Conservatives! Why We Lost The Election

In the aftermath of November 6th the inquests into the Romney defeat continue unabated. All of those that appear in the Mainstream Media can be ignored by Conservatives, for they are wholly tainted. Their authors are bought and paid for by the Ruling Media Class and whilst some articles may contain a grain of truth here or there – to gain credibility with us – the writers are bent on sowing seeds of dissension in our ranks and plotting the destruction of all counter-revolutionary forces.

This morning (Thursday) I spent a while listening to Rush Limbaugh, who has spent the days of his return to the Golden Microphone attempting to explain Obama’s victory and our defeat. Rush is greatly depressed as he tells his audience he is coming to terms with the election choices of the American people. I have never heard Rush so downbeat, but given the catastrophe that is unfolding in America, his pessimism is justified, even if he is only partially right about the causes. If he had been visiting this website these last few years he and Romney would not now be so surprised by the election result.

Rush rightly points out that Obama is, and always has been, pursuing the goal of ‘transforming America’, and is succeeding in his goal. We would say that ‘transforming’ is an understated word for ‘revolutionizing’, and we have long pointed out that the USA is in the midst of a Revolution and that those who are resisting the Revolution are, ipso facto, Counter-revolutionaries. That includes Rush!

Obama is certainly leading a Revolution from the White House but it is erroneous to view him as anything other than a tool for more powerful interests. For sure, his commitment is to the Revolutionary Cause and, like the good actor he is, he reads his words well, whether those words are addressed to his counter-revolutionary enemies, the gullible American masses, his tribe, the street mobs and Union thugs, or his paymasters in Hollywood. At the moment he is speaking softly to his Republican opponents as he readies them for surrender or political annihilation by Media headlines. Soon he will be on TV addressing the gullible masses as he promises to be working night and day (with sleeves rolled up) to avert the fiscal cliff. On other days he will be addressing his tribal comrades and playing on their racial resentments towards rich White men – he is particularly good at this for their resentments are also his. Then it will be on to the Government Union thugs, where he will promise to grow Government and increase their powers over working people. Finally he will be down in Hollywood and the other enclaves where the rich perverts and Media masters live, sat in secret meetings and promising to advance their revolutionary moral agenda by stealth and through the education of children, until the Government has enough power to impose it and root out the ‘bigots’ once and for all.

We have long asserted that Obama is himself a Revolutionary, and is the spokesman for a Revolutionary Class but he is no Lenin, no Trotsky, no Rosa Luxemburg and no Marx. He is a reader of lines, an actor, with very limited intellectual powers, ignorant of history, economics and philosophical literature – in short, a political lightweight. His close advisors and mentors are intellectually unsophisticated Chicago Democrat Ward politicians who understand how to play dirty and have few scruples. For them, winning can best be achieved by taking off the gloves and stooping as low as possible – and to the winner, the spoils. Such people, lacking in intellect, would never have won the White House without the power and resources of an emerging Ruling Class which has full control of the Media. In short we are saying that Obama’s electoral success is due primarily to the massive propaganda powers of the Media Class. The rest of his success is down to the street power and finances of the Media Class’ main ally (the Public Sector Unions), indoctrination in the schools and colleges, and control over much of the election machinery.

Despite all the advantages of a sloping playing field, Obama did not vanquish the Counter-revolutionary forces, for they remain almost 48% of the voting public. We have contended in previous articles that Obama’s vote was substantially inflated by fraudulent voters and that the Romney vote may well have been skimmed by other fraud. The Revolutionary forces that have promoted Obama with their time and money and who are desperate to transform society into a mirror image of themselves, will stop at nothing to win and have the means to corrupt any electoral process and many people. Just as his Leftist comrades believe that the means justify the ends, so his rich Libertine masters will stop at nothing to erase the old Judeo/Christian America that they detest.

Day by day, those of us who carefully read the small print of the Internet, are confronted by the nature of today’s sexual Revolutionaries and their shameless and intimidating aggression. We Conservatives and Christians should not ignore or trivialize what we see, any more than Jews in pre-Nazi Germany should have ignored the uncouth and violent behavior of Ernst Roehm’s ‘Brownshirts’. Watch on Zombietime the strutting and ugly perverts who parade and fornicate in San Francisco’s main streets! Follow and remember the fraudulent accusations of rape and brutality by lesbians seeking publicity from a colluding Media! Learn from the invasions of and desecration of Churches and the attacks on pro-marriage businesses by ‘activists’. This very week, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has approvingly reported the invasion of Speaker Boehner’s offices by 3 women and 4 men, who stripped naked in front of crowds and Media photographers to exhibit slogans. Led by 40 year old Jennifer Flynn of New York City, these AIDS ‘activists’ revealed a frightening picture that we all ignore at our peril.

Most Americans are largely unaware of the widespread incidents and demonstrations that are aimed at intimidating Christians and Conservatives, for the MSM carefully screens them, but some Internet sites are more instructive. No doubt many Conservatives see these events of disgusting and aggressive behavior as unconnected and isolated actions by crazy people – in doing so they miss the big picture. We on this Website do not miss it and as always we ask some pertinent questions and draw conclusions.

How can people (outside of asylum inmates) go to some very public place and seek publicity by stripping? What kind of mindset does this demand? Not only do they strip but their bodies are daubed with slogans – often deliberately vile – and they look into the cameras and give interviews to reporters. My first question is ‘Do they have jobs?’ I ask this because for most of us it would mean the end of a career, probably the end of our employment prospects. Scandalous behavior usually has consequences at work. ‘Do they have family?’ What kind of family is happy to see a relative behaving like this in public? ‘Do they have neighbors and if so, what sort of people are the neighbors?’ In every neighborhood I have ever lived in – and most of them very working class – I would fear that the neighbors would laugh at me at best. These demonstrators and their ilk have no shame, no self respect, no inhibitions and are presumably driven by fanaticism. They must inhabit communities that are as abnormal as they are. They are, in fact, dangerous fanatics, lacking shame and perpetually seeking confrontation on any excuse. They are the lower echelons of the perverts who now infest our Ruling Class and they show us that for their cause no action is too disgusting, too hostile and too uninhibited. They are growing in numbers, ever more hostile and aggressive to opponents, ever bolder, and increasingly encouraged and orchestrated by the MSM and ignored by the Authorities. The Boehner naked demonstrators (we can assume they were Lesbians and Homosexuals) were demanding more be spent by us taxpayers on AIDS prevention and treatment. Here we have a disease that afflicts the wealthiest minority (and one of the best educated) in the Western World and is entirely avoidable by sexual abstinence. It is also largely avoidable by careful personal hygiene around sexual behavior, yet nowhere in the limited public debate that the MSM permits can we ask why we taxpayers should fund the consequences of dirty and perverted behavior. Instead we are increasingly being publicly intimidated by shameless hatemongers who experience no consequences for their behavior. You have been warned!

Rush tells us that Obama and his comrades seek to transform America. “To what?” is our question to him? Rush thinks he answers his question by pointing to Europe, but he is wrong, for Europe is also in ‘transition’, invaded by Muslim Imperialists and rotting from within, its Ruling and political Classes infested with perverts. In the UK this week, it is reported that in Rotherham (Yorkshire) the local Social Services Department has removed two children from long-term foster care because the foster parents have revealed that they support the United Kingdom Independence Party. The UKIP is a milque-toast quasi-Nationalist Party far to the Left of the BNP on immigration and it has long refrained from expressing any condemnation of the widespread persecution of BNP members. Indeed the UKIP frequently benefits from friendly MSM publicity at election times in order to deprive the genuine Nationalist Parties (especially the BNP) of support. Now it is finding that for the UK’s Leftist activists, even its mild Nationalism is intolerable. The Leftists, whose alliance with the Ruling Media Class has granted them so much more power, are impatient to reach their goal of Socialist Totalitarianism. Our Website visitors would do well to re-read Orwell’s ‘1984’, for we believe that he was only wrong in his prediction of totalitarianism by some 50 years.

Like the Lefists in the UK, Obama, his Media Class masters and their Leftist allies are also intent on incrementally destroying all genuine American opposition (we Counter-revolutionaries). Their radical moral agenda and their goal of totalitarianism through redistribution of wealth from the middle classes to the under-classes can only proceed quickly and surely at the expense of the personal freedom of the masses. Rush fails to see that the Revolution in morality is the priority of our new Ruling Class, even above the economic transition that is more visible in Obama’s policies. He also fails to note that our new Rulers do not intend to be included in the wealth transition. We can be sure that the Hollywood billionaires and multi-millionaires, the Soros/Buffet crowd, the Tim Gills and their like will not be poorer under the taxation that is meant to ensure ‘fairness’. Nor will Obama and Michelle, who now will spend more than $4m of our taxes on a vacation trip to Hawaii.

Perhaps our Website visitors should also re-read Orwell’s Animal Farm to understand that those who rule are not obliged to share in the deprivations of a Government-directed economy. When the ordinary working American people have been herded into ‘inclusive’ dense urban conurbations, handily sited in tower blocks next to rail stations and bus stops, rationed in their use of carbon fuels, controlled in their eating habits, granted medical treatment when adjudged eligible by Government officials and constantly reminded, from cradle to grave, of the delights of unnatural sex, the Ruling Elites will finally be able to enjoy, unhindered by plebians, the open roads, the uninterrupted views of Oceans and Mountains, the most expert and immediate medical treatments and sexual access to the young.

On this Website we were pessimistic about Romney’s chances, for we do not underestimate the power of the Media Class, its control over communications and News, its wealth and its power through Government to create dependency. Given all that power, the 48% of the popular vote that the Right achieved is no cause for pessimism about the American people. All is not lost and one thing we know about the future is that no-one can predict it. Our Rulers are not wise, not thoughtful and not in tune with Man’s natural instincts. Our Rulers may think that they can come to an accommodation with Islamic Imperialism, but they are surely deceiving themselves and conflict with the Muslim masses is already threatening Europe. The West’s low birthrates – a direct consequence of the moral degeneracy of our new Rulers – is a time-bomb.

Our advice to Conservatives and Christians – it will not be taken – is to refuse all contact with the MSM. Republican politicians should, at every opportunity, identify the Media Class as the rich Ruling Class and the MSM as its propaganda arm. The very first step in effective resistance is to expose to the American people the MSM and its role and to refuse to co-operate with it at all times: no interviews; no press conferences; no advertising on its Stations.

Finally, let me say this. A Republican Party that drops its moral platform will lose my vote – and I don’t consider myself to be a Christian.

Weather – Our informant in Starcross, Devon (UK) reports that the rains have ceased and the area is now experiencing the typical cold weather of November. Despite the river flooding, the sea levels on the estuary failed to rise above those of the last several hundred years. Here in California we are getting the heavy rains and cold weather that often arrive in November. Weather seems to be ‘normal’ according to our lying eyes.

Music Choice – Something jolly is surely called for in these grey times. The Cuban bandleader Perez Prado was popular in both the UK and the USA in the 1950’s and had a band that specialized in Mambo. Prado was an extrovert showman when fronting his band but was otherwise shy. His band was packed with good musicians and Prado wrote some good Mambos, including the fine ‘Mambo Jambo’. He also recorded the fine tunes by composer Alberto Dominguez which included ‘Frenesi’ and this one ‘Perfidia’. Enjoy!

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