DADT Again with no Apologies

So the Homosexuals and their allies won this one with Congressional votes to spare. Everywhere I looked in the Media there was great joy, for it was reported as both another advance in ‘Human Rights’ and a victory for Obama. We are told that there are many homosexual ex-servicemen preparing to return to the military that they were discharged from as a result of exhibiting overt sexual behavior. We can now expect that homosexual military personnel will be indulging in the exhibitionism that seems to be an integral part of ‘being Gay’. I expect to read in the near future of ‘Gay’ military parades through city streets and ‘Gay’ military floats in ‘Gay Pride’ events. The result of this homosexual victory will not be that this issue quietly dies and sexual behavior ceases to distract our military. Quite the opposite, for deviant overt sexual behavior will now proliferate in the military. The next steps from a jubilant element in the Pentagon will include the bureaucratic issuing of reams of guidelines for troops, the appointment of many ‘Sensitivity’ councilors (all of them homosexual) and the quiet but relentless enforced retirement of good servicemen who are unwilling to enthusiastically embrace this new Human Right. Many other effective and expensively trained military personnel-most of them at the sharp end of combat- will also not renew their service. None of the financial cost and the cost in good personnel will be monitored by the Pentagon, for what is relevant to our new rulers and their lackeys, beyond furthering the revolutionary social agenda that is being forced upon us?

I heard the formidable Ann Coulter being interviewed about DADT yesterday on Talk Radio and as usual she made a great point. “What was wrong with DADT?” (a Clinton policy!) She asked. “We won’t ask and you needn’t tell”. She made the point that we do not need to know about anyone’s private sexual behavior in any situation whether it be the military, a factory or an office. As she said, DADT did not need to cause anyone a problem. Of course, this logic is irrelevant, for the current issue is not about setting sex to one side so that the military can get on with its job but is about the revolutionary agenda of our new Ruling Class. Here is what the abolition of DADT is about!

It is about advancing the much larger agenda of the powerful Homosexual element in the Media Class. Like the issue of Same Sex Marriage (which is not truly about marriage) it is another step in putting homosexuality at the center of our culture. It reverses past cultural norms by revealing, publicizing and popularizing sexual behavior instead of privatizing it. That it is about abnormal sex is so much the better. The Media Class which now rules in the USA and elsewhere is preoccupied with sex. How else can we explain the content of modern News, Magazines, Fashion, Pop music, Theater, Cinema, novels, much academic research and Advertizing? Since normal un-perverted sex within heterosexual marriage is both private and unexceptional, it is not open to exploitation either as entertainment or as a propaganda weapon. For the Media Class normal private sex is boring and unsuitable for its purposes. Our new Ruling Class, surely the most shallow and dysfunctional Class to ever find itself elevated to power by technology, is constantly searching for novelty, the power to shock and the weapons necessary to destroy its predecessor. It is dominated by wealthy Hollywood neurotics, exhibitionists and perverts; and complemented by TV, Advertizing and Fashion people (what people apart from lawyers and politicians could be more dishonest and preoccupied with the superficial?). These are people who for the most part are grossly materialist and hedonistic. Drugs, alcohol, novelty, shock and the search for new thrills are their chief characteristics and the evidence can be found in their magazines, any day’s News headlines, gossip columns and obituaries. For all of these people, their own lives and their work demand that sex be dragged out of the Christian closet and placed at the center of our civilization, where it can be exploited, trivialized and endlessly paraded in new and shocking forms. It is like the drugs that fuel their parties and expensive discos.

What has added vigor and stamina to the Homosexual agenda that nestles within the greater Media Class agenda is an affinity with the revolutionary Socialist agenda of its Leftist allies. For these Leftists too it is necessary to destroy the old Christian culture and the Armed Forces that are imbued with Christian culture and which recruit patriots from the traditional family. Opening the American Armed Forces to homosexuals is another blow to military effectiveness. For Leftists, American military power is an obstacle to their World Government agenda- unless that power can be transferred into the hands of those who share a hatred of Christianity, the traditional family and free speech. One can see how a homosexual-dominated military might one day be used to suppress conservative, Christian and Nationalist counter-revolutionary opposition.

And so, in Congress and in the politicized Pentagon, the shared agenda of the Media Class and its Leftist allies has been able to advance the process that began with the feminization of the military. Military effectiveness was greatly weakened with the introduction of women and the desegregation of male and female. The means to prove this are denied us, for the Pentagon suppresses the evidence, but sheer common sense tells us that this is so. No statistics will ever be revealed showing how many male soldiers have been discharged or demoted as a result of heterosexual relationships, rapes, assaults and ‘inappropriate’ behaviors with female comrades. Nor how many female soldiers become pregnant. The public will never be told the cost of sensitivity training, investigations, Court Marshalls and extra facilities-all of these costs coming out of a military budget that should be solely for military effectiveness. With the opening up of the Military to active homosexuals the public will also never be told the cost and problems generated. Instead our Media will be filled with stories of homosexual courage and sacrifice under fire.

Let us end with some more common sense on this issue. Young men, the ones called upon to do the real fighting in time of war, have powerful sexual urges that always threaten to overtake them, especially if these urges are inflamed. An all-male military force was a safe-guard. Indeed sexual urges are both powerful and often irrational in any age group and there are endless examples of men (and some women) destroying careers, families and reputations as a result of temptation coming their way. The modern desegregated workplace is full of such cases, though such workplaces rarely revolve around the life and death scenario that is warfare. The introduction and normalization of homosexuality within the military will surely result in greater numbers of homosexuals entering the military, many of them motivated by the availability of sexual partners. This will be bad enough for a peacetime force but disastrous for battle ground fighting. Until recently, sexual attraction has been minimized in the Armed Forced and sexual expression banished to life outside the barracks and decks. They have now, quite deliberately, been imported into the center of Service life. Those responsible are not concerned with maintaining military effectiveness but are pursuing a revolutionary social agenda. The ultimate aim, for the Homosexuals in the Media Class, is the elevation of homosexuality into a central place in our lives and the power to enforce our compliance as parents with the use of laws that will, under the guise of protecting Human Rights and advancing progress, suppress our right to protest. We will now be forced to submit to the next ‘Human Rights’ issue on the Homosexuals’ agenda. I am sure they have many more obstacles to clear in their march to untrammeled access to the Nation’s children.

Our recommended musical piece for this week is George Benson’s recording of ‘On Broadway’. Recorded in 1978, when Benson had made his transition from Jazz to popular music, but was still bringing his jazz guitar into his music, this number has everything, a stunning and dramatic introduction, great singing, a story to tell, appropriate atmosphere, an excellent Tommy LiPuma arrangement and some outstanding vocal/guitar unison scat singing by Benson. By the time this piece was recorded popular music was in rapid decline, but Benson brought with him a fine reputation and experience as a jazz guitarist and this version is genuinely exciting and timeless. The song itself, catchy and with a good lyric, was originally recorded by the Drifters.

My weather reporter in Devon and her assistant in Hertfordshire confirm that the Arctic weather in the UK shows no sign of retreating. The Polar bears recently sighted at Starcross have fled North in search of Global Warming. The good news is that Starcross is still not under water despite rising sea levels in the Indian Ocean.

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