Copenhagen! All Hot Air and Scoundrels!

As we continue to freeze here in California and the rogues gathering in Copenhagen snuggle into limousines and plush hotels it was helpful this morning to hear on KSFO Talk Radio, Iain Murray, a VP of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He was explaining to the excellent host Lee Rodgers the four basic ingredients of the Climate-Gate scandal as revealed by the leaked emails. I found the four very enlightening, summed up thus:

The climate ‘scientists’ of Cambridge – described by Mr. Murray as the Pentagon of the Global Warming campaign – have been attempting to document climate temperatures for the past thousand years to date, via tree rings and other seemingly scientific means. Their results have not shown a sudden and recent warming, but a flattening in the last ten years. Since this does not make the case for the current warming alarm, the emails reveal that the ‘scientists’ have been doctoring the facts and conspiring with their comrades around the world to do so.

They have also been attempting to conceal the fact that over these last 1000 years, the climate has gone through cycles with extremes. Instead they attempted, as their emails prove, to falsely show the climate as having been stable for all of that time until the advent of increased carbon emissions.

Their emails show that they have conspired with their comrades around the world to suppress the truth and isolate and silence all the scientists who disagreed with the warming predictions.

They have conspired to destroy the records from which they worked in order to avoid exposure under the UK Freedom of Information Act.
Murray, when asked by Lee Rodgers why scientists would stoop to fake science, pointed out that there is much money to be made from jumping on the Global Warming bandwagon. Not only have tax-payer millions been poured into ‘proving’ warming and man-made causation, but many big companies, such as Al Gore’s, stand to clean up billions by complying with new legislation aimed at ‘saving the planet’. Many scientists have seen the opprobrium poured on dissenters, research grants withdrawn and jobs lost, and stayed silent.

On this website however we look for the underlying causes that have given rise to this wholesale corruption of science. Surely, the decades after the 1950’s have been characterized by the relentless march of corruption through the professions and occupations, including journalism, psychiatry, psychology, nursing, education, social work, law and law enforcement, entertainment, politics and Unions. By corruption, we do not primarily refer to financial corruption – though some of that has long been present in politics and unions – but the complete abandonment of objective principles of truth, of honest debate, of the toleration of dissent and of free speech. Almost all professionalized intellectual and other activities have undergone a process of rapid politicization since the 1970’s. Psychologists now can no longer freely debate the IQ of races or the causes of homosexual behavior. Policemen can no longer speak honestly about which ‘communities’ incubate crime. Social workers and Social work researchers can no longer honestly comment on those lifestyles and cultures that breed hordes of neglected children and dysfunctional people. Educators are amongst the worse for suppressing dissent, enforcing uniformity in their ranks and embracing double-speak. Read any National report on failing schools, and groups that are failing to make progress, and you will not find anywhere the bald truth. Terms like, the ‘disadvantaged’, the ‘poor’ and ‘minorities’ are used, always avoiding the fact that some minorities, no matter how poor, are not failing. Rarely is any criticism made of parents for kid’s school failure and no fingers must be pointed at specific groups. From science to teaching, from psychology to entertainment, a political correctness has been both nurtured and imposed on every aspect of life that once served to generate ideas, unfettered research and unlimited and free debate. It was not always so. Not so many years ago, professional people could be trusted to have high standards of intellectual integrity. How has this become the exception, except that a revolution has taken place and a new ruling Class has taken power with an agenda?

We should not be surprised that scientists have been imposing uniformity on their ranks and suppressing truth, for they are products of educational indoctrination and pursue a political agenda that is shared with virtually every other organized group. The agenda is clearly a Leftist one for it furthers the growth of Government and what is known as collectivism. It holds that a greater good justifies any means. No doubt the Cambridge scientists and their comrades around the world are happy to take the money on offer for providing the ‘right’ facts, but surely they are also part of the greater ideological movement that abhors Christianity, the Nation, the traditional family and conservative individualism. The conspiracies that have taken hold of the professions have succeeded because the new Media Class has allowed them too, indeed encouraged and orchestrated them. This Media Class, on its march to political power, has invaded and corrupted every aspect of life by concealing facts, persecuting opponents of the lifestyles it craves to normalize, and rewriting history. Some commentators are surprised that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has buried ‘Climate-Gate’. We on this website expected nothing else.

One interesting and illuminating question needs to be asked! Do these scientists actually believe in an imminent global-warming catastrophe when they know they have fixed the statistics? Surely they must be quite cynical? Do the vultures gathering in Copenhagen actually believe that the world is on the cusp of a climate crisis? As we say on this website “By their deeds shall ye know them” and in Copenhagen we can see that these UN scoundrels, the assembled politicians including Obama, the moneymakers like Al Gore, the mincing Hollywood posers and warblers of the pop world never spend one moment exercising the frugality they wish to impose on the masses. We are forced to arrive at the conclusion that not one of these Copenhagen Fat Cats loses a moment’s sleep about global warming. Has the world ever seen such a gathering of crooks and hypocrites?

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