Democrats are Extremists. Obama is a Revolutionary.

As we have long argued on this website, the modern Democrat Party, always a Left-leaning organization and long a target for infiltration by Socialists and Communists in major cities, has now been systematically and wholly purged of its moderate and social conservative members. This process began imperceptibly in the late 1960’s, gathered pace in the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s and was almost completed by the turn of this century. Only pockets of social conservatives maintained a presence in the deep Southern States and in some blue-collar strongholds in the Mid-West. By 2008, the Party had been transformed – from an alliance of (naturally conservative and patriotic) blue-collar workers and their families with Leftist intellectuals in Academia and Newsprint, Jewish and Black minorities and Hollywood’s infrastructure – into something quite different.

Into ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ you might ask.

Well, it is now patently obvious to those who pay attention that the Democrat Party is the Party of the rich and privileged and can count amongst its supporters most of America’s billionaires, including the omnipresent George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The list of billionaire and multi-millionaire Democrat supporters (not including the Show-biz and homosexual crowd) is extremely long and instructive, but the Mainstream Media rarely reveals their identities and almost never their political activities and donations. Many of the most politically active have inherited wealth and privilege but Big Business leaders are increasingly swelling their ranks, drawn by the Party’s and Government’s power of patronage and the allure of being part of a celebrity Ruling Class.

The Party is still the home of two racial minorities (secular Jews and African-Americans) and Academia. The ‘working-class’ component has significantly changed however, with non-unionized blue-collar workers being replaced by public sector employees, almost all of whom are solidly unionized, present all across the States and in small towns and suburbs as well as in big cities and conurbations. Blue-collar workers in the private sector and low-income self-employed workers have been driven from the Democrat Party. Many of them claim that the Democrat Party has left them. It is not clear how many illegal immigrants are Democrat Party members, but their leaders and activists are firmly attached to the Democrat Party and a significant number of the illegal immigrants get to vote Democrat in crucial elections.

The Show-biz/Entertainment/Communication world, a surprisingly numerous entity and growing ever more wealthy, is now the dominating constituent of the Democrat Party, and we include here virtually the whole of the Hollywood Movie industry, the TV industry, the Arts, Big Advertizing, Pro-Sports and Fashion industries. We also include the modern ‘News’ industry as part of the Entertainment industry. These combined groups we name as the Media Class, and we claim that this new Media Class owns and controls the Democrat Party, that President Obama is its creature and that the Media Class controls almost all the Nation’s ‘news’ outlets.

In our articles we mostly use the term Mainstream Media (MSM) but in reality almost all Media, from Associated Press, Reuters, ABC News, all TV stations except Fox, all big newspapers including, of course, the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, through glossy magazines down to small-town newspapers, ‘free’ papers and the increasingly important and influential Comcast, Google and other Internet carriers of news march in lockstep as befits a Ruling Class. All are part of what we term on this website, the ‘MSM’. To repeat, we call this combination of News and Entertainment industries the ‘ Media Class’ and we maintain that it has, over the years and as it has grown in power and wealth, determinedly purged itself of mavericks, and purged the Democrat Party of Social and Moral Blue-collar conservatives. We would argue that it is also in the process of purging all the Nation’s leading institutions.

Into ‘what’ you may still ask.

Into a Party that no longer represents the economic and social interests of the old working Class and small business people; into a Party that has no interest in the Nation’s identity and has no time for patriotism; into a Party that cares nothing for borders; into a Party that cares nothing for conservation except when it can be used to expand Government control over the masses and the basic and extractive industries; into a Party that seeks ever more growth of Government, into a Party that seeks to incorporate Business into Government (Fascist-style); into a Party that will consign the American Constitution to ‘the dustbin of history’; into a Party that will unashamedly use the judicial system to advance a political agenda; into a Party that will replace Nationalism with Internationalism and into a Party that will pursue power, no matter the price for the common people.

And into a Party that will pursue an agenda that has at the top of its list a Moral/Social Revolution that is unpopular, unnatural, repulsive to normal people (whenever its unvarnished contents are revealed), and requires constant dishonest and unchallenged propaganda and the power of Government edict to impose. In order to slip the victory of this moral Revolutionary agenda through America’s electoral system, the Media Class has had to forge an alliance with the Revolutionary economic Left of wealth distribution and incremental totalitarianism. Completing the alliance, and purely from self-interest, the Government employees, led by a Media -purged bureaucracy, has provided the organized ground troops and extra donations required to win elections.

This coalition has not been hard to build, especially with the Media’s power to destroy individuals who stand in the way. The Revolutionary Left has always been anti-family, anti-property ownership for the masses, anti-Christian and anti-free speech. Indeed it has always sought to convert individuals into ‘masses’ and to put all under Government control. The Media Class Moral/Social Revolution has obvious appeal to the dysfunctional people and Utopian dreamers who inhabit the Far Left and who are inspired by anything that is ‘revolutionary’. The leaders of the Intellectual Revolutionary Left do not anticipate sharing the impoverished life-style planned for the masses, and the Media Class elitist libertines do not see themselves sharing it either. For these people and the unionized Government employees, the future post-revolutionary society promises everything they wish for. Conservative realists may wonder at such naivety but must remember that the Media Class has largely acquired its wealth and power through fantasy and though Leftist revolutions have devoured their own, some revolutionaries have always survived to exercise enormous power and privilege. These people never learn anything from history and never make allowance for human nature, except when it is perverted.

At the present time, we maintain that the Ruling Media Class is fixated on retaining political power in November, so that the moral/social Revolution that Obama has been delivering may continue to its end. At the top of its priorities are homosexual normalization and advancement, the destruction of the hated Christian morality that still underpins American life, and the creation of a population dependent on Government and therefore easily morally corrupted. In previous articles we have laid out why unlimited abortion, and the freeing of sexual behavior from all inhibitions, is a Media Class priority. Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party have delivered but there is more to do and the Revolution has to be completed so that the clock can never be put back. This requires the ending of free speech, a judiciary that will severely punish opponents of the Revolution (Counter-revolutionaries) and a dependent population too weak and demoralized to resist Government.

On this website we are Counter-revolutionaries and we are (sadly) the only website to wholly understand and proclaim the true Revolutionary nature of the so-called ‘culture war’.

The real extremists are Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their Democrat comrades but the Media Class control of the Media has enabled them to present these Revolutionaries as moderates and to hide their real agenda from the many voters who take only a passing interest in the economic and foreign affairs news. Many voters, busy with jobs, family commitments, dumbed- down by propagandized education and addicted to Soaps and TV Sport, are seduced by lying headlines and false statistics.

This week, for those discerning voters who scour the conservative websites, Madonna has been demonstrating the moral degradation that the Entertainers/Show-Biz members of our Ruling Class now feel able to flaunt. This shameless and disgusting creature and Progressive – America’s icon, on Monday evening at Washington’s Verizon Center stripped down and sexually cavorted over the piano and launched into a profanity-laced endorsement of President Obama. Revealing the private parts of her body containing Obama slogans, “You all better vote for fucking O, Okay?” she is quoted as yelling at an ecstatic audience. ‘We have a Black Muslim in the White House. Now that’s some shit”. Then (significantly) she praised his advancement of homosexuality.

A few years ago, this kind of gutter behavior may have entertained small audiences in shady nightclubs but it is graphic evidence of the new revolutionary power of the Media Class in Obama’s America, that this takes place in the Nation’s capital, always in prominent venues and to ecstatic large audiences. I am told that Madonna has a very large homosexual following and that she is welcome at the White House. Certainly this audience roared approval when she commented on Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage.

There is an important point here that this website alone explains. Thanks to the Media, Obama can both shamelessly and recklessly lie but also talk from both sides of his mouth. The decent and normal majority of voters will never know what Madonna said to Obama’s hardcore followers, for the MSM will look the other way whilst searching every Romney audience for a ‘shocking’ remark. Obama’s most ignorant Black followers (who are paid protesters at Romney meetings) trumpet in public why they vote for him and get “free mobile phones”, yet the MSM makes sure that this incendiary talk (to taxpayers) is never reported. Obama can speak without reservation to his massed core supporters, using thinly disguised racial and class hatred appeal, and be confident that those voters who would be repelled and mobilized by it, are kept unaware. So much for MSM and Media Class power!

In the run-up to the election the MSM is not only spewing out grossly distorted Opinion Poll statistics, but wholly misrepresenting the crucial economic news that would reveal that Obama’s policies are ruining the USA. Here are the real facts behind the optimistic headlines of recovery. The reliable ‘Business Insider’ this week announced that the economic figures are ‘ugly’. “Q2 GDP was slashed to 1.3%” after ‘experts’ had expected it to be 1.7%. “The personal consumption component was revised downward to 1.5%. Economists were expecting it to be unchanged at 1.7%.” Another Business Insider report was that pending home sales plunged, falling 2.6% in August from the previous month. Yet another report was that US employers added only 96,000 jobs in August, below the 141,000 added in July and much lower than the average 226,000 added in the first 3 months of this year.

This is not the economic picture painted by a MSM marching in lockstep to talk up an Obama recovery. The Stock market is high only because investors are anticipating more inflation from Fed-printed money boosting consumer confidence in the short term. All of the lies from the MSM have but one purpose and that is to get Obama and his comrades re-elected. None in the Media Class-dominated coalition care about the Nation’s economy after November. Rush Limbaugh today lamented that the MSM has never been so outrageously partisan in any previous election. He is, of course absolutely correct, yet he cannot explain this and limply falls back on suggesting that Obama and his comrades control the MSM. “How?” we ask. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are not smart enough to take on such a formidable task. Obama cannot remember how many States make up the USA. He reads his lines and avoids Press questioning. He hides his past because it is one of dismal failure, relying on racial quotas and special favors for his education. The Democrat Party leaders are not masterminds, simply bold, shameless unprincipled liars dependent for political survival on a protective Media Class. The Media Class and its allies in the coalition will steal this election, for their power is formidable and they have already captured so much ground. Rich, totally unprincipled, corrupt and controlling the message to America’s real workers, they have taken control of the judiciary and can intimidate their opponents. Obama and Holder have shown they can misuse the Justice Department and ignore the Constitution with impunity because the MSM ensures that the majority of voters will never know until it is too late.

Weather – The UK and Northern Europe are experiencing early cool and very wet weather. No sign of global warming there. Here in California we have a late summer heat wave but well below historical records. No sign of rising sea levels at Starcross, we are reliably told by a resident.

Music Choice – We cannot let the death of Andy Williams pass without a mention. His clear melodious voice, great diction, good taste, clean-cut image and happy shows marked the dying days of grown-up popular entertainment, before the Media Class purged adult music from the airwaves. Mark Levin, arguably the best conservative Talk Show host, has always exhibited very poor musical taste, but this week he redeemed himself by paying a heartfelt tribute to Andy Williams. From among the many superb Williams recordings he chose “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and played a lengthy extract. Considering Levin is an Orthodox Jew I was surprised not only by his good taste this time but also the fact that this is a Christmas song. In fact, after Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride” I consider it to be the next best Christmas song ever composed. Williams’ version is surely ‘THE’ version, and who cannot welcome our age-old Christian celebration when hearing this recording, whose lyrics cover every aspect of seasonal good cheer. I know it is not Christmas yet and maybe this December we will not hear the word ‘Christmas’ mentioned if Obama is back in the White House. The PC word will be ‘Holiday’. Let us enjoy Andy Williams’ version while it is still legal and not offending the sensitivities of the Revolutionaries. Andy Williams RIP.

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