Diversity Is Rarely An Enduring Condition

The Mainstream Media and the Far Left have been hi-jacking the English language from under our noses for several decades. The misappropriation of the word ‘gay’, as a wholly inappropriate substitute for the descriptive words ‘sodomite’ and ‘homosexual’, (and the more graphic ‘bum-boy’), represents the boldest theft since the Great Train Robbery. On this website we use ‘gay’ only to mean ‘lighthearted’ and implore our visitors to stick to honest, though not crude, language at all times in the fight to make America great again.

Other good words have now been commandeered and employed by the Far Left and used in clusters as character smears to be hurled at opponents. ‘Bigot’, ’racist’, ‘slur’, ‘homophobe’, ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ are prime examples, and many on the Right live in fear of attracting any or all of these. To be accused of, or called, just one of these in the workplace might speedily end a career.

Another set of words have been acquired by the Far Left, and when appended to a demand, confer such innate goodness that nothing can be refused. ‘Affirmative’, ‘low income’, ‘minority’, ‘fair’, ‘human rights’, ‘marginalized’ and ‘diverse’ are prime examples. In fact, and contrary to common belief, there is nothing intrinsically good about diversity in human groups. Nothing in human history proves the advantages of diversity over homogeneity – or the disadvantages.

The Japanese are not a diverse people, either racially or culturally. Nor are Jews, yet both the Jews and Japanese have advanced civilizations. The British in the 1700’s and 1800’s were not blessed by diversity yet managed to invent as much as the rest of the world combined. Now they have been forced into diversity and invent nothing. Still, jazz was the result of both racial and cultural diversity and is to date the most rich and creative music in human history – a statement designed to cause apoplexy on the ski slopes and in the swamps of Georgia!

If we examine nature we see that diversity has a relatively short life. When a forest with little diversity burns down, there is a period of years when diversity springs up and is beautiful to see. But eventually, the forest re-asserts its primacy, and perhaps there is a cautionary note here for those who parrot on about diversity.

An even worse example in nature is when a change in climate damages natural species, and harmful alien species get a footing, ultimately driving out the natives. Often those lost natives species had beneficial attributes that are lost forever.

We might compare Islam with a dangerous alien species. It does not exist peacefully alongside other species but once it has a root it replaces all else. Just a thought!

A website visitor clearly thinks we are worrying unduly about Trump not having a plan to crush the gathering Far Left insurrection. He believes that Trump, far from being beleaguered in the enemy’s urban strongholds as we fear, is merely biding his time to unleash the forces of law and order. Where is the evidence?

One last word about refugees. Why do refugees from the Middle East have to be admitted to the USA? If people were being cruelly persecuted in Canada or Mexico there would be an argument for offering temporary refuge in the USA. Trump surely has both a moral responsibility and a legal right to refuse refugees from the Middle East.

Now, what about a Presidential pardon for that poor sailor who took a few snapshots inside a submarine, and prosecutions of AMTRAK engineers who recklessly speed and cause death.

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