Don’t Mention the ‘M’ word

Contributors to the excellent, though narrowly focused, ‘Biased BBC’ website regularly draw attention to the literary gyrations that reporters perform in order to avoid mentioning ethnicity and religion whenever covering certain minorities. The recent London and Glasgow terrorist outrages have been a challenge for the BBC propagandists. Not only were they get caught ‘on the hop’ by the suddenness and unexpectedness of the events, but it is increasingly difficult for them to ignore the real reporting of news on the Internet.

It is not only the BBC. I have in front of me a report from the ostensibly conservative Wall Street Journal dated Tuesday July 3rd. As we always assert on this website, the Journal’s employees are overwhelmingly Leftist too and distort all news to suit a Leftist Media Class agenda. The headline is “Terror Attacks Resemble ’04 Plot”. It is written by Robert Block in Washington DC, Ian McDonald in Glasgow, Jeanne Whalen and Carrick Mollenkamp in London. Other contributors to the article are listed as Edward Taylor in Liverpool, Guy Chazan in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Mariam Fam in Cairo and Jay Solomon in Washington. The article takes up about half a page and I estimate that it runs to 1300 words so this is a very lengthy piece of group reporting on the recent UK terror attacks.

I could comment at some length on the ‘detached neutrality’ of this report which has the kind of dryness that might be appropriate to a report on cattle futures or a planning application in a small town. However I will mention just two facts that are breathtaking and highly significant in the circumstances. Nowhere is the word “Muslim” mentioned – not once in 1300 words! “Islamic” only gets one mention and that is in a report by a Jordanian official who notes that Dr. Asha didn’t display any ”noticeable ties to radical Islamic groups”. Everywhere else in the article the suspects are referred to as “men” or “doctors” and are said to be “from a range of ethnic backgrounds”. It is clear to all of us in the real world that ethnicity is virtually irrelevant in this terrorist episode, (except to say that the alleged terrorists are not European), and that it is religion that is all-important. All eight of these reporters carefully ignore it! One might have expected that they would have been interested in finding out where these men worshipped, how they got through immigration vetting and other pertinent questions. If this episode had been about some alleged plot by members of the BNP, I doubt that there would have been such restraint, detachment and lack of investigative reporting.

Readers have to ask themselves why all of the Journal’s reporters and editors employ exactly the same devious language as those of the BBC. It is not a conspiracy that produces such uniformity, but a Class agenda.

Still, one has to say they have come through this with flying colors and their inventiveness surely suggests they receive skilled training in spin at journalist schools and constant refresher courses on the job. The word ‘Muslim’ in any report concerning terrorism is clearly a ‘No-No’. This despite it being glaringly obvious that the Muslim religion is the only source of the motivation for the terrorists and the unifying factor of the many nationalities that conspired together to kill innocent Londoners and Glaswegians.

On this website we constantly point out that the BBC is just one part of the Western Media Class, and that the dishonest reporting and Leftist spin it employs is typical of vitrually all Media outlets. The BBC is at the heart of the Media Class and more arrogant because it is cushioned by tax funding and enjoys a near-monopoly in the UK and it is just what Media Leftists would like to see in the USA, especially for radio. However, the Media must be seen as a whole Class driven by its own Class agenda. Ann Coulter, reviewing a new book by John Lott (Freedomnomics) has this week quoted his investigations which show that 81% of Fox News employees support the Democrat Party in the US. Fox is supposed to be rabidly conservative, but I would not doubt these findings. I would bet that some who did not reveal their political loyalties are also Leftist and that the numbers include many who are extremely Leftist. I am sure that it would be difficult to find any mainstream newspaper, magazine or TV channel that employed as many as 5% conservatives and if we narrowed it down to Christian conservatives, the number might shrink to nothing.

I was disappointed to read that the British magistrate (and taxi driver) who walked out on the charade in his court subsequently apologised for being hasty. The Muslim woman who appeared before him on charges of criminal damage was covered from head to foot with only her eyes showing, claiming that her religion forbade her being seen by males. (It does not forbid criminal damage, it would seem.) Let us remind ourselves that this case was not being heard in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but in the UK. No doubt many defendants in UK Courts would like to keep their identities relatively secret but I doubt that even keeping one’s hat on in Court would be tolerated. Of course, such rules only apply to native Brits these days. It would have been heartening if the taxi driver/magistrate had subsequently refused to back down; pointing out that the Court is an English Court and that allowing anyone to appear before magistrates incognito is a nonsense. Sadly he groveled and apologised. It will not save him from being dismissed for he has already revealed himself to harbor politically incorrect thoughts. The Muslim woman’s legal rep has expressed the usual outrage about her clients hurt feelings etc. All lawyers in the UK are Leftists these days, just like Media people, and I would expect that in due course the poor taxi-driver will find himself charged with some crime under the race-relations Acts. When he comes to court as a defendant, he can expect little help and no sympathy from the legal profession and a sentence designed to send out a message that he is now a prisoner of a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. He could try wearing a white sheet to Court to conceal his identity, but I doubt that will be allowed. His best hope will be to convert to Islam.

Today our temperature here in the East Bay reached 107F. I suppose we will now hear much more about Al Gore and his doomsday predictions. Interestingly his son seems to be busy using up the earth’s dwindling resources in a hedonistic spree. Perhaps he has come to believe his father’s claptrap and thinks he might as well live life to the full before the sea envelops the USA. I imagine that the Media’s President-in-waiting was not sorry to learn of Al’s latest embarrassment, as it does his presidential aspirations no good. Its an (H)ill(ary’s) wind, as they say, that does no-one any good!

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