floods and high tides, lowly Starcross remains above the rising sea levels that threaten the world!!! Here in California we are enjoying cool days, occasional rain storms typical of November and frosty nights. It all seems pretty normal.


  1. I know Dorothy from TV only, unfortunately, because like Charles Krauthammer, I find it worth paying maximum attention when she speaks. So from what I’ve heard, I couldn’t rate her higher. And my whole life, Joe McCarthy, despite whatever good he might otherwise have done, is universally referred to negatively for his mistake. And for this, Dorothy is a traitor? Hmmm … might you be a tad paranoid?

    • Thank you, Gary for visiting our website and for delving back into an article written back on Nov 25th 2012. Before replying I re-read the article on Joe McCarthy/ Dorothy Rabinowitz. Firstly, I never described Rabinowitz as a ‘traitor’, a term I would only use about someone who betrays comrades or country. In fact I commented that Rabinowtz had been a courageous and persistent defender of some innocent victims accused of Child abuse. The fact that McCarthy ” is universally referred to negatively for his mistake” (despite whatever good he might otherwise have done” ) simply confirms that the MSM Of which Rabinowitz is a member has and uses its power to destroy good patriots who effectively attack the Far Left. You clearly have not read the late M Stanton Evans’ thorough book on McCarthy “Blacklisted By History”.
      Rabinowitz in her WSJ review of the TV propaganda documentary wrote that it was “drenched in detail”. In fact Evans’ book is drenched in detail and I recommend you read it. If you cannot refute his detail then I suggest you write us another comment congratulating this website for telling the truth. Rabinowtz also wrote about McCarthy’s “tarnishing of lives and reputations by groundless charges”. His charges were not groundless and it is his reputation that has been ‘tarnished” (‘destroyed’ would be a better word) by lying Leftist academics and Hollywood perverts.
      Your problem Gary is that your whole life may have been spent watching too much propaganda on TV and reading more of it in the WSJ. Keep reading this website on a daily basis, ditch your TV set, and begin understanding how MSM propaganda re-writes history and makes suckers of otherwise intelligent people.
      Anyway, congratulations and thanks for finding our website and taking the trouble to post a comment. We take comments seriously and if yours had revealed a flaw in our work we would have addressed it. Incidentally, I now realize that Evans’ title was faulty. Tailgunner Joe was not blacklisted by history but by a powerful movement of embedded Communists.

  2. George, thank you your reply. I landed on this 2012 page because I saw “Rabinowitz sells out” in my search results. You just wrote that she is a member of those who use their power to destoy good patriots. So me cleverly writing “traitor” in my descent matches your subject. I need to read more about McCarthy as I admit to knowing very little. It’s possible that I would agree with you, but more likely not. I trust Rabinowitz 1000 times more than I trust you. I took a peek and you appear to be defending Donald Trump’s candicy for president, so sad. Bush lied. Bush lied. I was against the war in Iraq. I would have taken their oil… ad nauseum.

    Cruz is a self-serving egotist too.

    I tend to look into things when I trust the source. Had I found you properly criticising Trump and Cruz, I might listen to you elsewhere. I’m open to learning and I hate to be mislead.

  3. I’m not looking for you to agree with me about McCarthy but to agree with the drenching facts as meticulously assembled by Evans. Dorothy’s WSJ avoided mentioning the Evans book when it was published despite the fact that the paper reviews almost all serious political books. That amounted to censorship and intellectual dishonesty. I will venture an opinion as to this censorship. (1) Evans drenching facts could not be refuted. (2) McCarthy was a Nationalist and the WSJ is Internationalist and hostile to Nation States -except Israel.

    I disagree with Trump on Iraq and ‘Bush’s war”. If you read back through on this website you will see that we supported the invasion of Iraq after 9/11. Opponents of that invasion, including Trump, failed to offer a better response to 9/11. Our subsequent criticism of G.W. was that when the anti-American Left began demonstrating against the war and undermining the troops, Bush retreated to Texas instead of stomping America, denouncing the defeatists and America-haters, and attacking the MSM. I don’t think Bush lied about WMD.. We support Trump, a flawed Nationalist thus far, because he is has the determination necessary for these Revolutionary times. On this website we do not mislead so keep visiting and learning.

    • I did not know how far your support for Trump went. No thanks – I see his appeal as to those who watch reality tv and wrestling. I can’t imagine a bigger blowhard. He is probably trying to dupe us when he says that he opposed the Iraq war at the time – which I see you have accepted. I’m shocked that he has credibility to any sane person unless extremely uniformed – I may not be as good or smart of a man as the late great Antonin Scalia because I see the facts on Trump as crystal clear, and therefore I have a hard time respecting the dissent. I’m baffled by the criticism you just made of Bush… ahh … OK … “what would Trump do” explains it!

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