December Comment On The Media Class

First some up-to-date good news! The Dow Industrials hit 13619 today despite the Media experts’ predictions. Every economic and business writer of every MSM outlet has been warning of ‘recession tomorrow’ since Bush became President. There is a parallel with the reporting of the wars. Again there can be no such thing as US good news whilst Bush is in the White House. How can this universal pessimism be explained except that the Media Class really does exist, does have a near-monopoly on ALL news, and does have an agenda?

Last week, the business press reported that Ford Motor Company had experienced a slight up-tick in sales, unlike GM. In case anyone should think that the Christian boycott of Ford cars is failing, the reason is that corporate buyers and fleet buyers have increased their quotas. Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

The rich and famous, those in the big companies who now pander to the homosexual lobbies and those in government who purchase fleets, will do all they can to please their Media masters by bolstering Ford’s sales. For what it is worth, I will never buy another Ford car and I have no doubt that many others feel the same. Let us see if Ford has really turned the corner.

When I recently reviewed the excellent book about Senator Joe McCarthy, I forecast that Evans’ well-researched work would receive nil publicity from the MSM. A month has passed and surprise, surprise, no reviews. The Wall Street Journal, which almost daily reviews new books and especially books about history, has carefully avoided this important political and historical book. Why? Because it’s conclusions (that McCarthy was a hero, was right, and was brought down by political whores and traitors) are supported by indisputable facts and plenty of them. Make no mistake, if this book had been based on mere assertion or false information, the Media would have been all over it. The Left and its Media Class masters cannot afford to reveal that modern history writing is mostly sheer propaganda.

It is tempting to believe that the Democrat activists are deserting Mrs. Clinton, the Media Class’ candidate for next US president. At least, so the polls tell us. Last week we had the spectacle of Oprah (whose profession is Talk Show host) throwing her considerable weight (no pun intended!) behind the new Black contender. In response, the shrill voice of Streisand came out for the title-holder. The relevant point here is that it is Media people who call the shots for the politicians. Clinton’s mistake is that she has been appearing on TV in debates, where the public can actually see a little of the kind of person she is. As the anointed candidate of the MSM, with all the advantages that confers, she should have restricted her TV appearances to those that can be choreographed by editors, make-up artists and script-writers. In that way, her unpleasant personality and opportunist flip-flops can be concealed from the viewers, for the traits that endear her to Hollywood people are not so attractive to voters. I suppose it is just possible that she will torpedo her candidacy and become a lost cause for the Media. My instincts tell me that the Media will rescue her from defeat, no matter what it takes. On the other side of the party divide, I still think that McCain will be a strong runner come the end. He has never flip-flopped on the war and has the background to qualify as a war-time leader. I cannot see the issues around the war and Islamic Imperialism going away by November 2008.

Here in California it is cold and wet. The UK is also experiencing typical winter weather. As the old classic song lyrics ask, ‘What’s New?’.

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