Danish Cartoons – How Apologists Fuel The Flames

The Muslim anti-cartoon violent protests continue around the world and seem to be retaining momentum. Almost every Western spokesman has apologized in some shape or form for the “offence” caused to Muslims and some, like the Swedes, have caved.

Statements by Western politicians and officials pertaining to the free speech issue invariably are couched in terms that sound as though the cartoons are greatly regretted, even by Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of the paper that first printed them. He is reported to have consulted with experts on Islam and now says he regrets not knowing about Islamic taboos beforehand. His wife meanwhile has started to read the Quran!!

None of this groveling and posturing has so far placated Islamic activists, nor will it! Indeed it will simply fan the flames, since apologies underline the moral uncertainties and ambiguities of the Western world in stark contrast with the certainties of Islam’s new imperialists. Newspaper reporters are keen to find and quote Muslims living in the West who feel “insulted”, and all demand new laws to protect them from further insult. It never occurs to the reporters to ask these sensitive and pious Muslims why they remain in Western countries. They could, after all, return to the places they or their parents came from and enjoy the benefits of an Islamic cultural and religious hegemony.

We know, of course, that such a question is quite politically incorrect and no Mainstream Media outlet would entertain asking it. After all, what a can of worms would be opened up if we began to put such a question to immigrants on a whole host of issues about which the host peoples are told they must surrender. Still, it is a question that ordinary people should be asking. Better still, the people of the West should be saying “if you don’t like it here, get out!”

Minorities who demand accommodative change from the host peoples are those that cannot or will not integrate. There are, after all, minorities who never demand that the host population change its habits. They are the ones who intermarry, appreciate the freedoms of the West and make economic and social progress. Western countries are now discovering the perils of years of indiscriminate mass immigration that failed to differentiate between the aspiring new citizens.

We said in a previous article that we do not see this current violent agitation as a truly religious one, but a calculated political move to test Western resolve. Some Western commentators are claiming that the riots have been orchestrated by shaky Middle Eastern Governments, notably Egypt, Syria and Iran, as a ploy to appease and deflect their Muslim Fundamentalists. This is only a partial explanation and the West would be foolish to buy it. Radical Islam now has a life and strength of its own, which owes much to the incursion of its followers into once-Christian heartlands. The tens of millions of Muslims now residing in the West represent tanks on our lawn, Trojan horses inside our walls, Fifth Columnists in our midst. All such expressions are apt. The many Islamic agitators who aspire to power and infamy are emboldened by these undigested Muslim enclaves that now turn so many European cities and Nation States into patchworks of our insecurity. Islamic Fundamentalism is beyond the control of Middle Eastern Governments and like Communism and Nazism has become imperialistic in character and totalitarian in intent.

The power struggle the West now faces with this new quasi-religious imperialism is only just coming into the open. Western defences and determination are being probed and mostly found wanting. Only the US/UK invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have indicated a fight back on our part and unfortunately this resolve has been daily undermined by a reckless Media Class campaigning against President Bush, and constant carping by cowardly Nations in Europe.

The Media Class has its reasons for hating Bush and what he stands for, but it is possible to detect another disturbing development. The Media Class and its constituents, believing in little but sexual liberation, self-indulgence, fantasy and narcissism, are surely fascinated and attracted by the ruthlessness and confidence of our enemies. This is not a new phenomenon as in the last century many academics, artists, bohemians and psychopaths were attracted by Nazism and Communism. Defeatism in the face of both was fashionable. Such people and their successors now dominate our new ruling class and manipulate our news. Fortunately, President Bush has three years left in office and his one great strength is his resolve to beat back the assault of Islamic imperialism.

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