Cruz/Kasich Pact Has An Unpleasant Smell

It is possible that in Indiana and beyond in Oregon and New Mexico, the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ signed by Cruz and Kasich will enable one and then the other to top Trump with the popular vote. Kasich is not going to campaign in Indiana from now on and Cruz is not going to campaign in Oregon and New Mexico They are hoping that a decisive portion of their respective followers will temporarily switch allegiance and hand Cruz an Indiana victory and Kasich Oregon and New Mexico victories, thus denying Trump more wins and delegates.

There is nothing technically improper about this temporary pact but there is something sneaky and school-boyish about it. In the first paragraph I referred to it as a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ but in reality it is nothing of the sort. It is better described as an ‘unprincipled alliance’, for Cruz and Kasich have no more in common with each other than either have with Trump.

The two are not competing for the same voters, for we can assume that their respective supporters are as far apart in beliefs as the candidates themselves. Are we to believe that the supporters also are unprincipled? Cruz and Kasich obviously think so!

Their intention is to deny the clear front-runner the last few delegates short of the winning post and thus drag the Republican Party into a process of wheeling and dealing at the Convention. Kasich has said that his purpose is to grant the Party a chance to avoid a potential loser and instead pick a winner in Cleveland. He clearly hopes to be the Party’s ultimate choice, yet he has been unable to win any State other than his own and has often trailed in a straggling third.

What we are witnessing is two men who, unable to get anywhere near to winning in the main event, are each happy to snatch points and a victory on technicalities. It would be illuminating to know who initiated this losers compact. Cruz is certainly desperate to win the nomination by any means and has unwittingly revealed that his motivation is personal ambition and not ideals. He is happy to benefit from the Party’s old and despised methods that were adopted to give power to the insiders.

The effect of this losers’ pact is to make Trump look clean-cut, even a little heroic and above the fray. Trump is not, of course ‘clean-cut’, but a street fighter, this being one of the reasons we need him at this time, and he will have a field day tearing apart this pact and releasing its smelly innards. Expect his percentages in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island to reach a new ‘peak’ as a consequence.

The Mainstream Media, the propaganda and disinformation arm of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies, is carefully avoiding mention of a brutal murder in Arkansas. In the interests of truth and honesty we must do our small bit to spread real news. Bryan Thompson, a 17 year old, was sitting in his car when he was murdered in cold blood. It is rumored that his throat was cut. His alleged assailants were three youths, two of them with a history of crime. They were reported to be Xavier Porter aged 17, Trevone Miller aged 14, and Quincy Parker aged 15.

The single reason this brutal murder is not mentioned by the MSM is that the victim was White and the alleged killers are Black. If the racial differences were reversed the MSM would be all over the crime and it would be described as a Hate Crime. All MSM ‘news’ is limited to serve an agenda.

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