Detroit Bailout – Racism at Work

Our President of all the people has just allocated $320m that the Nation doesn’t have to bailout America’s Third World capital.   By raiding various slush funds and thus avoiding, once again, Congressional approval, Obama has claimed ‘exceptional circumstances’ for robbing the prudent and rewarding the feckless. This latest goody bag of printed money, that will punish America’s savers with yet more inflation, will enable the City of Detroit to continue funding its budget-busting, welfare-dependent citizens. 

    The White House has not detailed the ‘exceptional circumstances’ and no-one in the Mainstream Media (MSM) will dare to mention the core truth of Detroit’s fall from affluence to abscess. One thing is certain and that is that just as Africa is a bottomless pit for aid and charity, so Detroit is a bottomless pit for infusions of capital to turn the city around. The Nation’s Leftist do-gooder charity organizations have been pumping great dollops of capital into this city and all to no avail. The WSJ of October 1st has an editorial listing just some of the infusions from Foundations Kresge, Ford, Knight and Skillman. Many private businesses have also been foolish enough to pump in money. The total capital infusion must amount to something like half a billion so far and there is no evidence of renewal, nor will there be. Detroit has been run for decades by the Union wing of the Democrat Party but it is also an African American city, for Whites and Asians fled from them long ago. 

    The WSJ article outlines the contemporary problems of Detroit as debt, crime, failing public schools and union dominance but avoids a mention of race. It says that these problems are endemic to urban America but the plain truth is that they are endemic to cities with large African American populations and the core truth is that the African American two-parent family was destroyed by a combination of Government welfare and anti-family propaganda. The single-parent family as a ‘culture’ (as distinct from the single-parent family as a result of illness and death) has been promulgated by Leftists for some 50 years or more and in the 1970’s, when the Media Class began to exert its new-found power, the Nation’s all-powerful entertainment industry got busy popularizing the concept of sexual freedom divorced from parental responsibility. 

    On this website we have long chronicled the forces that are at work destroying the traditional (Christian) family. The MSM now brazenly promotes the two-dog family (absent of children) for Whites and Asians and ridicules real marriage by promoting the grotesque same-sex ‘marriage’. 

    The African American traditional Christian family, vital to the survival and improvement of the low-paid and unskilled, proved to be the most vulnerable to the Leftist assault on this bedrock institution. Easy, non-judgmental welfare led to the promiscuity that is rife in cities like Detroit. Black women discovered that having babies brought free housing and welfare checks and Black men discovered that sex has no responsibility consequences. The result has been the widespread lawlessness of young Black males and more recently females too and generations of well-fed but ignorant predators. Not that Blacks were the only low-paid urban dwellers to become welfare-dependent and feckless due to the collapse of the two-parent family. They have White counterparts. It’s just that the Whites (characterized as ‘trailer-trash’) have not ‘benefitted’ from being redefined as ‘victims’. 

    Whites and Asians, generally more educated and more affluent, have not succumbed to the degenerated state that is typified by Detroit, but the flight from traditional marriage and family is driving them to extinction throughout the Western World. Everywhere I look I see pampered pets and few children and I can only conclude that dogs in particular have replaced children. It is difficult to judge whether the obscene affection now lavished on pets is simply a consequence of the absence of children or whether current generations are emotionally too immature and therefore incapable of the more demanding affection that children require of parents. As Whites and Asians in the West march to childless extinction, the Muslims of the world encourage marriage and children and seemingly will inherit the Earth. 

    Many American cities face bankruptcy and some, like Stockton, California have been there and done it. Obama has not slipped Stockton $320m of our money and the big Foundations have not seen fit to be charitable, but then Democrat Stockton is only different from Detroit in that it is Latino and White. Obama and his comrade at the DOJ are blatantly racist and so Detroit gets the goody-bag. 

    What is there to say about the Government’s choreographed and cosmetic shut-down? The Far-Left extremist Democrat Party and its President of all the people cannot lose the propaganda war that creates a crisis and apportions blame. Those faint-hearted Republicans who flinch from the battle over Obamacare – or any other part of Obama’s revolutionary agenda – are driven to surrender by fear of the MSM and its power of denunciation. The extremists who now parade as the Democrat Party are confident knowing that the MSM will fight the fight for them. We have to assume that Ted Cruz and the genuine conservatives who are with him have no skeletons in their cupboards and are committed to principles instead of places at the pig trough. I hope that Cruz knows that his (and our) real enemy is the Media Class and it has a revolutionary agenda. The plain truth is that co-existence with revolutionaries is impossible, as is compromise and negotiation. 

    While those Americans unwittingly facing extinction remain preoccupied with their pets, the latest tech innovations and games and with Pro-Sport, the Media Class revolution continues below the radar. If you doubt me I suggest that you read the short article “Notable & Quotable” on page A15 of Tuesday’s WSJ (October 1st). A brave (or foolishly naïve) young man called Jason Morgan has written about his experience as a student at the University of Wisconsin, where he is studying Japanese History. He has been directed like all his fellow students to submit to school-mandated ‘diversity training’ so that he can be retrained to understand and support ‘Trans Students’ and those who “identify along the gender-variant spectrum” and understand “those who consider their gender outside the binary gender system”. This ‘Brave New World’ stuff is proceeding apace in all learning establishments, not just in America but throughout the Western World. The UN’s cabal is no doubt also on board. Meanwhile, the Muslims are busy breeding and ensuring that their kids’ propaganda source is the Koran which contains no mention of “gender-variant spectrums” and exhorts reproduction. 

    Weather – With my computer out of action last weekend I took a brief vacation trip to the Sierras and had the enjoyable experience of a blizzard. This was September and back here in Middle California September proved to be a very cool month. I am reliably informed that the UK is also experiencing a typically chilly Autumn. The UN has admitted that the Himalaya’s glaciers are not retreating and that there has been no warming of the Earth for some 15 years. Nevertheless, man-made global warming remains a deadly threat to mankind that only World Government by an elite of perverts can tackle. We ordinary people must stop using carbon fuel, live in one-room apartments in diversified ghettos next to public transit, open our borders to the Third World, stop breeding children and breed dogs instead and abandon the binary gender spectrum. Meanwhile the Ruling Elite will live in Al Gore sized mansions, jet-ski and fly around the globe in private luxury. 

    Music Choice – It is widely reported that the whiny knighted pervert and musical genius Reggie Dwight has just recorded a new album. Predictably the MSM is greeting it as a masterpiece. For those who like heterosexual music that combines an adult male voice with a little humor I recommend a recording by a minor performer of the 1950’s, Liverpudlian Clinton Ford and his version of “Too Many Beautiful Girls (and not enough time)” It was never meant as serious music but it was healthy!

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