Donald Trump. Larger Than Life

In a previous article we described Donald Trump as ‘larger than life’. We did so in order to draw a comparison with Ted Cruz, who during the Primary campaign has seemed to grow smaller and more petty.

Trump’s image is flamboyant only because of his odd hairstyle. The rest of him is quite normal, but the big dyed yellow quiff of thinning hair, combed forward and then back across the head, defies gravity and summer breezes. Presumably it is held in place by lacquer. I expect I am not alone in coming to terms with this one oddity as I watch his rallies and develop an affection for his personality. I have concluded he turned his hair loss into a trade mark, along with bright ties and moving at a strolling pace.

Trump has been in business in a highly competitive environment. Being noticed, indeed being unforgettable, has no doubt played its part in his business success in New York. But building grand hotels, large housing developments and golf courses requires much more than being noticed and remembered. The grand projects have to pass planning controls, have safe foundations, have to rise story by story , be fitted out and then sold or rented profitably. An odd hairstyle does not get big things done.

Trump’s developments have not been small-scale. He has gone for grand scale, indeed the sort of developments that would condemn most men to sleepless nights, ulcers and ultimate financial ruin or an early death. Trump is larger than life not because of his hairstyle, bright neckties and three glamorous wives but because of his vision, confidence, stamina and results.

Being President of the USA has been a larger-then-life job at any period in modern history, but rebuilding America after the wreckers have been busy for eight years surely requires a President who has a vision, sees the big picture, has enormous, well-founded confidence and gets practical results. We might conclude that in November of this year the American people need to elect a larger-than-life President who has spent his life building big things.

A last comment! The Founding Fathers sought to protect America from an oligarchy through the separation of powers. When Presidents graduate from Congress or Governorships, there is no real division between the legislative and the executive branches of government. Indeed, when we look at Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush One and Two, Clinton and now the Far Left wrecker, almost all of whom were political insiders, we might conclude that it is time that the White House had a blood transfusion from the outside world.

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