Death Penalty Part III

On January 8th of this year I wrote about the Media’s hope that a Governor’s review of a Virginia death penalty case would be an opportunity to launch yet another assault on the death penalty.

I drew attention to the fact that the Media Class has abolition of the death penalty on its agenda and never gives up its campaign to frustrate or bypass public opinion on the subject.

On January 14th, I returned to the topic when it transpired that the DNA evidence against Virginia rapist and killer Roger Coleman had validated his execution back in 1992. Suddenly, Coleman’s execution was of little interest to the Mainstream Media and the sanctimonious types who the Media always dignifies with the term “activists”.

We are only weeks on and I am forced to return to this topic again in order to draw attention to a superb article in the Wall Street Journal of January 28th. It has been written by Eugene H Methvin, described as a “writer in Washington, who served on the President’s Commission on Organized Crime from 1983 to 1986”. Not surprisingly this is an Opinion page piece, since the information it contains and the conclusions it demands, would never be communicated in print by any of the Journal’s reporters. They are abolitionists to a man and woman! I cannot imagine that Mr. Methvin is welcome in the newsrooms of the Journal, nor indeed anywhere much in Washington. He is however welcome on this website as a man willing to dig out and publicize the truth. And the truth makes fascinating reading! First he reminds us that Coleman’s execution took place against a background of global protest that included the Pope, and was orchestrated by Media organizations like Time and Newsweek. A circus of cameras and satellite trucks were on hand to broadcast Coleman’s last protest that he was an innocent man. In other words, the Media Class was out in force from around the world to further its agenda and soften up public opinion.

Methvin then tells us some very pertinent things about Coleman and his history of violent sexual crime leading up to the brutal rape and killing of 19 year old Wanda McCoy. The jury who heard the evidence recommended the death penalty.

Coleman’s cause on Death Row was taken up by an attorney named Kitty Behan. She was a former ACLU activist in Washington (surprise, surprise!). Polls showed that journalists were anti-death penalty by a three-to-one majority, so Behan launched a publicity campaign. Every big Media outlet took up Coleman’s cause and ABC, NBC, and CBS led the way. Phil Donohue put the Governor’s phone number on the screen urging protesters to petition for clemency. All of this was on the basis that Coleman was innocent because he said so. Methvin tells us that Behan knew from scientific tests that she herself had arranged, that Coleman was guilty. When he finally took a polygraph test on the eve of his execution, he failed. though Behan was ready with excuses. Coleman had 18 rounds in Court.

Nine years later the Media Class was still at it! In 2001, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and other newspapers joined with an abolitionist pressure group (Centurion Ministries) to sue Virginia State, demanding new tests. As we now know, or do if we read the small print of the newspapers, the tests were a disappointment to the Media Class.

Do not expect any change in the agenda, however. As Methvin points out, the Media Class is never deterred by facts, and he lists a number of anointed Media “martyrs”, including Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs, that the Media Class and its Leftist constituents relentlessly attempt to rehabilitate as innocent, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Coincidentally, in the same week in Manhattan, two members of the “arts” world were at a forum organized by the Fordham Law School, attempting to rewrite history yet again. Novelist E.L.Doctorow and playwright Tony Kushner were busy telling their Leftist audience that the Rosenbergs were victims of American fascism. This pair of 1940’s husband and wife traitors passed precious US atom secrets to mass killer Joseph Stalin’s agents. They were found guilty and rightly executed, but I suppose novelists and playwrights, particularly of a Leftist persuasion, feel able to ignore facts and reality. This is a Media Class trait and we should always remember it and avoid their wares.

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