Colorado – People’s Victory!

It is not often that in this revolutionary era through which we are living, the counter-revolutionaries enjoy a success.   The revolutionary war that the Media Class, in alliance with its Leftist allies, is so successfully yet covertly waging is fronted and legislatively pursued by Obama and his Democrat Party comrades. For reasons we have long explained on this website, the revolutionary forces that are fundamentally transforming America, are, amongst other things, advancing all homosexual causes by legalizing same-sex marriage; conferring citizenship on Third World masses in order to drown our votes and culture; setting aside the Constitution by lawmaking through Presidential diktat and unelected Leftist judges; dismantling the private sector economy, and disarming the law-abiding people. 

    In California, home of Hollywood and stronghold of homosexuals, the rich Media Class has achieved overwhelming political control, and it is here we can see its blueprint for the radically transformed America promised by Obama back in 2008. Same-sex marriage was imposed (on those Californians who had voted it down) by a lone sodomite judge who set aside the people’s vote. Now the legislature is passing legislation that will quickly lead to the disarmament of the State’s law-abiding people and the greater empowerment of the street mobs of Oakland, San Francisco, LA and Richmond. 

    In New York, the billionaire Governor and Quisling Republican Bloomberg – significantly an energetic campaigner for homosexual advancement – has been using his vast wealth to impose more gun-control across the rest of America. Through his organization ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ (MAIG) he has been funding those State politicians willing to tighten the Government’s grip on citizen’s gun ownership. The unnatural and grotesque same-sex marriage has been deceitfully advanced by the Mainstream Media (MSM) as an issue of civil rights, equality and inclusiveness, when really it is about creating a society without morals and suppressing opposition through Government tyranny. Now, the law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense is being denied them by a step-by-step imposition of State and Government restrictions and controls, concealing the ultimate goal which is disarmament of the people. Thanks to the MSM’s approval, much of this passes below the public’s radar. 

    In Colorado – like California – a one-time conservative state but now being colonized in its choice Rocky Mountain retreats by the wealthy Media Class, a newly-dominant Democrat legislature passed legislation last year that was a response to the Bloomberg/Obama call for action in advancing gun-control on the law-abiding. Colorado was seen as fertile ground for expanding Government gun restrictions because of an earlier cinema shooting of innocents by a deranged and disaffected youth. The new controls, which did nothing to prevent such killings or address their causes, were steps on the road to the ultimate goal of our revolutionary Government, which is the disarmament of those people who are considered ‘conservative’ and consequently potentially counter-revolutionary. 

    However, in parts of Colorado – like California’s hinterland – the conservative, Constitution-loving farmers, ranchers and small town (normal) Americans still ‘cling’ to their Bibles, their real marriages and their guns. Despite an absence of leadership from the Republican Party, ordinary gun owners were aroused from their Media-induced slumbers by a handful of heroic conservatives who decided enough was enough and time to set about turning the clock back to better days. Genuine grass-roots activists (not the Media’s version who are usually Government Union paid) went from household to household obtaining signatures for a recall of two Democrat State Senators who had been in the forefront of the gun legislation. Despite the challenges of the task, they had no problem getting more than enough signatures, and so John Morse (no less than the President of the State Senate) who represented Colorado Springs and Angela Giron who represented Pueblo found themselves making history in Colorado’s first recall elections. Both represented areas where Democrat registration was dominant and so might have been expected to hold their seats. The MSM propaganda outlets initially reported the recall campaign but in the days leading up to the voting, the issue disappeared and I assume that their polling was indicating a shockingly close result. Bloomberg, through his MAIG organization poured money into the campaigns of Morse and Giron, as did many other out-of-State wealthy donors said to include the ubiquitous George Soros. The two gun-grabbers received over $3.5m. The NRA supported the recall and about half a million was raised for the campaign. It is reliably claimed that ultimately the gun-control forces outspent the counter-revolutionaries by 8 to 1 or more. 

    On Tuesday night, both Morse and Giron were forced to concede defeat. Morse lost by around 400 votes and Giron by thousands. Well over 40% voted – a high turnout. The Democrat’s national spokeswoman loudmouth Stalinist Debbie Wasserman Schultz has dismissed the result as the consequence of suppressed voter rights and reactionary funding. Like all Leftist revolutionaries she accuses the opposition of the very methods that are her and her comrades’ own. Like Obama, she is bold and shameless when lying. 

    Predictably, the MSM is under-reporting the result as much as possible so that the vast majority of the American people remain ignorant of this against-all-odds victory for the people’s right to bear arms. In so far as it has to report it, the MSM is scratching around to cast it as insignificant and unrepresentative. The MSM response is in stark contrast to the way it trumpets same-sex marriage (SSM) results which are only ever achieved by the defection of elected Republicans who ‘evolve’ after an election. The two Democrats will be replaced by the Republican runners up in the last election but the Leftists will retain a bare control of both Houses, and the Democrat Governor remains in power. Consequently, the anti-gun legislation remains on the statute book and so this victory is only a morale-booster for counter-revolutionary forces. Nevertheless, it is uplifting to see the Bloomburg millions wasted and to savor the rage that must be venting in the gun-protected mansions, palaces, country estates and gated communities of our Ruling Class. Hopefully activists will now target many more Leftists for recall and mobilize gun-owners of all parties and none. 

    Before we conservatives get euphoric however, we must remember that we are, however reluctantly, engaged in an undeclared civil war and the ascendant forces of the Ruling Media Class will not view this defeat – or any others that the people’s votes might achieve – as a cause for reflection, conciliation or retreat. They will not rest until we are disarmed and defenseless and we can expect that they will do what they invariably do when they lose on SSM – and that is resort to their Courts and Judges wherever possible and ultimately to the President and his Government machinery to ride roughshod over the Constitution that guarantees the people’s right to bear arms. 

    If anyone doubts that this Ruling Class has the imposition of homosexuality at the top of its agenda, please note that in Hawaii, Governor Abercrombie is calling a special emergency session of the legislature to pass a bill ‘redefining’ marriage. Just think of that – a special emergency session to impose SSM – at a time when America might find itself at war with Russia and led into war by a Commander-in-Chief who in matters of National defense is a dangerous clown. 

    Just as the Ruling Media Class will not rest on the advancement of homosexuality and the disarmament of the people, so it does not rest on the pursuit and ultimate destruction of poor George Zimmerman. This we predicted and every day brings fresh evidence that we were right. 

    Part of the MSM campaign to keep him in the news with negative reporting is to ensure that Black resentment in the big cities remains stoked. Black resentment ensures high Black electoral turnout for Obama and his comrades. That it also ensures increasing Black on White violence does not bother Leftists who see such violence as ‘revolutionary’ and who feel safe in the knowledge that the MSM will not report it and risk stoking the resentment of Whites. 

    There is another reason however why the MSM is hunting Zimmerman down. They feel cheated by him! First he misled them with his name. They assumed at the outset of the Trayvon Martin death, when re-electing Obama was the MSM priority, that Zimmerman was White. Eagerness to launch a Black victim campaign for the election led to sloppy reporting but once launched it was more annoying to have to pull back than to simply present Zimmerman as Hispanic. 

    Remember, this Media Class is convinced that reality can be ignored, history constantly revised and facts – like morality – are situational. Worse still for the MSM, because the facts could not be changed enough in Court, Zimmerman cheated both the gallows and the Media Class again. The Media Class is seething with rage about Zimmerman and will not rest until he is ruined, maybe driven to suicide or is assassinated. It is probably written in every reporter’s notebook “Zimmerman must pay!” 

    Many wonder why a Supreme Court Justice would turn his back on a lifetime of conservatism and abandon commitment to the Constitution he swore to uphold. Many may wonder why so many Republicans, once elected, suddenly ‘evolve’ on SSM. Many may wonder why leading Republicans in Congress suddenly avoid defunding Obamacare or do not rebel when Obama blatantly ignores the Constitution. We say watch how Shellie Zimmerman will now assist in the destruction of her husband. The Ruling Media Class and its President have almost unlimited power to destroy its enemies and the MSM can ruin or elevate an individual at will. Simple Shellie has a choice. She can accompany her husband to ruin or step into the limelight of an approving MSM. It seems she will choose the latter path. 

    Weather – Much cooler weather has reached middle California and in the UK summer has departed. The weather seems pretty normal! There are reports tucked away on the Internet that ice in the Arctic is rapidly increasing and those cruises around the North Pole have now been cancelled. That little boat in the Starcross garden remains beached since the rising sea levels reported to be swamping so many islands around the world have not yet reached the Exe estuary. 

    Music Choice – Mr. Radical has found some video of the late great Anita O’Day singing in Europe back in the 1970’s. As someone has commented on the site, it is adult music. Enjoy it! Youtube: Anita O’Day Live in Europe 1963 & 1970

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