Comey Lacks A Spine And Bows To Obama’s Lynch

No-one who understands that we are governed by a Revolutionary in the White House who has stealthily purged and replanted the machinery of government with ideological comrades over the last eight years, will be surprised that the FBI’s Comey has ‘found’ Hillary Clinton ‘innocent’ in time for the election. Expect his ‘not guilty’ decision to be front-page news in the Mainstream Media (MSM) until the polls close on Tuesday.

It was always clear to this website that Comey was taking orders from the White House, via Loretta Lynch. All key people in the machinery of Government take orders from the White House, which is occupied by an agent of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies. That Hillary Clinton, whose history of criminal activities has been amply revealed by WikiLeaks, has been brazenly set beyond the law by the once-honest FBI, can be attributed to purging the Government machine and the Socialist philosophy that ‘ends justify (any) means’.

The Ruling Class and Obama may have preferred that Clinton was honest, and wished behind closed doors that someone cleaner had emerged as the Democrat candidate, but they have made the best of a bad job. Trump must be defeated and better a crook in the White House than an honest Counter-revolutionary.

Still, we on the Broad Right should be grateful that a habitual, reckless, greedy crook and her husband got the Democrat nomination, for (thanks especially to Julian Assange) the Clintons have presented the MSM propaganda machine with an exceedingly tough challenge – which it may have failed to overcome.

It is highly possible that despite the gutless Comey’s last-minute effort, too many Americans have now concluded that Hillary Clinton is irredeemably corrupt; that the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda machine; and that only Donald Trump’s election can rescue America from Presidential kleptomania, total government corruption, and national shame.

If the Leftist Des Moines Register latest poll is to be believed – and its findings fit into the LA Times Daily Tracking poll for 6th November – Trump has taken a 7 point lead in bell-weather State Iowa. This State has been thoroughly campaigned by the money-rich Democrat Party organization, and if, despite that and the national MSM deluge of lies and disinformation, Clinton is finished there, she must be losing ground big-time across the mid-West.

On this website we take with a pinch of salt the reports that the Black vote is lagging. Unlike the Broad Right, the Far Left has an impressive ground game thanks to the Public Service Unions. They have paid professional organizations in every big and small city, and an identified voting bloc that can be mobilized. Teachers, clerks, election officials, gardeners, health workers and more, are politically cultivated day in and day out and reminded of the politics of self-interest.

These unions have many Black members in big cities, and the union officials and activists will have long been prepared to turn out the Black vote by any means, plus the dead vote and the blank voting slips that only need to be filled in when the required number for a victory is known!

Besides the public service union machine, there is the Soros machine. This evil, anti-Nation State billionaire, friend of perverts, has an army of paid full-time employees all across the Nation, dedicated to identifying Democrat voters and getting them to the polls. He also owns the polling machines used in many States. The Broad Right and the Trump organization has no equivalent.

Take all this into account when considering the talk about ‘voter turn-out’. In many finely-balanced States, turn-out is crucial and the Far Left has the organizational advantage.

Nevertheless, the figures from the Des Moines Register for Iowa and the LA Times Daily Tracking poll strongly suggest that a Trump surge is taking place and that it may so overwhelm the achievements of the Union/Soros machines that fraud will be inadequate.

Time seems to be running out for Clinton, the MSM, and the Ruling Class, but it would be foolish to under-estimate an enemy that has so much government power, so many super-rich investors, and the world’s most accomplished propaganda monopoly. One thing is certain! No-one can accuse Donald Trump of a lack of commitment or a lack of fight. He has emerged as the heroic David fighting the Ruling Class Goliath.

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