Democrat Conference Reveals Revolutionary Extremism

We have long argued that the contemporary Democrat Party is the political arm of our new Ruling Media Class. We have repeatedly pointed out that Obama owes his Presidency to the funding provided by Hollywood Media perverts, to the daily propaganda of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and to the election machine provided by the Public Service Unions. We have also asserted that the Democrat Party was purged of traditional Christians, patriots and working class conservatives in the closing decades of the last century.

The Democrat Party that is meeting in Charlotte this week supports all we have maintained on this website. Those who view the Conference through the lens of the MSM will probably not fully comprehend its Revolutionary extremism, for the MSM, like the Conference organizers on Wednesday, realizes that it is a tad too soon to fully parade that extremism. Those who learn the real Conference news from Internet sites and Conservative Talk Radio will be aware that these delegates are panting for a new America and a new world order.

The omission of the word ‘God’ from the Party platform clearly could not have been an oversight. We can assume that it was the result of full deliberation in Committee and then approved by Obama and his close comrades in the inner circle. We maintain that it was the result of some years of pent-up frustration among the hard-core Leftist activists and the wealthy Show-biz perverts who now run this Party. The people who matter in the Democrat Party are the rich perverts of the Entertainment Industry who fund it, those who manufacture its propaganda in the MSM and the Leftist ideologues and PS Unions who provide the angry activists. All of these, for their different reasons, are virulently anti-Christian, and after 4 years of owning the White House, they see no reason to pander any longer to traditional Christian sentiment in America. We have written many times on this website that these people are desperately impatient for the post-Revolutionary America that will be purged of ‘old-fashioned morality’.

It is estimated that around 10% of the delegates to the Conference are homosexual and the whole of the US homosexual world is expressing ecstasy at the power they have exerted over the Conference platform. Any observant person will have noticed that this Conference has focused more on moral matters (the MSM code-words are ‘social issues’) than on unemployment, US indebtedness, defense, immigration, education and terrorism. The war in Afghanistan, still taking its daily toll of young American’s, the unresolved situation in Iraq, the instability of Pakistan and the threat of a nuclear Iran, have all but been overlooked in the push for ‘marriage equality’. Even Man-made Global Warming, that Trojan Horse for totalitarianism, has been put on the back-burner (no pun intended), so that homosexual ‘rights’, abortion ‘rights’ (kill the babies at birth if necessary) and ‘women’s rights’ (code words for the destruction of the Christian family), can be given pride of place.

The omission of the word ‘God’ was the logical consequence of this Party’s heart and ‘soul’. We would venture to say that the omission of Jerusalem was less about placating the Muslim world and the anti-Semitism that is rife on the Left of the Party and more about wiping this Christian-associated word and place from America’s vocabulary.

Belatedly, some in the Party hierarchy realized that it will take 4 more years of Obama before such sentiments can be so boldly expressed. In the meantime there is this final election to be won and it is a tad too early to awaken the Christians from their slumbers. And so the offending words were reinserted, much to the wrath of the activists.

This Revolutionary movement, that has the Democrat Party as its legislative and electoral arms, is willing to promote any and every lie in this election campaign. It has no problem temporarily masquerading as the Party of the family, moral values, national security, tolerance, free enterprise, free speech and the rule of law, despite the Venezuelan-style 4 year record of the Obama regime, for it is safe from exposure. The MSM will ensure in the next 8 weeks that Obama squeaks back into the White House – that is unless the Republicans realize who is their and our real enemy.

Weather – The temperatures here in mid-California have invariably not been as high as the weather forecasters have predicted and might be a little below average for late August and early September. In the UK, we are told by our website visitor, the rains have finally given way to sunnier skies. It will not be long before the BBC is warning of hose-pipe bans. Meanwhile, little old Starcross in Devon, England, which sits just a few feet above the high-tide mark, somehow continues to escape the ravages of the rising sea levels caused by MMGW.

Music Choice – The WSJ’s Pop/Rock music critic Jim Fusilli, gets paid for churning out articles that are as asinine as the music he fawns over. Is there a Rock band anywhere, any time that he doesn’t admire? Was there ever a nonsensical lyric written by a pimply strummer that he failed to find within it a profound meaning? His latest article marks the passing of Hal David, one-time partner of Burt Bacharach. David was the lyrics half of the partnership. Most of the stuff this pair wrote was third-rate but better than almost everything that was contemporary – which isn’t saying much. “This Guy’s in Love With You” was probably their best composition and “Alfie”, although a rambling tune and rambling lyric, could be classified as adult. Generally they wrote simpering tunes for simpering, slowly gyrating singers. One catchy line was usually what their songs amounted to. I had never paid attention to the lyrics but thanks to Fusilli I now know that songs like “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” had third-rate lyrics.

As an antidote to all this I recommend the song “All or Nothing at All.” This tune was written in 1939 by Brooklyn-born Arthur Altman (1910-1994). The superb lyrics were by Jack Lawrence. I know nothing about this pair other than that their work would not appeal to Jim Fusilli. Maybe this was their one great masterpiece but if so it was better than all the Bacharach/David compositions combined. An up-and-coming Frank Sinatra recorded it is the year of its composition but it was not a success. Curiously, some 4 year later it took off with the adult public of the times.

Sinatra recorded it many years later and often sang it at concerts. Being a musical master I guess he recognized good tunes and lyrics. Any of his versions are likely to have given the song the performance it deserved. Listen to the words and ponder the “truth behind those words”. (Fusilli’s comments on the pathetic words to “San Jose”.)

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