Copenhagen – The Vultures Gather

As the world’s vultures (‘leaders’) flock to feast expensively in Copenhagen, it is worth pondering the illuminating context of this hysterical Global Warming farce. First, here in mid-California, I am looking out on a Christmas card scene as the hills and mountains visible from my home are covered in snow. For those familiar with California’s East Bay area, it might come as a surprise to know that Tracey, the Altamont Pass, the Diablo Range, the Pleasanton Hills and the Sunol Grade are all coated with snow on this Monday morning. Even the Santa Cruz Mountains on the coast are capped with snow. As temperatures stay in the low 30’s and dipped to the mid 20’s last night, we are experiencing yet another unusually cold winter, in fact, colder than last year. And all this after a cooler than usual summer! Way down in Texas, Houston’s residents shiver and dig away snow. All over the US people are experiencing an early winter and unusually low temperatures so one might expect the Mainstream Media (MSM) to be questioning what is going on in Denmark. Not at all! Last night I heard on the news the selected pleas of Filipinos begging for action against Global warming before the Philippines suffers the fate of Atlantis. Yet today I read an article by environmentalist activist (and now a Global Warming skeptic) Bjorn Lomborg explaining how the well-publicized disappearing snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania have been melting since at least 1890 and are now melting more slowly than 50 years ago. This apparently has nothing to do with Global Warming and everything to do with a shift around of climate in the area that has been taking place over 100 years.

If I pour a cup of water into a half-filled bath, it is not long before the water level rises uniformly over the whole bath. I mention this simple and obvious fact because all of the world’s oceans and seas, with the exception of the few that are landlocked, are inter-connected. The Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea et al are joined. If large amounts of water are added to the extremes at the North and South Pole surely the water level of the English Channel will soon rise to the same level as the water surrounding the Philippines? If the level of the South China Sea is rising and threatening the lives of Filipinos then what of the future of little Starcross, a village that nestles only a few feet above sea level on the Exe Estuary in rain-soaked Devon in the UK? Here, the English Channel is a mere twenty or so miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

I can write with some authority about Starcross for I lived there for some years in a house that was only a few feet above the level of the Exe Estuary at high tide. Near my house there were tunnels under the coastal railway line to allow the sea to enter our housing estate so that we could launch small boats into the estuary at high tide. I still have friends living there and the tunnels, which must date back to the building of the Great Western Railway, are also still there. My friends, who I spoke to on the telephone this last weekend, report that the sea still comes up the tunnels to the same height as it has for the last 70 years at least. How can this be if sea levels are suddenly rising and threatening the poor of the world on islands and coasts? As we constantly write on this website: ‘Believe your own lying eyes’.

In the context of Copenhagen we might also mention the great scandal of ‘Climate-gate’, not that the MSM is mentioning it other than to dismiss it. We forecast on this website just a week ago that those conservatives and other ‘warming’ skeptics who believed that ‘Climate-gate’ would hit the headlines and sink the Global Warming scam, were living in an alternative universe. As we predicted, the MSM has had no difficulty stifling this huge scandal and restricting it to the Internet, Fox News and the conservative outposts of American Talk Radio. In the UK, where free speech has long been outlawed and conservative Talk Radio is strictly prohibited (and ever more shall be so!) and only the Internet provides forbidden news, the ‘Climate-gate’ scandal has only been taken up by the almost-outlawed British National Party. We on the Right who believe that speech should be free and facts palatable or unpalatable made available to all, should not deceive ourselves that the masses of the East and West are informed about anything. Indeed in the West they are brainwashed with Leftist propaganda even when watching pro-Sport and Soaps on TV. It is no surprise to Radical and Right that opinion polls reveal that the world’s masses believe that man-made Global Warming is a dire threat and that those who are assembling in Copenhagen do so with the intention of saving the world. The MSM is their teacher!

As these crooks from around the world gather in Denmark, brought by some 147 private jets, deposited into hundreds of specially imported limousines (only 5 electric cars spotted!) and banquet at taxpayers expense, we might reflect that they are producing more CO2 than many poor Nations combined manage to produce in a year. When we observe the lifestyles of these Global Warming warriors, both at home and in Copenhagen, we have to be struck by the absence of frugality. Consider Al Gore relaxing in his obscene, fuel-consuming mansion, Obama jetting to his next golf course or entertaining his hundreds of rich guests in the White House, and the hordes of Hollywood celebrities who, when not pontificating about the world’s poor and the need for carbon trades, gorge on lobster, heroin and alcohol before another orgy of sodomy. We love old English sayings on this website for they remain relevant through the ages. ‘By their deeds shall ye know them’ is surely a grim reminder that these vultures in Copenhagen have no fear of Global Warming but are intent on establishing Global Government and the sooner the better. The world is their carcass!

What is it about Global Government that makes them salivate? It is nothing short of engineering a revolution and a Leftist one at that. For the politicians of the First, Second and Third World, Global Government is the opportunity to enjoy the swill in the taxpayer-funded trough, suppressing and controlling the masses, whilst living the life of Riley. Expenses, expenses, expenses, privileged health care, no tax liabilities, unlimited sex – normal and perverted – and unlimited travel, in short, the lifestyle of members of the UN writ large. For the Media people who rule us in the West and who already enjoy luxury and privilege, the reward is gaining control of all legislation, for then it is possible to impose on the world a new morality and the obliteration of the old Christian morality that shames them.

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