Discrimination: The Leftists’ Toxic Weapon

Last week on this website we addressed an open letter to the leader of the UK’s British National Party and in our most recent posting we warned Christians in the USA to get their heads out of the sand. Nationalists in the UK and Christians in the US have something very much in common for both are being discriminated against and driven from the public sector. The toxic weapon being used by their common deadly enemy to achieve this is the charge of ‘discrimination’. We should not be surprised however when a ruthless revolutionary enemy of freedom, with totalitarian ambitions, and with a near monopoly on news and communications, condemns and persecutes opponents by boldly employing charges of which he himself is guilty.

Stalin defeated his enemies by accusing them of the very things he was himself doing or was about to do. It worked well for him and with each new charge, always more blatantly dishonest than the last, he was able to eradicate all opposition. In the late 1930’s he accused political enemies and potential enemies of plotting with foreign powers and especially with Germany. Having executed tens of thousands of innocent people on these trumped up charges, he then cut a deal with Hitler.

What has this to do with the UK’s BNP members and the USA’S Christians? Both are being officially discriminated against whilst being charged with being discriminatory. In the UK, BNP members are now officially barred from employment in virtually all public services and many private companies. Being a member (or proven sympathizer) of the BNP is enough to warrant automatic dismissal from the Police Force, from the Fire Service, the Teaching Profession, Nursing and the Health Services, Local Government, the Civil Service, the Armed Forces, any part of the Mainstream Media, almost all Trade Unions and many private businesses that require Government contracts or are otherwise beholden to the Government or Unions. The Leftists who have led the charge and are vociferous in the ‘outing’ of suspects always claim that anyone who is against immigration or who believes that native British people’s interests should be put first, cannot be trusted to be non-discriminatory in their work. They further add that minorities will feel uncomfortable having to accept services from workers tainted by holding Nationalist views or having Nationalist sympathies. This seems quite logical except that one could argue that native British people could also claim that minority workers in such jobs will discriminate against them. Might not a Black or Asian Housing Officer give favored treatment to fellow minority members? Such an argument will gain no traction for the dice are loaded just as effectively as they were loaded for Stalin and his followers in the 1930’s. Leftists have made clear, and are never challenged, when they assert that only White Males can be guilty of racism. The Media and Leftist public education have ensured that this assertion is now buried deep in every person’s psyche.

Of course, the Leftists and their Media Class comrades are not remotely interested in protecting the feelings or Rights of most minorities except as a means of defeating their ideological enemies and potential enemies. The Media and the Leftists love discrimination as long as they are deciding who should be discriminated against just as they are all for free speech as long as it is not the free speech of opponents or potential opponents. The ends justify the means for our new ruling Class and their allies and discrimination is both their favorite charge and favorite weapon. The same kind of double standard is used to decide who can hold public political meetings, distribute political literature and complain about physical persecution. As I said earlier the dice are loaded, for recent legislation reflects the agenda of the new Ruling Class and the Courts will increasingly rubber stamp all discrimination that furthers the agenda.

The effect of the discrimination against Nationalists in general and the BNP in particular, is manifold. It deprives members of a livelihood, hugely restricts political campaigning and it frightens away potential members. Just as importantly it puts Nationalists on the fringes of society, out of the public square and vulnerable to the next stage of persecution, which is criminalization. Many years ago, I was persuaded to go to an anti-abortion meeting in the UK and this was when abortion was about to be legalized. The speaker was a Polish doctor and Roman Catholic. For the first time I heard a very intellectually rational set of arguments against the legalization of abortion, for the Media was already powerful enough to deny such arguments an airing in the Mainstream Media (MSM). The doctor also predicted that it would only be a short time before those like himself would be denied employment in the National Health Service. At the time, the politicians were reassuring all the many opponents of abortion within the medical profession that they would always be able to opt out of actions that were against the conscience, but the Polish doctor was quickly proven right. It did not take long to purge the medical profession of practitioners who had a conscience for, after all, women wanting an abortion could not be discriminated against. No matter that they could find doctors willing to abort their babies, they were not to be affronted by anti-abortion doctors anywhere.

Christians in the US are now beginning to experience the same kinds of discrimination that the BNP has been suffering for some time. The Leftist weapon here is not abortion, but same-sex relationships. Never mind, for the effect is the same. Christians are being driven out of employment and the public square. Again there is precedent in the UK. Christians there, including the seemingly powerful Roman Catholic Church, have been driven from the fields of adoption, fostering, marriage counseling, Registration of Marriages, Social Services and Public Education. When Christian Child Care Agencies, who had pioneered the fields of fostering and adoption, said they could not take part in placing children with homosexuals, they had to withdraw from those services or face financial ruin from litigation. Never mind that children might languish in institutional places, the only important principle was that homosexuals should not feel discriminated against.

Here in the US, the homosexual activists are enforcing acceptance of their practices in every corner of employment, both public and private. Even dating agencies that wish to deal only with heterosexuals, have been forced to comply or close. One could argue that homosexuals can operate their own dating agencies – and they do – but even one agency that denies them is one too many, for all must submit. When US politicians claim that new ‘Human Rights’ (code for the advancement of sodomy) legislation will not force Christians (and others who find homosexuality both abnormal and dangerous) to act against their consciences, they are lying! Like night follows day (a very apt phrase in this context) Christians will be excluded from many types of employment, their Churches excluded from traditional work for the community and gradually they will be excluded from the public square. Make no mistake, the Leftists and the perverts of all stripes in the Media Class will not rest until the Christians have been vanquished. Already, they have succeeded in driving the Christian Churches from much community work and soon Christians will find that they do not qualify for teaching and other work with children unless they are prepared to sing the praises of sodomy and encourage every kind of perversion amongst the Nation’s children. It will be the litmus test for discrimination. Those who claim that their religious beliefs are offended will be denied employment on the grounds that they are discriminatory. It is already clear that no-one is eligible for a beauty contest unless ecstatic about same-sex marriage and the Boy Scouts of America are constantly being hounded everywhere for banning homosexuals from leadership. There is nothing to stop homosexuals starting their own equivalent of the Boy Scouts and surely practicing Leftists would flock to enroll their offspring!!! But this does not satisfy the revolutionaries and soon the Boy Scouts will cave as they have done in the UK. So far, the charge of discrimination has been wonderfully effective in persecuting the British Nationalists and now the US Christians. With the election of Obama and his Democrat comrades in the US, Christians can expect to experience the level of discrimination that is dished out to British Nationalists every day.

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