According to my old dictionary, ‘to distract’ is ‘to divert the mind or attention’. ‘To divert’ is ‘to deflect, to distract’.   In our previous article we asserted that Obama’s closure of US Embassies in Muslim countries was almost certainly motivated by domestic politics and not by increased terrorist threats. 

    Surely, we wrote, the U.S. Embassies in virtually all countries are on 24 hour, 7 day week alert and there is close backup available from quasi-military forces should a frontal attack take place? The threats from fanatical and suicidal Islamic Imperialists are constant, and since the terrorist forces are not like a regular army – whose movements of forces can easily be monitored – all Embassies must be fully protected at all times. The subsequent ‘re-opening’ of most – as if a threat had gone away – surely indicates that the closures were cosmetic and implemented to distract the American people’s attention from Obama’s domestic troubles and enable the Mainstream Media (MSM) to paint him as a watchful and decisive leader, thus keeping him in the news in a positive light. 

    Whenever the MSM, marching in lockstep, runs a story about our government for several days, we can be sure that the story itself is mere propaganda and that several genuine major news items – that the American people should be made aware of – will not see the light of day. The real Embassy news over the last week should have concerned the failure of the Obama regime to explain where the President was on the night of the Benghazi Consulate attack, who gave the orders for the military to step down (and why) – thus leaving several Americans to needlessly die – and who were the Administration officials who have told cover-up lies ever since. The MSM intends to bury this scandal along with the IRS scandal and several more that involve the blatant misuse of Government power. 

    Recently, I have been complimentary about Peggy Noonan articles in the WSJ, but this week she has been back to her inflated and misdirected worst. Her latest piece aims to publicize the secret of Obama’s re-election success of 2012, which she claims is revealed in a book just published, Dan Balz’s “Collision 2012”. This book is said to chronicle the election campaign and it is “a great book” because “it reveals how people were thinking”. According to Mr. Balz and Ms. Noonan, Obama’s victory was achieved because his team realized that as the economy was in the tank the trick was to understand the plight of America’s middle class by researching groups through seemingly neutral enquiries. These groups “revealed” that the middle class was dissatisfied with the economy, hadn’t quite given up on the President but weren’t sure he was up to the job. In response to these ‘amazing but profound’ (my sarcasm) findings, the Obama team decided not to make the election about the economy, but who could best look after the middle class. At the same time they decided to go after Romney and remove him as a reasonable alternative. 

    The phoniness of this analysis is that it attributes Obama’s success to a clever strategy and smart tactics and leaves out the elephant in the room. If we conservatives fall for this kind of trickery, parading as a plausible explanation, we will deserve to lose every election. I suppose it is possible that Noonan is so much a part of the Media Class herself that she fails to see the wood for the trees, though I think it is more likely that she has to scratch around to find a subject for her column and since she writes for a MSM outlet she cannot be honest. For the plain truth is that Obama never had to consider a strategy or tactics, because the all-powerful MSM manages the news and all electoral information, the rest of the Media Class provides the financial resources, and the Public Service Unions and inner city inhabitants provide the votes – as many as required to win in key States. Obama’s team never had to smear Romney, or any other Republican, for the MSM was at it from Day One. No-one can honestly write about the last election, or any future one, without identifying the Media Class, its agenda, its role and its awesome power. Obama has no gifts other than cocky self-confidence born of a lifetime’s experience of affirmative action, and a lack of shame when lying to the American people. He is secure in knowing that the Media Class that financed and promoted him can hide his every mistake, falsely portray his every intention, invent his achievements and destroy his (and their) opponents. This is a President who does not know the difference between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic seaboard, the difference between the summer and winter Olympics or how many States make up the USA. 

    For those who rely on the MSM for information about their country and their President, I will point out that Obama appeared on the Jay Leno Show last Tuesday night. Some on the Right complain that a President using a late night comedy show to address the American people belittles the Office. On this website we see it as entirely appropriate for Obama to frame his Presidency within the Entertainment Media. He is, after all, the Media Class’ creature – as we regularly maintain – and it is from such ‘Show’s’ that the Obama voters and many ‘independents’, get their politics. It is being said that he faced tough questions from Leno, indeed more so than from Press Conferences. He faces no (unexpected) tough questions from either, for all play soft ball and all is agreed prior to the Show. Obama could not survive one TV interview if he was exposed to unscripted questioning from Limbaugh or Levin. 

    The latest Marxist initiative from the Holder-led Justice Department of Race Revenge is to insist that employers must abandon background checks on job applicants. Holder and his revolutionary comrades claim that ‘minorities’ are unfairly penalized by this process. Holder and his comrades are not concerned about how these checks might affect Chinese Americans, Korean Americans, Filipino Americans or Indian Americans. Checks for a clean crime-free sheet are no impediment to them. I would venture to suggest that the Holder Marxists are not even concerned about Latinos, for it is African Americans who have the criminal convictions that are revealed by checks. I am, however, skeptical that African Americans really are disproportionately unemployed because of such checks as much as by a lack of education, skills and a positive work attitude. Holder will be happy if ‘his people’ are legislated into jobs that provide an income and status without any undue demands. He is really seeking an extension of the affirmative action that helped his boss to Harvard without undue effort. 

    The same Marxist policies are now being implemented in Housing. The Obama regime intends to analyse all districts across America in search of towns and suburbs that are not sufficiently ‘diversified’. We believe that this regime, if it had the means at its disposal, would subject every street to such examination and then inject ‘its people’ into every neighborhood. 

    Let us start with a few facts that stare us in the face and defy the efforts of Leftist academics to portray otherwise. White people have for decades fled from the incursion of African Americans into their neighborhoods. Detroit alone, sufficiently demonstrates the truth of this. No sane person wants to live in a city dominated by African Americans and governed by them – and that includes almost all aspiring African Americans. Out here on the Left Coast, Asian and White people live in harmony. Latinos generally choose to live amongst Latinos, though those who aspire to integrate find no racial barriers. It is ‘Holder’s people’ who frighten away the rest, with the exception of Mexican immigrants who have worked out how to defend themselves and meet violence with violence. In passing let us comment that in the Marxist future that Holder and Obama are working towards, Beverly Hills, Palo Alto, Marin County and Martha’s Vineyard will not suffer imposed racial diversification. In any case, the stratification of housing is almost always underpinned by economic forces. 

    The idea that the composition of neighborhoods should be decided by Government racial and/or economic policies is straight out of the Communist playbook and in direct conflict with America’s past. It is also in conflict with human nature. It involves the complete rejection of free choice and denies the individual the chance to socially and economically aspire. It requires Government to be all-powerful and for there to be a governing Class that both decides who goes where and where the governing class will enjoy the privilege of exclusivity. Sadly, many Asian Americans who have experienced all-powerful Government and who have little knowledge of America’s past free society will not sufficiently oppose such policies that go against their own interests. Here is a quote from the Dept of Housing and Urban Development report titled “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing”: “The country’s housing policies have not been effective at creating the kind of integrated communities the agency had hoped for.” 

    This is revolutionary stuff, but then we insist that we are in a revolutionary era. The lack of awareness of non-Blacks of what is ahead is reinforced by the MSM which hides the reality of Black crime. A regular peek at conservative websites such as Free Republic would alert citizens with aspirations to the dangers of this Government’s intentions. Here are two examples from a daily stream of Black on White and Black on Black crimes. 

    26 year old Ray Widstrand moved into an apartment on St Paul’s East side in Minneapolis. Presumably, Paul ignored or was unaware of the Black ‘culture’ that was so nearby. He ventured out on to the street and according to witnesses and the police found himself in the midst of some 50 brawling Black youths. The youths dispersed at the sound of police sirens and Paul, who is White, was left behind of the ground suffering from many injuries and unconscious. It is claimed that he inadvertently became caught up in a Black gang fight, though no injured Black youths were discovered at the scene. Paul is in critical condition with a swollen brain and on life support. A 19 year old Black youth with dreadlocks, Isaac Maiden, has been arrested along with several Black teens and it is alleged that Paul was felled to the ground with a blunt instrument and then kicked many times. This will not be classed as a race crime for only Blacks are deemed victims of racially motivated violence. In Oakland, California, where much of the city is Black dominated, murders take place on almost a daily basis. Most of the killings are Black on Black, for Whites and Asians know the dangers of a walk on the wild side. Last week a 20 year old Black man was shot dead. This would not be worth noting – given Oakland’s murder rate – except that his year-old son was shot with him. This was almost certainly a Black gang-related killing. 

    It is being put about in the MSM that Obama has snubbed Putin because of Snowden being granted asylum in Russia. A closer look at Obama’s utterances will reveal that his real motive was to please his Media masters’ dominant homosexual constituency which is outraged by Russia’s crackdown on homosexual infiltration from the West. Putin represents National Socialism and although we do not like the socialism we admire the nationalism that intends to resist the moral subversion of the Russian people. Could it be that Russia is regaining national strength just as the West and the USA is descending into a moral decline? 

    All should note that the Fort Hood killer, Major Nidal Hasan, at his trial is boasting that his massacre of his comrades was an act of Islamic terrorism. The Obama regime, seeking to pretend that Obama’s election had rescued America from Muslim hostility, had pronounced it an act of workplace violence.

    Weather – In the UK it is summer as normal which is a mixture of rain, a little sunshine, much cloud and more rain. Here in California, it has officially been announced by the weathermen that temperatures in late July and now early August are up to 14F below normal. 

    Music Choice – The death of Eydie Gorme at the age of 84 on August 10th is a reminder that the great popular singers who marked America’s cultural domination in the period 1930 to the mid 1960’s are now, like the dinosaurs, almost extinct. Gorme was born Edith Gomezano in New York’s Bronx in 1928 and was Jewish. She began her career singing in Big Bands and eventually teamed up with Steve Lawrence as a duo. She lacked nothing as a singer, having a fine voice, perfect pitch, excellent diction, sound timing and a care about the material she performed. Almost anything she recorded could be selected in her memory but my favorite is her recording of the Thelonious Monk composition “Round Midnight”. Gorme took this jazz tune, so beloved by instrumentalists, and with a lush orchestral backing, made it a supremely romantic and dramatic ballad. For those who like warblers, droning guitars and meaningless lyrics that struggle for a single rhyming couplet, this is not for you. Strictly for adults with a brain! Enjoy!

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