DeVos Confirmed: Collins and Murkowski Desert To Enemy

Today’s Senate confirmation of Betsy DeVos as President Trump’s Secretary of Education is a psychological and moral victory for the Broad Right, and for Donald Trump’s Presidency. This will clear the way for the confirmation of Jeff Sessions later this week, for his vote will no longer be needed in the Senate.

The DeVos confirmation will provide much-needed momentum to Trump’s Counter-Revolutionary campaign, and a follow-up Sessions confirmation will raise morale on the Right and create more hysteria on the Left. In particular it will dismay the Teacher’s Unions and anything that causes indigestion for Randi Weingarten is to be savored on this website.

DeVos can be expected to face a continual campaign of personal and professional vilification, and she and her family will likely live with the permanent threat of violence in the Revolutionary civil war that is now being waged from the extreme Far Left and Mainstream Media. DeVos has committed the two unforgivable crimes of promoting Charter schools and joining a Trump Administration!

On this website we are lukewarm about DeVos and we would like to be ecstatic about Trump’s picks. She is a do-gooder. In other times this would have been a plus, but do-gooders, like turn-the-other-cheek Christians, always see good in the opposition and believe that good works will win the minds and hearts of the enemy. In fact they fail to see our enemies for what they are – enemies! We would be ecstatic about Trump picks of a few tough Rightwingers who nursed hatred for the Far Left and MSM, and were known for vindictiveness.

DeVos sees Charter schools as providers of competition in education and thus sufficient to bring about reform. On this website we believe that only fully-funded vouchers for all parents as a right, plus the return of education oversight to the States, will break the monopoly of the anti-Christian Far Left and the homosexual movement. We draw comfort from the belief that President Trump will ensure Mrs. DeVos carries out his campaign promises.

The defection of Senators Collins and Murkowski is troubling at a time when the Senate has the power to slow the Trump train. Their’s was a brazen betrayal and although both have a history of seeking favorable MSM coverage, it is hard to see why they broke ranks. Some commentators attribute this vote to past Teacher Union donations, but the sums quoted seem trivial.

One explanation we offer is that a smart deal has been done between Mitch McConnell and the various MSM hogs who trade back home on reputations for ‘independence’. If this theory is correct, this time it was the ladies turn, and the next time it will be the turn of McCain and Flake, or Graham and Rubio.

Whatever the explanation, we congratulate McConnell for the outcome. We know his past record has been worse than unimpressive, but this is war and so far he is pulling his weight.

Meanwhile, to add to Weingarten’s indigestion, Missouri has passed a Right-to-work law. We can be sure that the Public service unions spent heavily to defeat the lawmakers, and that several shadowy billionaires also gave in vain. If Trump maintains his momentum, more politicians on the Right will discover some backbone.

Climate Change Check

Here in middle California, the weather forecasters have consistently failed to accurately predict the weather even a few days ahead. This winter has seen rainfall that even El Nino years have not matched. None of this was foreseen by the experts. These are the same people who claim to predict weather (climate) 30 and 40 years ahead. Like everything else that comes to us from Leftist bureaucrats and the MSM, Global Warming is propaganda to further a political agenda.

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