Death for the Bombers!

Radical and Right are appealing to any website visitor who has the technical ability to set up an online petition.   This is the time to begin demanding the death penalty for all those who are found guilty of involvement in the Boston Marathon bombing. 

    There are many reasons why all on the Right should unite to mount such a campaign, and here are some; 

    Simple justice for those who died and those they left behind. 

    Justice for the many who have lost limbs and faculties and who will have to live with handicaps and pain for the rest of their lives. 

    Justice for the many thousands whose innocent Marathon run was halted and for whom the day will be remembered for ever for all the wrong reasons. 

    To deter those who contemplate acts of terrorism or who assist such acts. 

    To tell the world that the American people demand revenge. 

    The above are all reasons to send an uncompromising response to our foreign enemies but there are also good reasons here at home for collectively expressing outrage and a demand for retribution. It is already clear that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are doing all in their power to dissipate the people’s anger. The work is already well under way in the MSM to paint the surviving accused bomber as a decent young man, confused and misled by an older brother. If the older brother had survived, the MSM would be painting him too as a victim of something, for the Media Class and its Leftist allies are determined to save, whenever possible, the lives of those foreigners who terrorize America. Many, perhaps most, of the Leftists in our Ruling Class, nurse hostility to their own country, its history and its people and secretly exult whenever ‘punishment’ is visited on the American people and cities by those designated as ‘underprivileged’, ‘Third World’ or ‘minority’. These three deliberately vague words excite those Leftists and celebrities who themselves never feel guilty but believe that the ordinary American people should both experience guilt and punishment. 

    The Leftists in our Ruling Class also constantly strive to demoralize the ordinary people and undermine their sense of justice, fairness and commitment to righteousness. Nothing advances this demoralization of the people better than that the truly guilty should not be punished but excused-better still rewarded. This process of demoralization of ordinary Americans can never be openly articulated but has to be advanced by degrees and stealth. It begins with the MSM deliberately obfuscating the narrative of an outrage. Unlike the reporting of a ‘Rightwing’ crime, when the entire MSM has no problem in speedily identifying both perpetrator and motive, the crimes of any of the three designated groups and their respective motives are never clearly identified in initial reporting. Spokespersons selected by the Media to comment are vague about possible perpetrators, unwilling to risk a prediction, and urging the utmost caution in reaching conclusions. ‘Much more information is needed’, they claim, ‘and indeed we might never know!’ Only later, when the unfolding evidence is crystal clear-and can no longer be denied, does the MSM and the Leftist ‘experts’ it brings on board, reluctantly identify the perpetrators, and only when there has been time to marshal excuses, mitigation and justifications for the crime. Motives can only be ascertained by MSM reporters and carefully selected ‘experts’ when they can be fitted plausibly into the Media Class/leftist agenda. All of this dishonesty is at work in the MSM reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing. First Media Class reporters and commentators blamed and smeared the Right (their counter-revolutionaries enemies) using mere speculation dressed up as expertise, experience and authoritative wisdom. Then, as soon as it was crystal clear that the likely perpetrators were Muslims- information that was damaging to the Ruling Class agenda and its Chief Agent in the White House- the MSM and the commentators it chose for their predictable Leftist credentials set to work to present the most sympathetic picture of them and their crime. 

    For those who are sufficiently alert to the dishonesty of the MSM and so search for the facts in the alternative Media, the picture that has emerged of the alleged Boston bombers, their presence in America, their history and their shared motive – are revealed as highly damaging to President Obama and his regime. This makes it extremely damaging for the Media Class and its wider agenda he is busy advancing for them. Here we have (the emerging Internet information is surely correct) is a family of welfare scroungers, drug dealers, Obama supporters, shoplifters, psychopaths and ingrates. Normal Americans, if in possession of the facts, will be asking how such people gained admission to the USA (when decent people cannot), moved freely between the USA and hostile Muslim countries, financed their unproductive lives, had easy access to expensive education, publicly expressed anti-American sentiments, attended a Mosque where Islamic Imperialism is preached, were twice fingered to the FBI by Russian Intelligence, and then built bombs under the noses of those appointed and paid for by the American people to protect the American people. In possession of such facts, normal American people would deduce that the Boston Marathon bombing was not just bad luck for its victims but a consequence of outrageous policies pursued by a Ruling Class that is hostile to the American people. They would also be wondering why public outrage and a demand for heads to roll are not finding a voice either in the MSM or from Obama and his minions. 

    It is becoming abundantly clear to rational minds that our Government and its Media masters are not going to use the Boston bombing to reverse the Nation’s disastrous policies or to search out and punish the truly guilty. Whilst the deadly threats and potential enemies of the American people remain willfully ignored by Government and Media, our Ruling Class is busy trying to disarm the people, open the borders to the world’s alien and hostile masses, legitimize illegal entrants, grant sodomites and perverts special rights, destroy real marriage, define Baptists and other Christians as the enemy within, protect electoral fraud, tax and denigrate savers and wealth makers, steadily inflate the currency, ‘control’ the climate, weaken and transform the military, criminalize free speech, silence Christians, conservatives and Nationalists and put America under the laws of the UN. 

    America’s revolutionary new Ruling Class now feels sufficiently confident in its power to use the Boston Marathon bombing to further its agenda. Islam will soon be paraded in the MSM and by Government as the real victims, and the American people-their beliefs, their lifestyles, their Christianity and their prosperity- as the cause of a justifiable resentment that understandably results in carnage on the streets. 

    On this website we do not believe that Obama and his Media Class masters and their Leftist allies actually want acts of terrorism to take place in America at this time. They have a set of revolutionary priorities for his Government (some of them listed in the preceding paragraph) and the job of transforming America beyond reclaim is not yet completed. We do believe that Obama is likely a crypto-Muslim but his Hollywood masters are certainly not. However they are united in their sympathy for America’s enemies and a mass immigration of Muslims is a good way of forever changing America and swamping the American people. The problem for our Rulers is that with Islamic Imperialism (I.I.) they have a tiger by the tail. I.I. is not a movement like the Communism of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s, which was based in a single powerful country, led by an all-powerful leader and able to direct and control all the attacks on its enemies. I. I. is a mass movement, with two competing factions, without a single leader but many independent cells and it cannot be controlled and disciplined. It can erupt anywhere and at any time, often embarrassing its Western sympathizers and defenders. The Boston bombing is a potential setback for Obama and his masters but rest assured they will not be deflected from policies that are favorable to Islam and they will not retract them. Instead they will seek to turn the embarrassment to advantage. 

    Through their propaganda machine (the MSM) the Media Class and its Leftist allies will attempt to portray the bomber as a lone survivor, unconnected to the Islamic Jihad movement, a misled but understandably bitter youth. The truly guilty people will be those ordinary Americans who gobble up the earth’s resources, cause Third World poverty and oppress minorities. Our Rulers know that such a false narrative will not convince many good people but so long as it triumphs in the public arena and cannot be openly challenged it will serve two crucial purposes. It will further demoralize the good people, breeding that cynicism and defeatism that characterizes and reinforces totalitarian regimes, and it will underline the power of the Obama regime to turn truth on its head. 

    The most effective means for counter-revolutionary resistance at this time is a mass petition demanding the death penalty for all convicted of involvement in the Boston bombing. This would give the people a voice and an outlet for their rage. You can be sure that our Ruling Class and its Leftist supporters will be flushed into the open, for they are compelled to oppose such retribution with all their might. Obama especially will surely balk at the death penalty for any Muslim. 

    We appeal to any tech- expert visitor to this website to set up a Nation-wide death penalty petition. We also believe that one well-known Radio Talk Show host visits us. Perhaps he would be willing to call for a petition. We want no credit, just the result! 

    On this website we believe that words and their proper use are a resistance to propaganda. We never use the word ‘gay’ when we mean homosexual or lesbian. We use the words ‘buggery’ and ‘sodomite’ for they are the correct words for anal intercourse. Illegal immigrants are illegal immigrants and no other term is accurate. Words like ‘queer’, ‘faggot’ and ‘nancy boy’ are the language of the street and not appropriate for a rational article. ‘Bigotry’ is only applicable to views that are unreasonable. We use the term ‘Islamic Imperialism’ because we believe it accurately describes the movement by Muslims to create a world-wide empire of Islam. They seek to conquer every country for the Prophet Mohammad. We use the term’ National Socialist’ when describing the BNP, not as a term of abuse, but as an accurate one to describe that Party’s expressed belief in Socialism in one country. We use the term Fascist to describe the system of Government whereby a country is governed as if it is a corporation, i.e. by a political party jointly with representatives of Big Business and Union Leaders. 

    Those who wish to transform a society with propaganda always seek first transform the language and debase it. Counter-revolutionaries should begin resistance to totalitarianism by rejecting the misuse of words. A good place to start is to stop misusing the word ‘gay’. The word that means, light-hearted, cheerful and merry is not appropriate to describe a sexual act that is unhygienic, unnatural and (frankly) smelly. We ask our visitors both in everyday conversation and writing to always call homosexuality what it is-homosexuality! 

    There is not much good news at this time. The Boy Scouts of America are seemingly poised to surrender their commitment to high principles in the face of financial blackmail and Media persecution. In Rhode Island the politicians are about to legislate the grotesque same-sex marriage (and avoid a voter referendum). So let us report one piece of good news and remind visitors why it is so gratifying. Jon S. Corzine is now the subject of a trustee lawsuit claiming that it was his leadership of MF Global Holding Ltd that proved fatal to that company and its many shareholders. It is alleged that Corzine carried out “acts and omissions” over several months that were “grossly negligent” and a “breach of fiduciary duty” that led to the company’s collapse. It has long seemed that Corzine was going to escape retribution and criminal prosecution but perhaps justice is just grinding slowly. It is important to remind people that Corzine, allegedly a billionaire, was once the Democratic Governor of New Jersey and greatly praised as a businessman and politician. He was, in fact a big noise within the top ranks of the Democrat Party and regularly touted by the MSM as evidence that the Party had business expertise. When Obama was first elected, he put it about that Corzine would be in his cabinet and would promote the new Government’s financial policies. The MSM has since buried that past and now all bad news involving this Leftist twister omits his political past and political associates. No doubt Corzine remains rich, lives in true Leftist style and still moves in top Democrat circles, even though many former shareholders are now impoverished. 

    Any visitor is welcome to look way back in our archives and they will find that we always claimed that abortion and same-sex marriage had become the two litmus tests for aspiring Democrat politicians and were being applied by every MSM journalists to all politicians. Any Republican or public figure who robustly opposed abortion or SSM could be sure of an everlasting ‘bad press’. We maintained that these litmus tests represented the core agenda of the new Media Class. Since the Media Class captured the White House in 2008 other litmus tests have been steadily added. We can now include disarming the American people, Man-Made Global Warming, citizenship for illegal immigrants and the ending of capital punishment. Abortion remains in the list and this is the explanation for the MSM’s complete avoidance of the ongoing trial in Philadelphia of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Only Fox News has reported on this trial and all the others stopped after the first day. It seems that in Gosnell’s abortion clinic, over a period of some 9 years, he and his staff regularly murdered little babies who had survived the abortion procedures. It is alleged by the prosecution that the babies’ spinal cords were cut with scissors. Here is not the place to cover the accusations, and visitors are advised to visit appropriate websites for the real and terrible news. What we point out is the unanimity of the MSM (except Fox) in not reporting a trial that is surely newsworthy in every sense. We remind you that events that were not reported in the MSM, effectively never happened as far as the world and the American people are aware. This is the awesome power of the new Ruling (and Revolutionary) Media Class. This cover-up is not the work of the Democrat Party and it has not been instigated by it. No doubt rank-and-file Democrats and Party leaders are happy about this, for they love the murderous symbol of Feminism that is abortion, but the cover-up is Media Class work. As we constantly maintain, the Media Class owns and promotes the agenda and the Democrat Party follows its lead. 

    I cannot help but think of my own 8 year-old son and his birth. Fortunately his spinal cord was not severed by scissors and he is now full of God-given life and a joy to his parents. Incidentally, our local pastor, so protective of homosexual’s feelings, will not mention this slaughter of babies for fear of offending someone. He will not be alone among Californian pastors. 

    Weather – At the beginning of this week the Californian forecasters were predicting a record-breaking heat-wave. We got one day of 90F and then back to cool in the day and chilly at night. Perhaps next week, typically May temperatures will arrive. It does seem though as forecasters increasingly make alarming predictions of hot weather and it never quite materializes. Are they trying to create a folk-memory of global warming? In the UK it continues mostly cold and miserable with some rain. It all sounds very normal and we can report that little Starcross, perched just a few feet above the Exe Estuary, has not yet experienced rising sea levels due to MMGW. 

    Music Choice – An antidote to contemporary popular but infantile and degenerate garbage is the Mambo music of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Give it a listen, for this music is timeless, uplifting and adult without being stodgy. I recommend Tito Puente’s version of El Yoyo. It can be found on the CD “The Mambo Kings”, available in the Seeco Collection.

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