‘Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell’ is Ruling Class Priority

In the dying days of the 2010 Congress, with a ‘lame duck’ Democrat House and a much-altered Senate looming in January, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their Party have set aside the chance of last ditch victories on their substantive Socialist economic revolution in order to push through a slice of the Homosexual agenda. The immigration Dream Act seems to have also been abandoned but the real priority of our Ruling Class has been laid bare (no pun intended!). The Homosexual legislation for a take-over of the US armed forces skated through the House and Harry Reid is willing to keep Senators in Washington until Christmas in order to appease the ruling and rich Media Class. Alongside the threat of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, the blood-letting in Afghanistan and Iraq, the prospect of a war between Israel and Iran, the likelihood of terrorist strikes in the US over Christmas, the chronic unemployment in the US, the debt crisis that might at any moment overwhelm the EU (and take down the Western World’s economies) and riots across Europe that are shaking Governments to their foundations, our Newspapers and TV screens are salivating over the prospect that the US military might be ordered to welcome open Homosexual behavior in the barracks, the cockpit (again no pun intended) and below decks.

It is an unfortunate fact that the Media Class has the power to convince the people that almost anything can be a priority, and so, the majority of American people probably do not ask themselves how this issue has become the major piece of legislation in the dying days of this Congress. The fact is that Homosexuals are a small minority – somewhere between one and two per cent of the population. It is also a fact that it is a minority that enjoys above average incomes mostly in a clean and safe employment. Homosexuals are not denied any of the civil liberties that others enjoy under the US Constitution. They have always been able to join the military; they can marry members of the opposite sex and do just about everything that the rest of the population does. They just have to lead private sex lives in the military, something that most people, with the exception of the Hollywood set, do almost unconsciously. As we can see from the Homosexual parades however, keeping sex private is unsatisfying for them.

The policy of ‘Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell’ was all about keeping sexual behavior private and it is that restriction on overt sexual behavior which has enraged the Homosexual activists. As we have pointed out on this website many times, homosexual behavior involves the mimicry of heterosexual behavior and a denial of reality. It requires play-acting. It is also sado-masochistic, for males who practice sodomy are involved in physical degradation. Sodomy is a grossly unhygienic and perverted behavior and it is for this reason that those who seek to advance the Homosexual agenda never want to discuss the mechanics of their sexual behavior except amongst themselves. In their private literature, Homosexual activists dwell at length on the sado-masochistic aspects of their relationships and on the dirtiness of it all. We might say that Homosexual behavior is infantile.

We can assume that opening the Armed Forces doors to overt Homosexual behavior will attract many more Homosexuals into the military. Indeed the Armed Forces, over time, especially in times of peace, may become predominantly Homosexual in composition. During the time that the Armed Forces has been single sex and overwhelmingly heterosexual, sexual attraction and sexual activities have been banished and limited to a soldier’s (or sailor’s) life outside of service life. Now, a serviceman’s sexual life will inevitably be imported into the center of his/her military life. It is difficult to see how this can be anything other than wholly detrimental to military resolve and discipline. A Homosexually dominated military will please many on the Left for it will enable the State to more effectively use force against the conservative and Christian people. In the meantime the taxpayers’ money will be used not to defend the Nation against external enemies but to install more showers next to bunks so that men can wash the fecal matter from their bodies after sex. There will need to be a large increase in the military budget to pay for the HIV treatments that will be required and to provide operations for sex changes. Statistics show that Homosexuals are an unhappy, unstable and neurotic minority, preoccupied with sex and forever seeking new stimulants from drugs and outrageous behavior. In place of such negative evidence the Media, bureaucrats and politicians have been busy faking military opinion polls in order to provide a moral and political fig-leaf for those Republican Congressmen who have enabled the legislation to slip through before January. We will never know how many Washington politicians and Pentagon military officials have been blackmailed into pushing the Homosexual military agenda but we can be sure that many in Washington owe their election victories to the heavily funded covert campaigns of Homosexual Tim Gill and other Media billionaires. One other observation is relevant and that is that the Washington RINO’s who repeatedly sell out the conservative cause on financial matters are also the first to cave in on moral matters.

Whilst on the subject of our Nation’s retreat from moral common sense and the increasing embrace of perversion in the name of personal freedom and inclusiveness, I noted the arrest last week of Ivy League Professor David Epstein who teaches political science (it had to be this or some other unproductive subject) at Columbia University. He has been charged with incest over many years with his daughter, who is now 24 years old. Epstein’s wife is also on the Academic staff of Columbia. He may be innocent, of course for this is only a charge and not a conviction. However, it is surely only a matter of a little time before incest will follow sodomy into legal protection and indoctrination in schools. After all it is all about love and non-judgementalism. Next, if not before, given the Media promotion of the dog above the child, will be the ‘normalization’ of Man-Dog ‘relationships’ perhaps even ‘marriage’.

Now that I am Home Schooling my son I am learning a lot more about ancient civilizations. The ancient Maya of Mexico were an advanced civilization, building great cities and pyramids. Then they mysteriously vanished as a people leaving behind their accomplishments to the advancing jungle. There are other examples in history of civilizations disappearing for no apparent reason. When I read about the falling birthrates of the European people and I see my American neighbors foregoing child bearing so that they can have two SUV’s, luxury vacations and three dogs to lavish affection on, I wonder if the Mayas, having achieved affluence, also ceased to bear children.

The Court victory of the UK’s BNP on Friday somehow escaped the Media’s attention. The failure of the Government’s Race Quango to bankrupt this little Party and jail its leaders, is the kind of news that the Media Class seeks to suppress. If the BNP had lost in Court the taxpayer-funded Leftist BBC would have made it headline news. It is news, of course, and highly significant news, but the British people will never know except for that minority who search for news on the Internet. In a local election in the North East of England the BNP came second to the Labour Party, relegating the LibDems to third place. This might be considered good news, except that the bad news is that in this working Class town Labour won and only 20% of the people bothered to vote. In a Nation where the Media Class suppresses real news, manufactures lies, sets the political agenda and brainwashes the people with TV soccer, Soaps and brain destroying pop music it is hardly surprising that the masses fail to vote despite being faced with extinction.

I intend to mention a song from the past at the end of each article in order to draw attention to the quality of music in the not-so-distant past and the present Media-promoted garbage. At Christmas there are the many beautiful old English and European Carols but there have also been many good popular tunes written too. None has stood the test of time better than Leroy Anderson’s ‘Sleigh Ride’. Anderson, the son of Scandinavian immigrants to the US, wrote this tune in 1946 and went on to write many more good tunes until his death in 1975. ‘Sleigh Ride’ was a hit record and Anderson conducted and arranged the music himself. It is surely as descriptive a piece of music as was ever written and has been recorded by many other orchestras and many good singers. Every Christmas when I hear this one in Supermarkets competing with modern rubbish I pay a silent tribute to Anderson.

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