Dorothy Hendrix Murder Greeted by Media Silence

The Mainstream Media, which over a two-year period has energetically and dishonestly gorged itself on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, has not found the recent murder of Dorothy Hendrix to be worth reporting at all.   For the record, the 76 year old Mrs. Hendrix was shot dead outside her own front door in Anderson County, South Carolina. It is alleged that her killers were two men and a young woman and all three are in custody and will likely be charged with murder and robbery. Mrs. Hendrix worked in a bingo club and was returning home with the evening’s takings in the early hours of the morning when the attack and robbery took place. Some two years ago, she was robbed at gunpoint; again outside her home, and subsequently carried a revolver for protection. On the occasion of this latest robbery, it is alleged that the plucky Mrs. Hendrix shot one of her three attackers in the stomach before being gunned down and robbed. The wounded man, one of the alleged robbers, is in hospital in serious condition as far as we know, but given the Mainstream Media (MSM) silence this is difficult to confirm. 

    In a world in which the MSM reported ‘news’, this would surely be headlines in every major newspaper and on every major TV and Radio station. A very elderly lady’s robbery and murder, outside her own front door and she manages to shoot one of her assailants before being gunned down – this is the kind of event that editors and reporters dream about, but not on this occasion. Our regular website visitors will have guessed the reasons for the MSM blackout and even if this is the first time they have learned of poor Mrs. Hendrix’s murder they will have reasoned that Mrs. Hendrix was White and her alleged killers are Black. Steven Hagood aged 33 is in hospital with a stomach wound, and his alleged accomplices in robbery and murder are Tereba Geer aged 26 and Bradacious Galloway aged 23. 

    We are indebted to the excellent website Free Republic (a must-read daily site for genuine news!) and refer you to the Dec 1st item culled from USA Prepares by Jessica Jerreat under the heading “Defiant 76 year old woman dies in shoot out with gang of 3 who tried to rob her of her bingo money”. The FR report was posted by Texas Fossil. 

    There are pictures of the alleged killers and it is unclear whether Geer or Galloway is the female. It is reported that Hagood owes $80,000 in unpaid child support. All three accused may be innocent since no trial has taken place and as far as can be ascertained none have confessed, but it has to be said that at least two of the accused look typical of the pitiless young thugs (of all races) whose mug-shots are shown for so many callous crimes. If the female takes the witness stand I will predict that she will sound much like the female witness that the Trayvon Martin prosecution employed in its campaign to rail-road George Zimmerman into jail. The foregoing sentences containing commonsense observations are guaranteed to inflame Leftists who get enraged by what they call prejudice, except when they employ it. 

    The MSM has totally avoided this very newsworthy incident for the following reasons. (1) The MSM is not in the business of ‘News’ but of propaganda. (2) The Media Class, which owes its power to its ability to control and pervert the MSM news, has an agenda and this robbery/murder will not aid the agenda. (3) The MSM and its reporters have a stated policy of not reporting anything that fails to place minorities (actually only Blacks and homosexuals) in a positive context. (4) The wave of ‘Black on Others’ street attacks that have surfaced on Internet social networks has made it difficult for the MSM to hide inter-racial violence. (5) Since Barack Obama and Eric Holder have chosen to insert themselves into racial conflict and violence and identified themselves with the urban Black underclass, the MSM has to go to even greater lengths to avoid relevant negative news stories. 

    And so, poor old harmless Dorothy Hendrix’s murder will never see the light of day in the MSM. Meanwhile Trayvon Martin, a young thug who attacked a neighborhood security watchman and bit off more than he could chew, will be immortalized as a victim of citizen gun ownership, bigotry and White oppression. 

    Whilst on the subject of race, I will mention a recent personal experience and readers can make of it what they choose. Remember that on this website we like old traditional sayings and personal anecdotes, for the old sayings embody accumulated wisdom and anecdotes record real life events. 

    During the recent Thanksgiving holiday my family and I were hiking with long-time friends in a State Park. Our friends have a ‘mixed race’ marriage – the husband being White and the wife being African American. I should add that she is a very senior employee of a major American company with a successful career earned entirely by hard work and ability. She is also conservative-leaning. 

    We all had Thanksgiving dinner together in the Park’s restaurant and the host/head waiter happened to be Black. He was unwelcoming to us from the beginning and especially neglectful of our Black friend. He was noticeably jolly with the few occupants of the other tables, all of whom were White. The next morning, the same thing happened at breakfast, and this time his hostility to our friend was even more pointed. She politely put it down to him being ‘grumpy’ but it was clear that his hostility to her – and us – was because she was with a White man. 

    A recent international report on children’s education placed America way down the list. It seems that the school children of China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and several Oriental Nations are way ahead of American children in mathematics, science and reading. The Far Left politicians of the Democrat Party immediately blame this on lack of taxpayer ‘investment’ in schools and colleges, ignoring the huge ‘investments’ that have already been extracted from those who keep the country going with their work in the private sector. Conservative commentators on Talk Radio have responded to the report mainly by blaming modern teaching fads and pointing out that the successful Nations employ ‘old-fashioned’ methods. 

    As the parent of an elementary school-aged child who has been in a Californian public school for the last 16 months after 2 years Home-Schooling, I can verify that the way that Math and Science are being taught is any way but ‘old-fashioned’. The search for gimmicks and easy, less challenging techniques has resulted in lowering standards and complicated processes. Some of the science is merely global warming propaganda. The two years spent on the ‘culture’ of the Ohlone Native Americans (a half hour would cover it!) would be better learning tables and long division. It is not all the fault of the teachers for the same agenda is imposed on every school by the State and the Federal Government. Nevertheless the kids at my child’s school are well-educated and that is largely down to their devoted and responsible parents. Many – at least one third – are from Asian families and almost all parents are from middle and low-level jobs in Silicon Valley. They are not wealthy but the vast majority of kids come from two-parent (heterosexual) families and many have stay-at-home mothers. 

    How different this must all be in near-by Oakland! The successful Asian States that do so well in educating their children have few immigrants and none from today’s Third World. Their societies are homogenous. This gets little mention, even in conservative circles, where the fashion is to tout private education, Charter Schools and school choice. If we extracted from the statistics the dismal achievements of most urban African American children, the USA would rank far higher. If we also extracted the Spanish-speaking kids with illegal parents from Central America, the USA would look even better. Race, so quickly highlighted when income levels or incarceration statistics are publicly discussed, is not allowed to get a mention when educational achievement is discussed, other than to blame low standards on poverty. 

    There have been professionally respectable investigations of racial IQ’s that show significant differences between races, with Jews, Orientals and Indians higher than Whites and Latinos, and Blacks at the bottom. In the interests of the Ruling Class agenda and political correctness, these measured differences must never be mentioned, even though they surely are relevant to any honest discussion of education in a multi-racial society. Since there is much overlapping with individuals and since IQ is not the only measurement of a useful citizen’s contribution to the common good, an honest society, not guided by a harmful and concealed moral and political agenda, would be able to work out policies beneficial to all, but that is not going to happen in this revolutionary era. Woebetide anyone who mentions the disparities in the innate ability of races in this context! When the post-revolutionary nirvana of totalitarian Socialism is completed in the next decade, all those who have done so will be deported to labor camps in the wastes of Nevada. 

    Good news is rare for sane people these days, so the news that the citizens of Croatia rejected the grotesque same-sex marriage idea by a two-thirds majority and despite the advice of its President is very welcome. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the editorial rooms of America’s MSM and this setback for perverts will be wholly concealed from the sleeping masses lest they begin to think that the homosexual madness is losing momentum. In the corridors of the EU, the UN and all the other supra-National organizations, the termites of perversion will be whispering and plotting to put pressure on Croatia’s politicians to thwart the will of the people. 

    Some years ago, on this website, we named the many ‘Leftist’ reporters who were diligently filling the supposedly conservative WSJ with biased Leftist news. I saw this week that Jackie Calmes was reporting for the extremist propaganda organ known as the New York Times. No-one would get employment with this Far Left rag unless they were long-time activists for economic Socialism and the overthrow of the traditional family. We identified Ms. Calmes as a Leftist on the basis of her reporting all those years ago and here she is finally at home. has an article by Harvey Klehr concerning the maligned American hero Senator Joe McCarthy. Klehr, a historian, has written some important stuff over the years on Soviet spies in the US. He was able to get more than a peek into the Soviet files in post Communist Russia before the curtain was pulled down. We reviewed his book “Venona” which he co-wrote with John Earl Haynes. That review can still be seen on this website. His peek into the secret Soviet files confirmed the existence of many Communist spies working away in the US government and a proportion of them were identified through Venona. Most however were not and the filched Venona files only covered a small proportion of the overall army of Communists working against the America they lived in. We wrote in our review of Klehr’s book “This book lacks the outrage that is surely appropriate and the authors seem to regret that the Rosenburgs were executed.” 

    In the Front Page article Klehr is again nodding to his colleagues in the academic world by castigating the Senator from Wisconsin, who took on the whole of America’s entrenched Leftist Establishment when he claimed that government had been infiltrated to the highest levels. 

    McCarthy was raging that the Governing Democrat Party establishment and then the Eisenhower Government were failing to do enough to halt and remove the Soviet infiltration. By sweeping public denunciations he got the necessary publicity and aroused the people to the Communist danger. He, along with Whitaker Chambers and a handful of ex-Communists, forced the establishment to reluctantly begin weeding out the Communists who were working for Moscow. Not enough was ever done and many remained in powerful government and academic positions where they continued to undermine their country. McCarthy was brought down by the Leftist Media and those in government who were embarrassed by his accurate accusations. 

   Klehr is trying to reinforce the Hollywood/Media picture of McCarthy as an irrational populist who knew virtually nothing but found harmless ‘reds under the beds’. Klehr attacks Ann Coulter’s recent defense of McCarthy on the grounds that she is not a historian, in effect setting up a straw target for she does not claim to be one. The significant thing about Klehr’s article is his omission of the Stanford Evans book on McCarthy, which is packed with fully-researched facts (and also reviewed on this website) and which completely exonerates tail-gunner Joe. Stanford Evans’ book was never reviewed, or even mentioned by the MSM, a sure testimony that it could not be faulted or challenged. 

    Another piece of good news is that gun sales boomed on Black Friday, evidence that many Americans are subconsciously aware that they are now living in a Leftist revolutionary new America. 

    Weather – Here in middle California we are experiencing very cold temperatures that might yet be record-breaking. The whole of North America is having a big chill though the latest MSM reports are resorting to BBC language with the words “cold snap”. (December 4th Xfinity News “Bitter cold snap Bringing Chill to Half of US”). In the UK, forecasters are talking about 3 months of exceptional cold coming. We shall see! Hardly global warming talk! 

    Music Choice – Gershwin’s music is timeless and so is the tenor sax playing of Californian-born Zoot Sims who died in 1985. Sims 1956 recording of “The Man I Love” is a fine example of Sims’ ballad playing. The pianist is the relatively unknown John Williams and bass is Knobby Totah with Gus Johnson on drums. Nothing exceptional here – at least not for American jazz – just thoughtful improvisation and adult music!

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