Crawford Ranch “Drama”: Star Status

The Media frenzy at Crawford continues with the news that Cindy Sheehan is leaving for a family crisis, but will return to her “mission” in due course. We are assured by the Media that others will carry on her protest until then. A few celebs have been down to add the weight of their presence and more will drop in, in the days ahead.

We can rest assured that the Media too, will continue their “Vigil” and send back headline stuff. Sheehan has even eclipsed the Madonna accident and another accident to an actress on a film set. In case you think that these accidents are trivial compared to the injuries the heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan are taking daily and which receive no Media attention or plaudits, remember that they are happening to important people. Cindy Sheehan has now joined the “important people”, at least for a time. She should enjoy the fame whilst it lasts, though it may be prolonged by a film story of her life and “struggle”, with Oliver Stone of Hollywood altering all the facts in his inimitable manner. And all Cindy wanted was another meeting with George Bush!

Meanwhile, how is Madonna? This column fervently prays that she is recovering and will soon be strong enough to join Cindy at Crawford and perhaps utter a few wise words about Bush’s War.1 Now that really would make the Media people salivate.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal carried an op-ed piece by Ronald Griffin entitled “Cindy Sheehan does not speak for me”. Mr Griffin lost a son in Iraq and supports the cause his son died for. What is telling however, is that the reporting in the Journal is still all about Cindy. It is probably impossible to hire a reporter or an editor who holds a conservative or patriotic viewpoint, so rest assured that Cindy’s limelight will continue, even in the Wall Street Journal.

The Media Class is frothing at its collective mouth at this opportunity to damage the US President and undermine the war effort. Cindy’s place in the sun is safe for the time being.

1. Madonna thanks France for opposition to Iraq war

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