Conservative Purists Make Me Sick!

I am a regular reader of the Free Republic Website. It is where I go to get the news each day, sometimes each hour. Long ago, the Website barred postings from and I suspect that it was because we were occasionally sympathetic to the UK’s British National Party (BNP).   Perhaps FR is a Jewish Website, for Jews are extremely hostile to Nationalist parties. Maybe there was some other reason but we are barred and I suspect there are other conservative websites that have the same policy. 

    Many of the articles posted on FR are highly informative and most provide the real news that the Mainstream Media (MSM) deliberately suppresses. I also browse the comments and many add more information and some are very funny. There are many contributors to the blogs however who claim to be conservative and who continue – after Obama’s second victory – to boast that they stayed away from the polling booths because the Republicans are no different from the Democrats and Romney was no better than Obama. These are the conservative purists who make me sick. They remind me of the sanctimonious Leftists – usually tucked up safely in Academia’s gated communities – who think they are claiming the moral high ground when they very publicly oppose capital punishment. Such people feel morally superior by taking a ‘purist’ position above the muddy ground of practical politics and real life where compromising requires guts. I am not here defending those on the Right who travel without a political and moral compass and submit to the Left on everything. They too sicken me. 

    As Obama brazenly sets the US Constitution aside, time after time, in order to advance a Revolution that will forever transform America, does any conservative with half a brain believe that a President Romney would have embarked on disarming America’s law-abiding citizens? Does any conservative with half a brain believe that Romney would have enthusiastically raised taxes on the successful whilst jacking up Government spending? Do any of these ‘purist’ morons believe that a President Romney would have demanded the raising of the debt ceiling or ruled by Executive Order? Even if there had been no differences between the policies of Obama and Romney, does anyone seriously suggest that there are no differences of character between the two men? 

    It was surely absolutely clear to those voters who were not brainwashed by the MSM that Obama was going to unleash Socialism on America in his second term, that he would cast aside all Constitutional restraints; that he would pack the Courts with anti-Constitutional comrades and would further as a priority the homosexual agenda that will destroy America’s moral strength. It was always clear that Obama intends to seek out his political enemies, disarm them and silence them and that, like all Socialists, he regards dissent as too dangerous to tolerate. Obama during his election campaign made no secret of his intention to pursue Class warfare; to fan the racial divide; to grow Government irrespective of cost and to create a political Ruling coalition of Union Leaders, favored Business Leaders and his Government that can properly be described as Fascism. And there are conservative ‘purists’ who still claim that there were no genuine differences between the two Parties and the two candidates to make voting worthwhile? I do not know how many ‘purists’ stayed home on Election Day but if they numbered a couple of million then they are responsible for the death of American democracy and should hang their heads in shame. 

    This brings me to the aforementioned UK’s BNP. On this website we have always maintained that the BNP is a Socialist party. It is a National Socialist party and its ideological difference from mainstream Socialism is that it has no interest in submerging the British Nation State into a World Government. This is an important difference and when we say that the BNP is a National Socialist Party we are not accusing it of being a Nazi Party. Hitler may have been a Nationalist at the start of his political career but his policies once war began revealed that he had no use for Nation States – not even the German State. He too was an Internationalist, driven by Darwinism whereas Lenin was driven by Marxism. 

    Last week the BNP unveiled its economic platform and low and behold it believes that no-one should own more than 5000 acres of land and rent is the root of all evil in Society. BNP Leader Nick Griffin is a farmer and we might conclude from the Party platform that he owns a tad less than 5000 acres. Behind the BNP’s economic platform lies envy and much else that is both wrong and dangerous. Clearly the Party does not believe in anything remotely akin to the free market. It does not believe that people should be able to work hard for themselves, save, take risks, invest and secure a future independent of the State. The BNP believes in leveling down and then preventing any future rising up. It wishes to shackle the British people to Government (which will inevitably grow and grow) and to stamp out individualism. A BNP Constitution will be wholly different from that of the American Founders, starting from the premise that the people exist for the Government and not the other way around. 

    The BNP frequently recalls the greatness of Britain’s history and achievements, yet does not see that these were the result of individuals unleashed and allowed to pursue self-interest, to be ambitious and different from the mass. Such people moved to America in their hundreds of thousands and created the most advanced and richest people in world history. Griffin and his Little Englanders have learned nothing from history except envy, and the old habit of resenting success, that together have shackled Britain’s working Class to mean streets and low expectations. Of course, ambition cannot really be suppressed and if the marketplace does not provide the outlet (and indirectly benefitting many), the Party does provide the outlet and the ambitious become Party/Government officials and enjoy the very real fruits of corruption. Despite all this we still advise the British working people to vote BNP. Better to postpone the dangers of Totalitarianism and with the BNP tackle the immediate and dire threat of racial genocide. 

    The mention of Totalitarianism reminds me that I need to draw attention to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Am I the only one who detects in their flat, expressionless voices, their utter charmlessness, their ability to talk and talk, quietly yet insistently, and their determination not to brook any dissension or possibility of being mistaken, the voices of Stalinism? Not the voices of Stalin himself, or Trotsky or Lenin or any of the great Communist agitators, but the voices of the NKVD, the GPU and that State accusers of victims in the Moscow Show Trials. Sometimes I lie awake at night and worry that I may be seeing the future here in once-free, once-great America. 

    Same-sex marriage is merely a stepping stone to American (and Western) degeneracy, for those advancing it have no more attachment to traditional marriage than the average young person-in-the-street. The not-so-distance goals include open and State-approved sexual relationships between man/boy, groups, people and pets, and siblings. The University of Missouri is promoting a new Course of study on ‘sibling incest’. I am sure Missouri is not alone in putting incest on the table for some ‘rational’ discussion and investigation. This is how the disgusting and revolutionary ideas of degenerates gain traction and then respectability. They start on campus and then make their predictable way into the mass media. The public is ‘softened-up”. 

    Professor Stefeni Engelstein of Missouri’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies no doubt has tenure and so has no fear of being a front-runner for revolting ideas. Given the subject matter of her Department, she has a ‘job’ that is academically undemanding and enables her to be well paid to follow her intellectual and sexual inclinations and to further agendas acceptable to our new Media Class Rulers and their Leftist allies. The blurb (gobbledygook might be the best description) for her Course is “examine the deployment of erotic desire, love, and sympathy as political, economic and textual strategies and analyze the gender dynamics involved in such deployment”. This is a sentence packed with the code words used by Leftist Revolutionaries in Academia. George Orwell must be turning in his grave for this is the use of language in order to confuse and hide intent and is the language of ‘1984’. Notice the word ‘love’ planted in the middle of the sentence. She is of course alluding to desire and lust and perversion and not love, but love is the ‘in-word’ of the moment, for we are told that same-sex couples ‘love’ each other and therefore must not be denied marriage. ‘Love’ for the campaigners for perversion, cannot be denied. The Marquis De Sade and Von Masoch were honest about their perversions and never claimed that ‘love’ had anything to do with their unnatural appetites, but today ‘love’ has to be grafted on to perversion in order to paint opponents of perversion as cruel and bigoted. If ‘love’ cannot be humanely denied a legitimacy to same sex practitioners, then how can it be rationally denied to siblings, groups, man/boy and man/dog? Before too long, expect Hollywood to begin producing sibling-love movies. Group love, Man/boy love and Man/pet love will surely follow and those Christians and conservatives who resist will just have to be punished with the full force of the law for causing offence and emotional hurt to people whose only desire is to ‘love’. 

    In my last article I mentioned the pivotal election roles of SCJ John Roberts and Governor Chris Christie. Betrayers of Conservatism at crucial times are important to the Media Class and such people can be sure of getting some very favorable MSM coverage and all of it glowing with approval. I forgot to mention the indefatigable Colin Powell. This old soldier (was he a beneficiary of racial quotas?) is once again being given headlines with his attacks on Republicans. His latest attack is intended to paint (by innuendo) the Republicans as racist. He never provides evidence, but then the MSM never requires evidence when attacking the Right. Powell is also adding his voice to those who seek to cast the Republican Party as being behind the times. Powell, as far as I can remember was never a Republican and he certainly cannot be classed as one since he endorsed Obama in 2008. Yet the MSM still presents him as one and gets away with it. His being ‘Black’ is handy for the MSM and for Powell it must be wonderful to see his name time and time again in the News. Retired Generals are quickly set aside by the MSM and soon forgotten by the people, yet Powell, hardly a Stillwell, a Sherman, a Macarthur or a George S Patton, keeps getting the star treatment by the MSM. How poor Cindy Sheehan must envy him! 

    As Obama ratchets up his assault on the rights of law-abiding gun owners, Robert Gibbs (Obama’s former Press Secretary and propaganda mouthpiece, so clearly a man without a decent thought in his head) has predicted that the NRA will be no match for Obama in the gun battle. He is probably right but he is deliberately misleading when he attributes Obama’s advantage to his campaign apparatus left over from 2012. Obama’s advantage (and it is a massive one) is entirely down to the role of the MSM. Of course, Gibbs, like all his comrades, does not want to acknowledge the central role of the MSM and its Obama propaganda, for the myth of Media neutrality is a useful one, especially amongst those Rush Limbaugh calls ‘low information voters’. On this website – and only this one – we can explain Obama’s advantage properly and it is that the MSM is Obama’s campaign machinery. 

    The misuse of the English language gathers pace as Media Class propaganda and Leftist ideology take hold. Words like ‘inclusive’, ‘tolerant’ and ‘acceptance’ are now used to mask realities. Christians and Conservatives are not to be ‘included’ in the workplace, the College and the public square, nor must they be tolerated or accepted. Causing ‘offence’ may soon be a serious crime, as it already is in the UK, but the Government decides who may be offended and who may not. This is a fabulous power for those who rule. The MSM is becoming adept in the use of language to mislead and to mask. In the UK last week, the warbler Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) and his wife/husband of the same sex, according to the BBC, “took delivery of a second child”. ‘Delivery’ is a term long used to mean ‘give birth to’ but here it is intended to suggest that one of these two men actually did something more or less the same as ‘gave birth to’. This is how the Media Class, day by relentless day, seeks to erase the difference between the normal and the grotesque. Incidentally, can any website visitor let us know which one is the ‘husband’ and which is the ‘wife’. 

    Weather – Here in California it continues to be extremely cold, so cold in fact that the MSM can no longer ignore it. The most recent MSM report suggests that only California is experiencing the cold weather. A look at the weather map reveals that the whole of North America is experiencing a particularly cold winter, indeed so is the Northern Hemisphere. One MSM report added that Alaska is experiencing the opposite with melting ice and floods threatening. Presumably this linkage was meant to reaffirm MMGW. I looked at the WSJ weather map and Alaskan temperatures were all around zero C. Does ice melt at this temperature? Just asking! Another MSM report of the Cal freeze claimed that it was due to ‘stratospheric warming’! 

    Music Choice – I have previously featured the compositions of Cuban Ernesto Lecuona. I consider him to be one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century and at least three of his tunes should be played to every new generation of Americans. I refer to ‘Siboney’, ‘Malaguena’ and ‘Andalucia’. The last-mentioned was a hit for the fine singer Caterina Valente and was known by its English title “The Breeze and I”. I recently came across a version of this grand tune by the Percy Faith Orchestra on the record label Columbia. The album was called ‘Malaguena : Music of Cuba’. It is packed with wonderful Cuban tunes and Faith does a fine job with ‘Andalusia’. Definitely not for those, like Rush Limbaugh, who enjoy the warbling of loving Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John).

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