Criminality and Tolerance

The masses who get their news from the UK’s Mainstream Media will likely not be aware that two more Labour Party ex-Cabinet Ministers have just been caught in a sting operation offering to sell political influence for cash. This brings the number to six so far- and all Cabinet or former Cabinet Ministers. Even though this disgraceful news will be published in the newspaper responsible for the ‘sting’ operation, it will be quickly buried and most certainly will not make international news. This latest scandal for Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Government comes on top of the expenses scandal that has revealed that countless MP’s of all three major Parties have been fiddling their expenses claims for years. Indeed the corruption now emerging amongst MP’s of all Westminster Parties is so commonplace that it scarcely has an effect on voters. Many of the fiddlers who have been brought to public notice and forced to pay back large sums were identified by a member of the BNP, who is a former policeman. He has yet to receive any credit for his latest public service. Indeed he is likely to be persecuted for having caused so much embarrassment to the vultures who now govern Britain.

This corruption in the UK’s public life was not always so and once would not have been tolerated by the people. Inevitably there were always a few crooks who made their way into Parliament and local councils but I can confidently say that corruption amongst politicians was rare until at least the 1960’s, perhaps even a decade or two later. The few cases that did occur, like the one surrounding architect John Poulson and T Dan Smith the city boss of Newcastle, shocked the British people and the members of the political Parties. Today’s conveyor belt of scandal seems to shock neither the mainstream Parties nor the public. Britain, once the leader in the World for clean government, is now no better than any corrupt Banana Republic. There is an explanation and it applies to any country where the Media Class sets the standards of behavior.

In the 1950’s, the UK was governed by ‘old-fashioned’ people, the British people themselves were ‘old-fashioned’ people and the Media was not a governing Class. The Media was forced to reflect the people’s values or go out of business. Entertainment people were always Bohemian and were probably not happy having to kow-tow to old-fashioned values but entertainers who behaved shockingly in their private lives were mostly ruined when found out. Program makers had to be extremely careful about trying to reshape the people’s morals and attempts to float immoral lifestyles through entertainment had to be tiptoed through much camouflage. In the UK Mary Whitehouse, a middle class lady who believed that TV and films should reinforce Christian standards, led a movement and was the bane of the Media people. Few realized it at the time, but the intrepid Mrs. Whitehouse was fighting a losing battle as the Media Class grew ever more powerful. Eventually she was isolated and ridiculed in much the same way as was George W Bush in his Presidency and now Sarah Palin. It is probably possible to chart the rise of the Media Class with the downfall of Mrs. Whitehouse.

Mrs. Whitehouse was, of course, ‘old -fashioned’. So were most of the uniformed police-men who enforced the laws in her time. So were almost all of the local government and civil service workers of the 1950’s and early 1960’s and so were many MP’s. We can justly describe Enoch Powell, the Rev. Ian Paisley, Harold MacMillan and Joe Grimond as ‘old-fashioned’. We don’t have to agree with their politics but we can agree that these politicians were honest and believed that public life should be clean. One of the characteristics of being ‘old-fashioned’ is being judgmental, especially about moral behavior. I think it is highly likely that the ‘old-fashioned’ person who believes that those who enter public life should not do so to feed at the trough, is also likely to consider that sodomy is a perversion and undignified and that the Nation’s independence is not to be sold off for temporary gain. To be blunt, I believe that those ‘modern’ people who claim that Nationhood is ‘old-fashioned, that heterosexual family life is ‘old-fashioned’, that Judeo-Christian values are ‘old-fashioned’ and that we should be ‘inclusive’, non-judgmental, and tolerant of different lifestyles, are responsible for the corruptness that now characterizes politicians and public servants and for the public that is no longer shocked.

The BNP would like to turn the clock back in order to create an ‘old-fashioned’ Britain. Their Britain would be a Britain that was judgmental about real crime (and not the crimes of political correctness), about morals and about National identity. For this they are in the cross-hairs of the Media Class and all the political pigs who are feeding at the trough. I am not sure that the British people who have long been brainwashed by the Media’s propaganda and indoctrinated with Leftist public education will want to live in an ‘old-fashioned’ Britain but we can only hope. More likely the fast-approaching General Election in the UK will see the old corrupt Parties once again dominating Parliament. The ruling Media Class will continue to create a Britain that is corrupt, immoral and heading to extinction.

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