Dems March Madness

So far this has not been a good month for the Democrat Party and the Party’s future looks even grimmer.   The virtual stalemate between Obama and the Clintons is unlikely to be resolved even after the Pennsylvania primary and in the meantime, the war of words can only get nastier. The Media Class divisions have become apparent with the Associated Press and NSBC leading the charge for Obama and the New York Times and many newspapers staying loyal to the Clintons. The release of some of the Clinton’s papers was seized upon by AP to undermine Hillary’s claim that she earned experience by being First Lady. I have never seen such outright biased commentary for a Democrat politician and it is wonderful to see Hillary getting the kind of Press treatment normally reserved for conservatives.

The Party’s problems have been made even worse by the dispute over Florida and Michigan. The Clintons want Florida’s and Michigan’s Democrat voters to be brought back into the frame because they believe they can win in the two States, but Obama supporters are rejecting and vetoing any plans that are feasible – for obvious reasons. Here is another destructive stalemate. This is the Party that believes it can lead and expand government to do everything in Society and yet it cannot organize two State elections for its members between now and August! As things stand, the Democrat rank-and-file of two major States will not have a voice in the choice of Democrat presidential candidate and it is Obama who is silencing them. Again the AP reports treat this issue as non-controversial, though in reality it is a time-bomb issue for the Party.

The Obama / Wright controversy is not going away, thanks to the monopoly-breaking power of the Internet, Talk Radio and Fox News. After Obama’s speech, which was intended to aid his escape from twenty years association with Rev. Wright, Obama was too clever by far. First his speech involved admitting to a lie, as he had originally claimed that he did not know of Wright’s anti-American views. In his speech he admitted knowledge but then tried to minimize Wright’s importance and intent. Secondly, his speech actually sounded a shade glib, and in effect dug him deeper into the race war that many African Americans appear to be waging. His Media masters drooled over the speech and claimed it was on a par with the great speeches of modern history, breaking new and honest ground on racial issues. This over-the-top reaction by the Media was a little too obviously propagandistic for even the casual observer. The whole episode has revealed Obama to be a calculating politician and a Black partisan.

My own conclusion is that Obama joined Wright’s Chicago ‘Church’ twenty years ago for two reasons. One is that it gave him a political base amongst Chicago’s big Black population. The second is that he and his wife emotionally identify with the Black ‘victim’ mentality. This now puts her recent anti-America speech in context and we see the pair of them as typical Black Leftist politicians. I cannot see how he can reclaim the image he initially fostered of being above race and a candidate for all. Portions of the Media may swoon over his words and delivery and claim it has bounced him back, but that is not my impression. I think he has outraged many White voters and even a few Blacks and opened the racial divide. At this point in time, we do not know what Asian and Latino voters think, but one thing is sure and that is that they do not march in lockstep with Blacks despite the Media’s and Leftist’s constant efforts to lump them all together.

Many commentators have counted the Clintons out, but if they win a significant victory in Pennsylvania the political landscape will be transformed and they will renew demands for ballots in the two disbarred States and will pressure the super delegates.

Everything depends on the Media Class. If it mostly unites behind one of the two rivals, the other is done for but if it remains substantially divided, the Democrat Party will implode.

Congratulations to the BNP who enjoyed two significant election results last week. In the rural ward of Yapton, West Sussex, the BNP’s candidate secured almost 20% of the vote and came within seven votes of the second-placed LibDems. This is Tory middle-class territory and it was the first time the BNP had stood. This result reveals solid support outside of the big cities. In Havering, Essex the Party retained its seat with an increased majority and increased percentage of the vote. This was despite the resignation of its former councilor for personal reasons. In the past, this situation has lost the Party a seat, but not this time. The result will be suppressed by the UK’s Media Class, but make no mistake, in the editorial rooms the shock waves will have been felt. With the May local elections fast approaching, the political establishment and its Media masters will be anxious to unleash a no-holds-barred campaign. The BNP can expect to suffer increased police harassment, legal (actually mostly illegal!) persecution and a Media orchestrated campaign of lies and slander. Underpinning this, and with official connivance, the Leftist thugs (funded by Unions and probably the odd billionaire currency speculator or two) will be attacking BNP campaigners and trashing pubs that allow the BNP to rent meeting rooms. Believe me, US readers, I am not exaggerating.

Finally, welcome back into the fold of the mentally stable, Ann Coulter! In a radio interview on Friday she more or less announced that she was no longer backing either of the two Dems and would be voting for McCain. Perhaps she is taking her medication!

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