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For visitors to this website who are not familiar with the Tea Party Movement, here is a little background. The Movement was triggered last year as a grass-roots revolt against the Obama/Pelosi policies of Big Government spending, the Health Care Bill and the emerging Socialist strategy of the Democrat Congress. Many voters who had stayed at home in the 2008 election as a protest against the Bush White House and the Republican Party’s record of Government expansion and public debt, began to realize that Obama and his comrades were much more Leftist than they had imagined. Many rank-and-file Republicans who had voted whilst holding their noses were equally alarmed. But what has added to the mix and turned what might have been merely a Republican backlash to losing power into a potent force has been the addition to the protestors ranks of many self-identified ‘independents’.

On last year’s tax day (April 15th is the last day for filing annual tax returns), protestors gathered on a Common near Boston and many other places around the US to coincide with the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party. The turn-out of protestors was remarkably high and so was their rage and thus was born the grass-roots Tea Party Movement. Since then the Movement has spread like wildfire across the US, no doubt fuelled by the grubby passage through Congress of the Health Care Bill and Obama’s blatant lying on almost every issue. The Movement has drawn much of its strength from the energy of people who normally do not get much involved in politics. Although many rank-and-file Republicans are part of it, the official Republican Party, with its modern record of earmark spending and scandals, has been left in the Movement’s slipstream. The Tea Partiers are, judging by their banners and speeches, representing a re-birth of Reagonite conservative values which have been increasingly abandoned by the Republican Establishment. The protestors are very anti Washington, anti Government spending, but supporters of the original intent of the Constitution and patriotic. They believe, with justification, that they are reasserting traditional American values. As the Movement has grown, so Obama’s support has visibly and dramatically dropped. The Tea Party Movement and its effect on public opinion, has been credited with bringing about the Republican post-2008 election victories in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Many leaders in the Republican Party are now scrambling to catch up with the Movement and the conservative radio Talk Show hosts have maximized the Movement’s publicity.

Given that the Movement is spearheading a rebellion against the Obama Government and is providing a vehicle for conservative values both financial and moral, it is not difficult to imagine the fear and fury of the Media Class. The Mainstream Media (MSM), as is often the case, was at first caught off-guard by the Tea Partiers but eventually realized that this was a most dangerous counter-revolutionary force and a potent threat to the continuation of the Obama revolution. And so, a united Media Class campaign against the Tea Party Movement has clicked into gear. The result has been a torrent of Media stories aimed at painting the Movement as (1) White, (2) Racist, (3) Extremist, (4) Intolerant (code language for anti-immigrant and anti-homosexual), (5) Christian (code for bigoted), (6) Violent. Any website visitor who has regularly read our articles will be able to add the many other accusations that go with the above. So will members of the UK’s BNP which has long experienced Media Class targeting of this virulence.

Every day the MSM, (which includes AP, Reuters, ABC radio News, all TV networks – except Fox News, and virtually every Newspaper and Magazine) has carried stories which caricature and slander the Tea Party gatherings. To read these daily ‘reports’ one has to conclude that the Movement is infested with Nazis, KKK activists and trigger-happy homophobes. I attended a Tea Party gathering last Fall (as an observer) and can vouch for the ordinariness and respectability of the people. There was a smattering of Black, Asian and Hispanics amongst the crowd and for all I know there may have been a few homosexuals protesting against the high taxes on small business. The MSM smears and accusations being leveled against the Movement are clearly orchestrated lies. No-one yet has been able to show a video clip on either the MSM or the Internet which provides the slightest evidence of racism or violence. The only violence has been that of Leftists employed against the Tea Partiers. And so what if some person in these huge crowds is an extremist of some sort or just plain mad?

Visitors to this website will find the only believable explanation as to why virtually the whole Media is engaged in smearing a popular and peaceful political force with brazen lies. How else can this orchestrated response by every part of the Media be explained other than it is the natural reaction of a Class that is advancing a revolutionary agenda of its own? The problem for the Media Class is that the Tea Party Movement is now a mainstream populist one and accusations of extremism against it are becoming implausible. Attempts to build a rival (Leftist) Coffee Party Movement have failed despite much energetic Media reporting. Internet reports have confirmed that such groups that have met have drawn numbers as high as 7 plus the eager reporter! Enter This website has been calling for Leftist volunteers to infiltrate tomorrow’s big Tea Party events and shout out racist words like ‘nigger’, and to carry extremist slogans and to get interviews with the colluding Media reporters in which to spout extreme and violent views. These can then be attributed to the Tea Party people. The website founder, Jason Levin, has now been exposed as an Oregon public school teacher – no surprise there!

The Tea Party organizers are fearful of Levin’s tactic, and with very good reason, though only on this website will you find the truly convincing explanation as to why their fear is justified. It is because the Media Class has the power and the motivation to turn Levin’s amateur attempts at planting agent provocateurs, into a month or more of damaging headlines and accusing columns of print. You see, reader, when a Class holds such power as the Media Class now holds, it can find and use any event, distort it, camouflage it and amplify it and endlessly present it to a gullible public as overwhelming evidence against those it fears. Not everyone will believe such Media smears but nevertheless a great deal of damage is done and there is always more in the Media Class armory. The Leftist thugs can attack and intimidate the Right, homosexuals can attack Christians who campaign for real marriage, Leftist politicians can steal, lie and fornicate with impunity and Obama can get away with anything and the Media Class has the power to ignore or cover up whilst manufacturing scandals for the Right. Anyone who thinks I exaggerate should try to find in the MSM a report of last week’s violent and brutal attack on two Republican workers in New Orleans. Just imagine if the victims had been two Democrats in Texas! Jason Levin’s plot possesses no power except as a vehicle for the Media Class. He is not the real enemy of the people, but like Cindy Sheehan and other mediocre Leftists over the years, he is a tool for those who have real power and a revolutionary agenda.

Here in California it continues cold and cloudy. I am told that in Starcross, Devon on the Exe estuary in England, the sea level is still the same as it was 100 years ago. I am sure these anecdotal reports on climate do nothing to refute the UN scientists’ claims of global warming!

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